How many years did Prophet Muhammad spent in Makkah and Madina?

Muhammad, the final Islamic prophet, was born and lived in Mecca for the first 53 years of his life (c. 570–632 CE) until the Hijra.

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Additionally, at what age did Prophet Muhammad migrate to Medina?

The Islamic prophet Muhammad came to the city of Medina following the migration of his followers in what is known as the Hegira (migration to Medina) in 622.

Islamic rule in Medina الحكم الإسلامي للمدينة (Arabic)
• 623–632 Muhammad
• Muhammad’s migration to Medina 622
• Constitution of Medina 623
Just so, how many years did Prophet Ibrahim live? How Long Was Prophet Ibrahim Alive For? There are different narrations by Islamic Scholars regarding the age of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). Some say that he lived for 195 years, and some say it was 175 years. According to a renowned group of Islamic scholars, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) lived on earth for 169 years.

In this regard, when did Muhammad take Mecca?

December 629

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