10 Reasons You Can’t Make Peace With Yourself

Here you will learn 10 reasons you can’t make peace with yourself. Your existence in this world means nothing if you can’t reconcile with yourself. Making your surrounding worth living in starts with finding the peace within you.

Instead of blaming yourself and others for your failures, why not take the first step to making it right? Work on your looks, thoughts and most importantly, feelings. Ask yourself what is making it so hard for you to make peace with yourself and how to overcome it. Here are a few tips.


1. Limiting Yourself To A Comfort Zone:

The only way to realize how amazing your surrounding can be is exploring it. The point is, it is hard to appreciate what the world has to offer if you are afraid of risks. Ask yourself, why do people camp or hike? What is the benefit of outdoor activities?

No matter how safe you want to be, spending most of your lifetime indoors will limit your thinking to what is before you. On the other hand, going out more often, will widen your thinking and make you appreciate what you’ve been missing.

So, get outside visit places or try switching careers. By doing this, there are high chances you will come across a lot of exciting things you didn’t know existed.

2. Eating Unhealthily:

Probably you are too busy to cook for yourself. Besides, if your house is far away from work, it is likely you’ll buy and eat processed foods. A lot of studies have already proven how dangerous junk foods can be.

Most of these foods contain a lot of carbs and sugar which, according to research findings can compromise your physical and emotional health. Avoid these foods as much as possible. Instead, focus on healthy foods such as lean proteins, fruits, healthy fats and others that will level-up your energy.

3. Focussing On Past Failures:

Your past mistakes might be haunting you all the time. You can’t stop thinking about what you did wrong and the worst part; they stress you out. Keep in mind; your past is gone, and it is your present that matters.

So, accept that you made mistakes in the past, let go and figure out how to avoid them in future. If it was someone’s mistake that ruined you, don’t take it personally. Besides, what is the reason of holding to something that denies you happiness?

4. Blaming Yourself Every Time:

You might have been working hard to be someone or to achieve something without much success. For that reason, you blame yourself most of the time which is not okay. By blaming yourself, you only encourage stress which will without a doubt ruin your performance after some time.

Remember, even the most successful people on earth had to fail several times to figure out what they can and cannot achieve. After which, they came up with new goals, started afresh and became successful. So, why blame yourself for not hitting your set target? Instead of blaming yourself, focus on what is before you such as your health, family and more.

5. Working So Hard To Become Perfect:

No one is perfect and that includes the most successful men on the planet. Working hard to achieve perfection is not different from encouraging failure. It does not only deny you happiness but prevents you from realizing the opportunity before you.

For instance, if you are good at figuring out solutions to math problems and not literature, you won’t be making your life much better by trying to become one of the greatest poets or authors around the world.

Point being, if you can’t appreciate and nurture what you are good at, your life will be full of disappointments. Find out what you can achieve with much ease and pursue it. Also, learn to appreciate what your loved ones or friends are good at.

6. Not Exercising:

You can’t find peace within you if you are ever sick. Lack of exercise has been linked to several complications that include, high blood pressure, overweight, heart complications, diabetes, cancers and more. If you don’t engage in any physical activity, there is a high chance that you will become an overweight person which is never healthy in most cases.

You don’t have to engage in vigorous activities or go to a fitness center. All you need to do is, put your body at work. You can try other fun-filled activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, cycling, swimming and more.

7. Working So Hard:

Health experts consider working too hard without giving yourself a break an addiction that is worth stopping. Work itself beyond your limits and where you lose priorities, can be  depressing, just make sure to keep everything in check as you do. Why not take a break (15 minutes of meditation)? Besides, are you not working to have a happier life?

If you are a workaholic, it is important that you consider creating time to enjoy yourself. You can take some breaks, visit places or do something fun. It doesn’t have to be a whole month or week. Taking a break one or two days per week to spend time with friends, watch movies or take your fiancée to date is more than enough.

8. Caring About What Others Think About You:

No matter how successful or good you are, some people will just hate the fact that you are who you are. More often many of those who hate you are never related to you in any way and even if they were your relatives, they might not be in a position to influence your life.

Why worry about what can’t affect you in any way while you have a family that welcomes you every day when you get back from work? The truth is, it is pointless.

Caring about what others think about you will do nothing more than denying you a peace of mind. So, focus on what adds value to your life such as your family, relatives and close friends.

9. Not Having Time For Yourself:

You can’t create time for others if you don’t even have the time for yourself. Thinking about others more often will deny you a chance to have fun or develop yourself. So, stop and think about your life once in a while. Remember, you can’t save every life on the planet, especially if you can’t save yours.

Find a peaceful and quiet place, calm down, meditate and think about your life. Set goals and come up with a plan on how to make them work. Finding time for yourself will not only help you make peace with yourself but also make it possible for you to help others without much stress.

10. Fearing That You Will Not Succeed:

Challenges can be time-consuming and demotivating. In most cases, you will have trouble balancing work and personal life. The good news is, hardships are never meant to last. Just change the way you do things.

Aim much high and try working harder than you are used to. Last but not least, have faith. Come out of pessimism and be positive.

Remind yourself that nothing is meant to last forever. Challenging times will come to pass, and you will achieve your dreams no matter how hard it seems.

Additional tips

• Prioritize what you can control

• Don’t take everything personally

• Forgive yourself for your past

• Avoid negative thinking such as those on reality TV


Finding peace within yourself makes achieving a happier and healthy life much easier. It doesn’t matter how hard it seems. Nothing is impossible provided you take the right steps to achieve it. You might not have the job now, or you might be struggling to balance work with family.

Never forget, even the most treasured scientists on the planet had to fail several times to get us where we are today. One thing that made them succeed is, accepting that life has challenges and the only way to overcome them is, to make peace with oneself.

So, don’t torture yourself, be patient and most importantly, focus on implementing the tips mentioned in this article.

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6 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Can’t Make Peace With Yourself”

  1. Awesome stuff. I would like to add an affirmation would also help. If you are not loving yourself, then telling yourself that you do is a good start. Self love, self acceptance are a big help to getting to inner peace. Great work.

  2. Eating healthy is the hardest part for me, so hard that I am now a diabetic because I couldn’t get it under control, however, I am trying.
    I recently bought me a bicycle, and even though I have to wait until spring to really get into it, I have been riding it, even though I am a little shaky, I am doing it.
    I always stay busy, but my natural rhythms are off from most people, because I worked the graveyard shift for more than 20 years, even though I am retired I find myself going right back into my old schedule, just a few hours a head of what I was. So I guess I’m actually an early riser according to my old schedule–lol
    Good article, I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Great article! Sometimes I struggle with number 10 Fear that I won’t succeed. I don’t know why lol. This article was very helpful in helping with this though by reminding me to stay positive and block out the negative.
    Keep it up!

    • Hi Seth

      Thanks for reading it. Blocking out the negative is a miracle worker. I call it living from the inside out. When you master that ( I havint yet but will) it really changes your world. We all have to keep visualizing are success when its not in front of us yet, that will cause us to act according to the image in are mind and attract things similar to that state :). Thanks again for checking this out.


  4. Nice article. But I disagree when you say in point 7 (Working so Hard) “Work itself is depressing and denies you a peace of mind.”.

    If work makes someone depressed, then why should they stay where they are? Breaks don’t help you if you hate what you’re doing anyway. You still have to go to work…everyday. In this case, the person should go for a career change or find a different employer. I have “forced” myself in the past to stay at depressing job/industry and it ended terribly for me.

    As soon as you see that you’re unhappy at work, you just have to take some action and get out of that. We spent so much of our time working in our lives, we need to find something that we enjoy doing. It doesn’t have to be your ultimate #1 passion, but something that matches your skill-set (you can always learn new skills if you are missing any though) and you something you like doing.

    • Hi Vanessa

      That is a great point, I will need to reword it, as it came out wrong. hahaha. You hit it right on the head, DO WHAT WE LOVE, and I could not agree more with you. Why work and be miserable? There is no point. Thanks for pointing that out :).



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