8 Meditation Techniques For Concentration

Meditation Techniques For Concentration

Concentration is one of the most difficult skills to master according to many who start out on the journey of removing their limitations and changing the path of their destiny. This is often because our minds are a cesspool of negativity, worry, stress…you name it. In this article, we will address 8 tips on how to reprogram the subconscious mind.

Concentration is crucial for changing your subconscious mind because it allows you to remove your focus on unnecessary thoughts and place your full focus on one single positive thought.

Since we take on the attributes of what we fully concentrate on, we need to make sure our concentrated thoughts are focused on positives and not negatives.

Ready to get started? Get comfortable and allow me to take you on an intriguing tutorial of how you can reprogram your misled subconscious mind.

8 Meditation Techniques For Concentration:

1) Pay Attention to Your Breathing During Mediation:

This is by far one of the easiest methods you can use for learning how to fully concentrate. Since you cannot stop breathing, this is a perfect focal point for allowing learning and change to take place. By concentrating on your breathing, you will be able to teach your mind how to focus on a single subject at one time.

As you monitor your breathing, you will soon find it begins to slow and so will your mind. You will begin to feel almost as if you are disconnected from your body and watching yourself breathe as an outside observer. Practice this method and see if it does not increase your concentration.

2) Tratak Brings Intense Focus and Teaches Concentration on New Levels:

Tratak is a popular technique that places a person’s full focus on a candle flame. This is perfect for beginners who are finding their focus and learning to quiet their minds and concentrate. As you continue to gaze at the flame, you soon become aware of each subtle nuance and color.

Once you are fully focused on the flame, try closing your eyes and envisioning the candle flame in your mind. Watch as it flickers, breathe in the smell of melting wax and smoke. Deeply concentrate on the flame for as long as you feel comfortable. The more you practice, the more precise your concentration will become.

3) Meditate While Counting Trains The Brain:

Those who are lacking the ability to stay focused need to train their brains on a daily basis. One simple technique you can use is meditative counting.

While you are in a relaxed position, close your eyes and start counting backward from 100. Do this slowly and allow each number to visually fall before your mind’s eye.

Counting while you are in a relaxed state focuses the brain and trains it to learn how to better concentrate. As you continue this practice you can increase to working from 1000 or even counting backward by fives. Challenging the brain while in relaxation can increase your concentration ability exponentially.

Meditation Techniques For Concentration

4) Focus on a One-Word Mantra:

During your next meditation practice, try focusing on a one-word mantra. Words are powerful; that is why they have such an intense effect on our lives, whether good or bad. Positive affirmation words include:

* Peace

* Joy

* Happiness

* Health

* Abundance

* Love

* Wealth

* Blessings

There are many words you can use; simply decide which one fits what you need to put your full focus on. As you close your eyes, I want you to say this word for five to ten minutes. Focus with feeling on it each time you say it. Allow the word to drift from your mind and to your heart each time it is spoken.

This technique offers a two-fold benefit. Not only does it train you to have better concentration levels, but it also uses the mantra to speak to your subconscious mind so it becomes your reality.

5) Create a Blank Canvas in Your Mind:

One of the most important aspects of meditation is visualization. Unfortunately, being able to visualize is not always easy right away. When you start with this method, you will first fully focus on the blankness, the empty void that is the canvas.

As you are able to fully focus on your blank canvas, allow color to begin to filter through until your visualization image begins to come into better focus. From fuzzy color smudges to outlines of shapes and then to crystal clear imagery, you retain your full focus on watching the image being created. This is an amazing way to increase your concentration and change your mindset at the same time.

6) Learn the Art of Sitting Still:

Do you often find yourself moving, repositioning and twitching as you are sitting? When entering a meditative state, your focus needs to be keen. To achieve this level of concentration, try this easy exercise.

Simply sit in a comfortable chair and in the position you find most comfortable. Focus carefully on remaining perfectly still. It is not as easy as it sounds, believe me!

Learning the art of being perfectly still will not only aid your concentration, but can also be a simple way to help you learn to relax quickly. You can start with five minutes and work your way up to fifteen or more.

7) Walking Mediations Can Bring Greater Concentration to the Mind:

When meditating during walking, your focused concentration will allow your sensory ability to kick into overdrive. As you take a walk, focus fully on the different flowers you smell along the way. Allow each scent to enter your nostrils and float through your body, ending up in your mind where you identify the flower type and speak it.

Try to see how many different flower scents you can recognize on your journey. This exercise will allow you to learn to control your mind just as you do your arm or leg. Though it may take time to keep your full focus, continued practice will bring success.

Meditation Techniques For Concentration

8) Allow a Clock to Guide You in Your Concentrative Meditation:

For this exercise, you will need a clock with hands. This will not work with a digital clock. Place the clock on a table in front of you and sit comfortably while focusing fully on the second hand. You will notice it makes a slight ticking motion and even a sound as it hits each dash or number on the dial.

Follow the second hand with your eyes as it goes around the clock face, focusing only on the second hand. It should be as if you and the second hand are the only two things that exist in the universe. Soon, you will be able to see the clock’s second hand when you close your eyes.

Try this exercise for up to five minutes for your first session and then slowly increase your time as you feel comfortable. This will take patience and dedication, but it will bring you the results you are looking for.


Being able to learn the art of concentration will bring you many rewards in the beautiful journey this life offers. Try one or all of these tips and let me know how they work for you.

It may take trying several of them or using a combination of techniques until you find your perfect focus. You will truly be amazed at how a greater level of concentration can bring you every positive you are looking for in life. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Please feel free to comment below and share your experiences. Blessings on your journey!

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    • Man panic attacks are very scary. I hope that these tips will help him greatly. Mediation really is a lot of fun once you master it. You feel more at peace and happy. I love to visualize as I do it too. It helps to be in the feeling state of success so that I can start to pull stuff towards me to accomplish my goals. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

  1. Well written and well presented!
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    • Thanks Jack, and you know what you are right, I thought it was small as well. I will go back through all of my posts and make them bigger for everyone. Thank you for this and god bless 🙂

  2. Very handy and clear instructions of the meditation techniques. Wonder which one is your favorite and would like to hear your personal experience on using it. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Fisher. My favorite would have to be the breathing part. I have come to find out that as I pay attention to my breathing that my mind becomes more still and relaxed, and my thoughts slow down significantly. I think it really is the best one 🙂


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