What is solidarity gaming real name?

James “Jimmy” Brinson

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Accordingly, how old is InTheLittleWood?

age 32

In respect to this, how old is Pixlriffs?

age 34

Also know, how tall is Smallishbeans?

5 feet 8 inches tall

Is Shubble straight?

She has since come out as asexual on Jan 14, 2020.

Where does impulse SV live?

His guardian farm is located at an ocean monument, and his raid farm is on top of the ocean, close to a savanna biome where there is a pillager outpost. impulseSV’s ice farm was built in a snowy tundra biome far away from the rest of the Hermits. He has also made a highly productive Wither Skeleton farm.

Where is solidarity gaming from?


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