25 Wealth Affirmations That Work

Here you will get 25 wealth affirmations that work. If you want to make it in life you have to learn how to reach your mind, and have your subconscious do most of the work, at least 99% of it.

Most people tend to think that affirmations are a complete waste of time because they see no real results. The main reason that affirmations do not work for people is because there is no feeling involved as they are saying them out loud.

You can say whatever you want every day in the present tense to try to reprogram your subconscious mind. But if you’re not feeling it as your saying the words, you will see no desirable results in your life.

The trick is as you are verbalizing the statements out loud you want to say them slowly, and visualize the affirmations as fulfilled with a picture on the screen of your mind.

Doing this will cause the subconscious mind to be reprogrammed because it only responds to you with feelings. So with that being said, here are 25 wealth affirmations that work, as long as the feeling is there when you’re saying them out loud.

Always say affirmations out loud, I can’t stress that enough. Napoleon Hill in all his books has stated the exact same thing. Let’s get started:

25 Wealth Affirmations That Work:

1. I am very rich, wealthy and prosperous

2. Money comes to me easily and frequently every day

3. I am very popular and loved by many people

4. Money is good, and I have more than enough that I don’t know what to do with it all

5. I am very successful and full of great confidence

6. I enjoy passive income 24/7

7. I am a huge money magnet

8. Everything I work on turns into a massive success

9. I have the golden touch

10. I am multi-millionaire and it feels good (or multi-billionaire, why not you have infinite potential?)

11. I think, and act like a multi-millionaire continually

12. I can do anything that I see on the screen of my mind because I have infinite potential

13. I have great relationships and many rich and powerful, influential friends

14. I am highly respected by many people

15. I am a very influential person and a magnet for outstanding success

16. Money is so easy for me to make and keep

17. I have more money coming in every month than going out

18. My health is perfect, and I maintain my ideal weight every month

19. I have a really confident mental attitude and because of it I continue to attract great events in my life

20. I am powerful and full of unlimited possibilities

21. I feel grateful to the universe for all that I have

22. I give money to charities continually because I understand the law of giving and receiving

23. I was born to succeed in all that I do

24. I am meant to be rich because it’s my birthright

25. I am service oriented and love to help others get what they want in life

wealth affirmations that work


Always remember to read the above statements out loud, slowly, while picturing the event fulfilled at the same time. If you do this again and again every day, you will begin to see the Law Of Attraction work in your life as you take action towards your ultimate dream. Remember that money is a reward for service rendered.

If you don’t have enough of that green stuff, then all it means is you are not providing enough service, and your subconscious mind is programmed for lack and poverty.

Read these affirmations a few times in the morning and a few times at night. If you want say them in the mirror while looking at yourself, that will improve your self-image greatly and put you in the right feeling place continually throughout the day.

Have fun with this, and remember that life is what we make it. Our thoughts are what hold us back. Always put at the forefront of your mind that you are the offspring of a great power. You really have no limits to what you can do in life.

Believe this, and go out there and make your dreams a reality. Know that they are already yours in the spiritual realm, its only a matter of time until that image is manifest in your physical reality. Energy or Spirit is always moving into form. Everything is energy, including your thoughts.

Let me know if you have any issues on how to proceed, or if you want some help in other areas of your life to get you on the right track to your dreams. Feel free to comment below.

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10 thoughts on “25 Wealth Affirmations That Work”

  1. These are really good affirmations. I have been out of the habit of using affirmations. But I think I will change that. Thank you for this list.

  2. Hello! You have a wonderful website. Not only do I find this topic very interesting and inspiring but also I believe that you are doing a great work with your posts! I have been reading books and practicing law of attraction for the past 2 years and I am amazed at how much my life has improved. It is wonderful! I am using affirmations twice daily and I find them very helpful and uplifting.
    am saving yours and I will start using them asap. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Thank you for reading my affirmations. I know that they will help you greatly in your journey to success. The fact that you use them twice daily is great. Keep going and if you can do it more times throughout each day. That is what Bob Proctor has taught me. He talks about a goal card and reading it several times every day as through the goal is already accomplished. Hope this helps you. Cheers 🙂

  3. Thank you for trying to help there is a young man in our family who’s parents basically rejected him and raised him with many confusing signals making long story alot shorter his self image must be all bent out of shape.Is the self image the most basic thing to work to renew? Money and school success would be great for him which studies would you say to concentrate for them? thank you much

    • Hi Paul

      Yes changing the self image is where it all starts. From my view, I would say have him start learning how to sell. Selling is were a lot of money can be made, and it does not require an education. The issue with school is it teaches us how to collect info (mostly useless) but not apply it in the field. If he can learn how to master persuasion in life early he will be able to acquire anything he desires. That is the greatest skill any person in this world can acquire.

      Have him visualize himself being successful for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 at night. He needs to play it like a movie in his mind, and have the feeling of success come over him over and over and over during this time.

      Doing this enough will cause a change in the self image. It can take up to 90 days of doing this activity to see results. But it works. If selling is something he would like to learn more about I would highly recommend Grant Cardone and Jordan Belfort programs as a start. There programs work because I own them and have seen results. Wishing you and him the greatest success that you can imagine.



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