What is cosmic guidance?

Cosmic Guidance was created with endless love, with an intention to help you connect with your intuition and the Universe, and gently offer you guidance on anything that might be on your mind.

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Furthermore, can I make my own oracle cards?

Variability: since there is so much freedom in the format for oracle cards, you can make your deck as unique as you want it to be. Some creators even add rituals for the user to do along with the meanings on their cards.

Subsequently, can I read my own tarot cards? Can you give yourself a reading? With very few exceptions, no. It’s just a bad idea. You see, most of us use astrology or tarot when we’re seeking clarity during a time of uncertainty.

Similarly, can you give tarot cards as a gift?

Gift-giving season is upon us, and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your metaphysically leaning friend, look no further than our guide to the best tarot card decks. While we may have already rounded up the best gifts for our fellow sister witches, we felt that the tarot deserved a complete guide of its own.

How do I use daily guidance from my angels oracle cards?

How do you read work your light oracle cards?

How do you use Dream cards in oracle?

How do you use goddess guidance in Oracle cards?

7 steps for using oracle cards to tap into your intuition

  1. Infuse the cards with your energy. …
  2. Be clear about what you want guidance on. …
  3. Give your oracle cards a good shuffle. …
  4. Spread out the cards. …
  5. Sit with the card(s) …
  6. Look in the guide book. …
  7. Sum up the main message.

How often should you use oracle cards?

Don’t overuse the cards.

If you are constantly giving yourself readings several times a day, the accuracy rate will plummet. Some people like to draw one card for themselves every morning or evening.

What are divination cards?

A divination card is a type of item that can be collected to exchange for a reward. There are many different cards, each one dropping in a different part of the game and granting a different reward.

What does an oracle deck consist of?

The Literary Witches Oracle is a 70-card deck featuring 30 of your favorite authors, like Sylvia Plath, Audre Lorde, and Emily Dickinson. Also included are 40 additional cards featuring “witches familiars,” including items like an apple, a lantern, a broom, mushrooms, and a wolf.

What is an oracle deck used for?

Oracle Card Decks to Check Out

According to the author, the cards can be used daily for reflection, meditation, or in a tarot-inspired spread and are meant to help you develop your intuition, self-love, inner beauty, and emotional well-being.

What’s the difference between oracle cards and angel cards?

They help encourage growth benevolently, but inclusive as a Tarot card deck can have higher and more in-depth meanings and messages. With an Oracle deck style of 36-44 cards, an Angel Card deck is focused on thematic yet uplighting messages meant to be interpreted as a takeaway message for the day or week.

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