8 Tips On How To Become Wealthy With No Money

how to become wealthy with no money

Today we will be talking about how to become wealthy with no money. People say it takes money to make money. Its true, but I say it takes imagination first to believe that all things are possible. Until you learn to think how you want to think regardless of whats going on the outside of you. Nothing will change. Lets get started.

8 Tips On How To Become Wealthy With No Money:

1) Improve Your Credit Score:

A credit score basically refers to your approval rating for credit and better loan interest rates. As it were, the biggest wealth-creation investments are purchased on credit, hence the reason you should attempt to have as high credit score as possible.

Contrary to popular perception, a higher credit score is not achieved through high borrowing but through the efficiency and timeliness with which you settle your dues. If at all possible, make it official by getting a free report from your area’s annual credit report and find out if there are any items that are hurting your score.

2) Take To The Library:

Now, it is no secret that the wealthiest people in the world have two things in common. First, they are not really what would be described as academic heavyweights and indeed, we have countless examples of those who had to drop out of college to pursue their passion.

Another common thing with these people is the fact that most of them have written great inspiration books to help you become like them or even better. Well, this calls for a little investment in the library as a way of learning how these people made their way to success and drawing whatever lessons we can from them. 

3) Focus On Passive Income:

Over the years, passive income has established itself as the better alternative to mainstream employment. This is for the reason that it almost costs nothing to start these income streams. I mean let’s face it, how much does it cost to create a blog and get affiliate links or better yet, create a lead capture website for real world businesses?

The good thing with these income streams is that the earnings we stand to get from them is cumulative and with time, you may find you are among the most talked-about real estate moguls, having literally gotten there from scratch.

4) Define Wealth Your Own Way:

We all have our own definitions of what wealth is and these definitions could range from rational perceptions to the rather weird and obnoxious ones. At all cost, do not define wealth according to another person.

Even while we may have mentors or those we adore so much due to their accomplishments, it is important that we have our own take on what wealth actually means. This will make sure we set goals we want and apply ourselves objectively towards their attainment as opposed to trying to fit into a different person’s definition of the same.

5) Deny Yourself:

The process of wealth creation is characterized by many instances of denial. Denying yourself means you spare the little capital you have for a greater investment in future. The rewards of self-denial are immense.

Do not use the little resources you have to dress like Jay-Z or worse yet, visit some expensive holiday destinations like the Bahamas. Instead, strive to live on a meager budget and save for a greater investment.

Remember that the good life will always be there, and that it is better to enjoy it with the peace of mind that comes from the fact that you have enough rather than with the threat that comes from the fear that your wealth may be exhausted.

6) Take Action Now:

Many people find so much peace and comfort in visualizing the good life and as such, they spend their entire life doing just that – visualizing. Others go a little step further and plan but like their friends, they also plan for eternity.

Well, it is always good to fantasize the good life and indeed even better to plan it . However, when the time for action comes, stop all the planning and fantasizing and just pull the trigger. How do you know it is the right time to act? Easy, the right time for action is always now so start doing some concrete things now and let other plans follow you while already on the go.

7) Take A Leaf Off Every Book:

Another way to become wealthy with no money is by taking a leaf off every book. This basically means you take every experience in your life with the seriousness it deserves. What do you see when you visit a barren countryside?

While many people may see nothing more than a barren countryside, strive to see an opportunity to create a successful agricultural venture from it. In addition, taking a leaf off every book also entails listening to every voice, including those that the society would readily dismiss as utterly useless. After listening to these voices, always use your insight to harness them into a wealth-creation viewpoint and know exactly how they can be of benefit.

8) Believe You Can:

After everything is said and done, it all comes down to whether we believe we can become wealthy. Belief however should not be blind. It should stem from the fact that plans have been defined and actions are already underway towards the achievement of the plans. In this respect, belief is merely the engine that drives you and keeps you focused throughout the journey to financial freedom.


The concept of wealth creation has no grey areas and evidently, you are either getting it right or way off the track. By following these tips, you are guaranteed success and in most cases, sooner than you can ever imagine. Let me know if you believe something different or have some advice as well. Leave your comments below. Check out some of my other articles on achieving success by altering your thoughts. ====== > Click Here

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