25 Positive Affirmations For Self Esteem

Positive affirmations for self-esteem are very powerful and can be lethal in positive results. What I mean by that is you can really take your life to the next level, and feel unstoppable. You must learn to use them correctly in your life in order for them to work. If you do not currently know how to use affirmations the right way and have not been getting the results that you want, then read my article on “what is auto suggestion”. Click Here

So lets jump right in and give you the list. Remember to follow the steps in my other article first to help you have this work effectively. Lets get started:

25 Positive Affirmations For Self Esteem:

1) I am amazing

2) I love myself

3) I am a good person

4) The mistakes in the past are gone, every day is a new day

5) God/Universe loves me so much without end

6) I am a good person

7) I learn quickly

8) My memory is amazing and getting better and better

9) My health is great and getting better every second of the day

10) I was born to win

11) I have great potential and have no limits as far as I’m concerned

12) I have many wonderful friends who love me so much

13) I am very confident in myself

14) I have more than enough money to do what I want in life

15) Everything I work on turns to success so easily

16) Money is good and has helped me to become a better person

17) my health and weight is perfect

18) I am a powerful and influential person

19) I like myself

20) I am an amazing athlete

21) I am great at communicating with others and making friends easily

22) People are always eager to help me out in life

23) I have a pleasing personality and attract kind people to me all the time

24) I am service oriented

25) I was born to win in life and help others win too

Add more if you want and then read the list over and over and over until you start feeling the difference. Then you will know that its been programmed in your mind on a subconscious level. Don’t give up on these. Be persistent in doing affirmations with feelings and you will have success.


Always remember that the subconscious mind is your greatest asset or your worst enemy. Watch your thoughts very carefully every day. Don’t let things bug you and don’t think of the past mistakes in your life. Every day really is a new day. It’s up to you how your going to make it be great.

If someone offends you and you feel annoyed or bugged at the comment, they have taken control of your mind for that moment (you have allowed them too). Instead learn to focus your thoughts on these affirmations and on images of happiness, vacations, financial freedom and anything that makes you feel good. If you do this often enough you will soon begin to feel different in all that you do.

Positive Affirmations For Self Esteem

Your self-esteem will be at an all time high and people will really see that in you. Always keep in mind that you deserve the best that life has to offer. Its your birth right to have anything you want or that you can see on the screen of you mind.  You really are amazing, and I believe in you. If you need help or have comments or anything just message me below and I will reach out to you within 24 hrs or less (I promise). Thanks for reading.

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