Top 10 Characteristics Of A Good Man

characteristics of a good man

The first step to greatness, is to become the man ( in your mind too), that you were always destined to become. To achieve greatness, you must be able to realize who you are, your strengths, your weaknesses, and what is it that you have, that you can offer to the world. Being perfect is not the idea, improving imperfection is progress, and that’s what we want to focus on, progress. Below are the top 10 characteristics of a good man. Take everything one step at time, don’t over think it. Keep it simple.

Top 10 Characteristics Of A Good Man:

1) Is A Gentleman:

A good guy, should necessarily, be respectful, polite, considerate, and very attentive to the needs of the people around him. Moreover, a good guy is typically more action and less talk. He should have integrity in the character and good intentions. Integrity originally comes from the Latin word meaning whole. He should possess wholeness and immense character. 

2) He Challenges Himself:

The identification of a good man is he who challenges himself everyday to be a better individual. Most men are tricked into believing that they always need to compete and conquer. This is not the case. A good man learns that the biggest challenge is to overcome his own impulses and his being, as compared to winning fights with someone else. 

3) Honest:

 It is true, that truth is painful, it is imperative for the entire healing process though. A good man should easily understand that it is difficult to be honest up front, but he knows that the results are much easier to face than running a long list of white lies. His brutal honesty can seem offensive at times; however honesty allows a man to develop a good strong solid character. 

4) Sense Of Humor:

A good man must have an impeccable sense of humor. It is possible never to take a man with a sense of humor too seriously, as he is absolutely happy, being the centre of his own joke. The most important thing about him is that he can laugh at himself rather than being dry. He is witty and always lightens up the mood of the people sitting around him. 

5) He Is Just:

A good man will always fight against injustice. When he sees, that some other guy is not behaving well with a woman, he always steps in and defends the lady in question. Whether it is his mother, his sister, a friend or a girlfriend. A just man is not weak. He is bigger than life and shows it humbly.

6) Maturity:

A good man must be mature. Being a mature person means that he must be able to completely take care of himself before he can look into the problems of others. It is easy to say, if a man is mature by the way he leads his own life. Maturity comes with being independent and being grateful with what you have. For example, he does not have to be very rich, but he should know how to handle all his cash independently.

7) Self Confidence:

A good man is definitely self-confident. They are more likely to be themselves in all social situations and not change at all. A man, who possesses self-confidence, will not be deterred from his position and will not be pressured, into doing things, which he does not want to do. Men like these are fun to be around because they won’t constantly be questioning the intentions of those around him. 

 8) Positive Personality:

A characteristic of a good man is that he has a very positive attitude towards life. He should be happy and cheerful. This is tough since we live in such a negative world. Positive men are more different from negative men, as they seem to smile more and also laugh more. You can make out the positivity in a man, in the way that he carries himself. A smiling man is sure to brighten up your day as compared to a frowning man.

9) Adaptable:

A good man is always adaptable. He always picks himself up from scratch, and strives to work harder and do better. Whatever circumstance that you may challenge him with, he is sure to emerge as a winner. 

10) Punctuality:

Punctuality is the sign of a good man. True gentleman never keeps his lady waiting. Moreover, being on time to places and events earns a man a reputation, which is sure to increase his pride and his prestige. 


What would our images and characters look like, if we adopt each and every one of these principles, is the question that a good man should ask himself. However it should be known that not every person is perfect, however we must strive to improve ourselves. What do you think? Do you agree or no? Leave comments below.

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