What forfeit means?

1 : to lose or lose the right to especially by some error, offense, or crime. 2 : to subject to confiscation as a forfeit also : abandon, give up. forfeit. adjective. Definition of forfeit (Entry 3 of 3)

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Beside this, can a captain declare in ODI?

So,in Practice,A Captain can’t declare innings in an ODI or T20. In the History of Cricket,it has happened only once that a Team has declared its innings in a Limited Over Match. According to Laws of Cricket,Law 14(Declaration and Forfeiture) shouldn’t be applied in limited over Cricket,i.e.,ODIs and T20s.

Keeping this in consideration, can a team declare in first innings? Cricket teams can declare in their first innings or their second innings, but the reasons for a first innings declaration will often be slightly different to a second innings declaration.

In this regard, can a team declares in ODI?

No, you cannot. Law 14 of cricket which deals with Declaration and Forfeiture allows it only for matches that need a team to bat for 2 innings, which basically refers only to Test matches.

Can you forfeit an innings in cricket?

In the sport of cricket, a declaration occurs when a captain declares his team’s innings closed and a forfeiture occurs when a captain chooses to forfeit an innings without batting. Declaration and forfeiture are covered in Law 15 of the Laws of Cricket.

How do you use forfeit?

Forfeit in a Sentence 🔉

  1. A lack of players caused the team to forfeit the game.
  2. To ensure his employees get a holiday bonus, the company president will forfeit his own surplus.
  3. James was told to forfeit all contact with convicted felons if he did not want to violate the terms of his parole.

Is a forfeit a loss?

A forfeit is what is lost. You’ve probably heard of forfeiting a game or match — like when you don’t show up with enough players or pick one too many fights with the opposing team. the act of losing or surrendering something as a penalty for a mistake or fault or failure to perform etc.

Is a forfeit a win?

The 9–0 score equates to one run per each regulation game inning not played. Actual game statistics are recorded as they stand at the time of the forfeit; the game is recorded as a loss in the standings for the forfeiting team and a win for the other team, even if the forfeiting team is ahead at that point.

What does winner by forfeit mean?

Definition of by forfeit

: as a result of forfeiting by the opposing side We won the game by forfeit when the opposing side failed to show up.

What happens if a cricket team forfeits?

A captain may forfeit either of his/her side’s innings at any time before the commencement of that innings. A forfeited innings shall be considered to be a completed innings. A captain shall notify the opposing captain and the umpires of any decision to declare or to forfeit an innings.

What is a good forfeit?

Kiss everyone in the room whose name begins with the same letter as your own. Put lipstick on the nearest man – blindfolded. Tell a joke. Sit blindfold while three unidentified people kiss you one at a time.

What is another word forfeit?


7 surrender, yield, relinquish, forgo, waive.

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