What Is Auto Suggestion? 7 Ways On How To Use It

what is auto suggestion

What is auto suggestion you ask? According to dictionary.com, the definition of auto suggestion is a suggestion arising from oneself, as the repetition of verbal messages as a means of changing behavior. To make this even simpler, auto suggestion is merely words or phrases that are repeated with feelings over and over again to change a person’s paradigm or perception in the mind on a subconscious level.

I am going to give you 7 ways on how to use it properly so you can educate yourself on the powerful possibilities of your mind. Auto suggestion can be used to stop bad habits, improve self-esteem, and rid yourself of the obstacles that stand in the way of you living a rewarding and satisfying life. Lets get things rolling:

While there are no hard and fast rules to follow when it comes to creating your auto suggestions, there are some criteria to consider:

* The suggestion needs to be as precise as possible with feeling.

* It should be in line with your goals.

* It needs to challenge you, but should not be impossible to obtain.

7 Ways On How To Use Auto Suggestion:

1) Stop Your Bad Habits With Auto Suggestion:

Whether you are a smoker, drinker or a nail biter, bad habits can be difficult to break. A bad habit is one that causes harmful or unwanted effects in a person’s life. Though you may have had a habit for years, this does not mean you cannot break it. In fact, you can break it in a much shorter period of time than you ever imagined!

Breaking a bad habit begins with realizing you have a bad habit and deciding you truly want to rid yourself of it. To start, simply write down your ideas about quitting smoking, drinking or other bad habits. Write down why these habits are bad for you and what they have cost you emotionally, mentally, physically and financially.

Create your auto suggestion to begin to speak to your subconscious mind so you can stop your bad habit and begin to change your entire perception.

Start with these auto suggestions to allow you to think of your own:

* “I will say no to cigarettes, and I feel I no longer need them.”

* “My nails are too beautiful and healthy to damage.”

* “Saying no to drinking will bring me better health.”

* “I will feed my body healthy foods to keep it strong.”

There are a myriad of auto suggestions you can create to overcome your bad habits. Once you have your auto suggestion ready, you need to begin meditating on it as often as you can.

In a meditative state, you can begin to fully focus on your auto suggestion, saying it over and over. Repeat it to yourself between twenty and one hundred times. Give your full focus to this suggestion and begin to change the way your subconscious views your old habit. If you can devote at least thirty minutes a day to this practice, you will soon see big changes in overcoming your bad habits!

2) It Can Improve Your Health:

It may sound crazy, but you can actually speak to your body and improve your health through auto suggestions. This is not some new age mumbo-jumbo, this is based on scientific fact. When you begin to think positively, the very DNA in your cells begins to change. Yes, you heard me correctly!

It does not matter what type of pain or health concern you have, you can speak to it through auto suggestion and change your body’s perception, ultimately changing your cell makeup.

Do you find yourself constantly being negative about your health? You wake up with a headache and proceed to tell everyone you come across that you are in pain. What happens? Your headache grows worse! This is because you are telling your body you are in pain over and over and over? So what happens if you begin to use positive auto suggestions to speak to your body? The results will amaze you!

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

* “I am healthy, strong and vibrant!”

* “My body systems work perfectly in tune to keep me healthy.”

* “My body is free of disease and I am completely whole.”

* “Pain is not allowed in my body!”

When you begin to focus on these positive auto suggestions, you are speaking positives to your subconscious mind and to every fiber of your being. You cannot imagine the changes this can make in your health. Think this is some crazy nonsense? Give it a try and see for yourself!

3) Improve Your Appeal:

Many people have a difficult time dealing with their relationships with others. Because of their self-confidence issues, they frequently shy away from new experiences and miss out on a life of fulfillment. The reason people are not able to attract others is because they are projecting negativity without even realizing it.

Auto suggestions are basically mantras. They speak to your subconscious mind so it becomes your own personal reality. Just by speaking to yourself over and over, you can begin to change the way you appear to others. Soon, you will attract more friends and experience more fulfilling relationships.

* “I am attractive and full of confidence.”

* “Others are drawn to my adventurous personality.”

* “I am a friend to everyone.”

* “I attract kindness because I give kindness.”

Find a quiet place and work to remove all distractions from your mind. As your mind is emptied, begin to speak your auto suggestions over and over. Soon, your words will become more rhythmic and almost melodic. Eventually, you will be able to do this while brushing your teeth or just before you doze off to sleep.

what is auto suggestion

4) Can Auto Suggestions Improve Your Career?

Those who are finding it difficult to be successful in their careers often feel limited by their abilities. This issue boils down to a problem with self-esteem. When you feel you can’t do something, you won’t be able to! It is as simple as that! What you think you can do, what you say to yourself you can do — you CAN do!

Does your boss always seem to pass you over when it’s time to offer promotions? Do you find yourself stuck in the same position you started in years ago? If you are not flourishing in your career, it is time to use auto suggestion to completely change your way of thinking. When your perception changes, your reality follows suit.

* “I have all of the knowledge and skills I need to be successful in my career.”

* “I am successful in everything I do.”

* “My boss and co-workers value the work I do.”

* “My career growth is limitless and full of possibilities.”

Stop saying how much you hate your job and begin loving it through auto suggestions. If you can begin to tell yourself these special auto suggestions, you will soon see your perception of your career changes.

As your perception changes, your boss and co-workers will soon see you in a completely different and positive light. Don’t be surprised when you begin to be offered more opportunities in the workplace!

5) Stop Your Fears:

Are you afraid of spiders? Do you cringe when faced with heights? If so, you are certainly not alone! Millions of people deal with unwarranted fears or phobias, with some being debilitating.

What if I told you that you could overcome your fear of snakes simply by speaking to yourself? Don’t believe it…read on!

You can speak to your subconscious mind and inform it that you are not afraid of snakes. You can use auto suggestions to remove any type of unwanted fears you may have.

Try focusing on these auto suggestions while practicing yoga. You can use them during meditation or even speak them in the shower.

* “Day by day, I am becoming more and more fearless.”

* “Snakes are beautiful creatures.”

* “I am no longer fearful of spiders.”

* “Heights are a challenge and not a source of fear.”

If you truly want to be rid of your fears and phobias, tell yourself so! Make it adamantly clear that you are ready to get rid of these fears. Saying this suggestion over and over at least one-hundred times will change your entire perception and lessen your fears until they are completely gone!

6) Losing Weight Is No Longer a Struggle:

Unfortunately, obesity continues to be an epidemic. Though most people know what it takes to lose weight, it can be difficult to stay on track. Once you begin to learn the power of auto suggestion, losing weight becomes a breeze.

You will no longer be salivating over that sugary donut and will instead crave the foods that heal your body so it drops the excess weight permanently.

Can you imagine craving exercise each day? As you begin to change your perception through auto suggestion, your subconscious mind will begin to speak to your cells, to the very DNA. You will begin to release excess fat like never before.

Try these for some examples to get you started:

* “Day by day, I am losing weight and reaching my goals.”

* “I no longer crave that which is not good for my body.”

* “I will eat to live, not live to eat.”

* “I am in control of my health and want my body to be thin and strong.”

Soon, you will find yourself saying no to candy and yes to salad on a daily basis. Your efforts will be magnified a million times over as you see these suggestions changing your very existence. Suddenly, life will no longer be about surviving, but about relishing every glorious moment!

what is auto suggestion

7) Can You Really Improve Your Finances With Auto Suggestion?

These days, it seems like more and more people are in debt. Bankruptcy, foreclosures, and repossessions of property should not be a part of living a grand life. Why is it some people are able to reach for wealth with so little effort while others struggle to make ends meet?

It’s not that Johnny DeepPockets is better than Sally Poorman. It is simply Johnny speaks positives to his life and believes nothing can stop him. You better believe auto suggestions are a big part of his life whether he realizes it or not!

Stop telling yourself you never have money and can’t pay your bills. Stop thinking on the negative balance in your bank account and start focusing on wealth. Remember: What you believe is yours will become yours! What you seek to attract, you will you attract!

* “Money always finds me.”

* “I never want for money.”

* “My bills are always paid.”

* “I have an abundance of wealth to share with others.”

It may seem a little silly to call yourself wealthy when you do not have a dime to your name, but try it out and see if it doesn’t begin to change your paradigm. Soon, you will be attracting money like you never thought possible. This can all be done through the power of your mind!


No matter what obstacles may be holding you back in life, auto suggestions can help turn them into opportunities. It is time for you to put away your old self and begin to speak new life over all that you know! If you are truly dedicated to making positive changes in your life, the sky is the limit on what you can achieve.

As the founder of auto suggestions, Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie so profoundly stated: “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better!”. Be consistent with auto suggestion, and never stop using it. Persistence is key to any success in life.

Leave your comments and questions below and I will answer them for you. I would love your feedback as well. Check out some of my other articles on the mind and how to program yours for success. Click Here

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  1. After struggling for sometime with being positive and constantly being hard on myself I’ve learnt that you can literally manipulate your own mind and way of thinking and it’s great to learn a new term ‘auto suggestion. I’ve never come across it before but I get it’s inclinations. Repeat what you want to believe over and over again and you automize your way of thinking! Can’t ask for anything more.

    • I am glad that this hit home for you Gideon. Just like you said its all about repetition to the mind on an emotional level. I’m glad I could be of help to you.


  2. Great thoughts! I am going to use this. I actually was doing something very similar years ago, but I got busy, life got in the way. I know it works. I am going to share it with my wife also, as she would dearly love to lose some weight.



    • I am glad that it worked for you in the past. I hope that this will continue to help you every day, and have you overcome your negative paradigms that we all have unfortunately. Wishing you great success and happiness.

  3. Hi there A.J.
    I find this article very interesting. I believe how we think about ourselves and how we talk to ourselves is very important. I actually make my kids say something nice about themselves if they have said something like “I’m so stupid.” or “I’m a loser”. I know that I have been able to talk myself down from panic attacks by controlling my breathing and thinking about lowering my heart rate.

    Interestingly, I have not used these ideas in areas of general health, weight, or work. But I see now that It would be good for me to start. NOW!
    Take Care

    • Heather thats great that you are telling your kids that, I think its a great practice. Panic attacks are scary, but just the fact that you have been using auto suggestion to fix it is testimony of how powerful your mind is. Congrats.

  4. Thanks for the awesome article on auto-suggestions. Although it’s easy to believe that we are consciously in charge of our lives, many of our decisions arise subconsciously. The auto-suggestions that you offer are powerful in changing our subconscious perceptions. And when we change the way that we look at things, our actions and lives will change as well.

    • I am glad that this information has been helpful for you. It really is interesting how powerful are mind is once we know exactly how to program it to our advantage. I hope that you find success in all that you do.



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