10 Tips On How To Use The Law Of Attraction For A Specific Person

how to use the law of attraction for a specific person

Using the Law Of Attraction for a specific person will guide you to build new

how to use the law of attraction for a specific person

5) Boost Your Self Confidence:

Self-confidence is a strong attractive force. It is extremely irresistible and will naturally make people show interest in you, and want to be around you.

Believe in the ability you have to attract the right person into your life with ease. You should always carry a healthy sense of high self-worth.

This should however not be taken to an extreme. Your self-confidence should be strong enough to attract anyone you desire without repelling them due to pride and arrogance.

You can boost your self-confidence by looking in the mirror every morning and evening while you say positive affirmations in the present tense out loud.

6) Make Positive Affirmations:

Positive affirmations will increase your vibration and connect you to the desired person. You must send out signals of attraction in the form of thoughts, words, and actions. But it is easier to begin with words.

So write down several helpful affirmations in the present tense that can help you to express your strong desire to the Universe.

Then repeat them several times every day with positive emotional feelings. For instance, you may say, “I love myself.” “I am a person of great worth with unique abilities and talents.” “I easily attract [the name of the person, or qualities and looks of a person you want to attract] into my life.”

7) Avoid Desperation:

You should always have a strong desire and conviction about the person you want to attract. But this desire should never be degraded into desperation. Desperation indicates a sense of insufficiency and this will bring about negative feelings of lack.

Thus, you will be sending out signals of lack and the Universe will not give you what you are expecting, as you are taking daily action towards your goal.

Instead of desperation, you should increase your appreciation for who you are and for all your natural endowments and potentials. Increase your vibration by taking more focused action and by imagining the fulfillment of your desires.

8) Visualize Yourself Being Loved:

Attract the one you want by visualizing yourselves together. Think about how this person is so impressed by your personality and how much the person will like to be with you. Use your creativity or images on the screen of your mind to create the kind of relationship you want.

Make certain this is all done in the present tense, not in the future. Every day for at least 10 minutes, concentrate on the joy and excitement you will share while you are together with this person.

Do this shortly after you wake up in the morning and just before you sleep at night. If you are seeking a romantic relationship, you may use pictures of romance to boost your imagination as well. Put up these pictures in places where you will see them several times a day.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction For A Specific Person

9) Focus on the Person’s Good Qualities:

Always see the positive aspects of the person’s character. This works in all relationships, but it is particularly important when you want to get an ex back or you need to restore a frosty relationship with a naturally difficult person. For the law of attraction to work for you, you must find something to appreciate.

Start with just one quality and before you know it, you would have discovered several others. Then you can use affirmative statements such as, “I like [person’s name] because of [put the quality you like here]. Try to do this a lot every day with feelings. The person’s behavior will eventually change towards you.

10) Act as If the Person is Already in Your Life:

Begin acting as if the person is already with you. For instance, if you are expecting a life partner, you should start acting as if you are living with the person. Stop buying things for yourself alone. Make sure you make allowance for your partner on your bed.

Instead of sleeping in the middle of the bed, start sleeping by the side. Start returning early from work to be with your partner. Let your actions send the right vibrations out so that the Universe can manifest the person you desire. 


I have had a lot of people ask me how to attract someone specifically into their life. I have been doing some research for the last couple of weeks. And I came across something extremely powerful. We have no right as humans to take away someones agency. What I mean by that is, if you want to get someone back into your life-like a previous relationship, don’t focus on that person. Focus on or imagine someone with the same characteristics as that person. If they don’t like you, and are no longer interested. Move on. 

When we just focus on that ONE PERSON, we close the doors to whatever else the Universe wants to bring us, and at the same time people have agency. You can’t force someone to like you if they don’t like you. Regardless of the law of attraction.

If that’s hard to take in, you have to accept it. It’s like me saying I want to attract someone into my life who already has a girlfriend, they are very happy together, and we use to be together. You see what I’m saying? 

Whats funny is if you focus on someone with the same characteristics that your ex had or whatever, you will draw someone to you just like them BUT EVEN BETTER. Its super cool how it works, but you have to learn to let your ego go, and let the Universe bring to you the perfect person. Trust in the Universe/your Imagination.

Am I saying that it’s not possible to attract the exact person you want in your life? Of course not, but I’m saying people have agency and you have no right to FORCE someone to like you through your thoughts. If they don’t like you, they don’t like you, move on and be open to someone better. Remember there are 6 BILLION PEOPLE on the planet.

One More Thing:

Get a piece of paper and draw a circle in the middle of it. Then in the middle write, “It is finished”. Then draw straight lines from that circle long enough to write a word on each line that is attached to the circle. Begin to write specific characteristics that you would like this person to have. For example: Charming, happy, sexy, thin, kind, rich ect. Then after this. Say the words out loud, “IT IS FINISHED”. 

This is extremely powerful. You are speaking to your subconscious mind when you say these words. As you do this a few times throughout your day, looking at this paper you will literally begin to attract someone to you, with these characteristics. It will blow your mind how quickly this happens. 

Just keep looking at this paper a few times a day, FEEL that this person is in your life, and then keep saying to your self the magic words “IT IS FINISHED”. Don’t focus so much on what this person looks like, just focus on the characteristics of this person, and then let go. Go about your day in peace, being happy, and grateful. If you like someone now, go ahead and visualize the face of that person. It makes visualizing that much easier. Just be open to the Universe giving you someone with the qualities that you desire. 

the law of attraction for a specific person


The tips shared here are meant to help you create a relationship with anyone you want with ease. The steps are simple to use and apply, and they work all the time.

If you start putting these 10 tips into action, you will have a good story to share in the near future with your friends. Let me know what you guys think of this post, I would love to get some feedback, and some of your experiences you have had with the Law Of Attraction.

And as always share this on your social feed, and spread the word. If you are truly serious about attracting ANYONE back into your life, I highly recommend checking out this program below and getting started. It will change everything for you. There is one “secret” that will make your mouth drop. But you have to be willing to commit to making it work.

People have seen changes take place in 30 days or less. This program works and changes people. Learn how your mind really makes the difference. Remember everything in YOUR life up to this point is nothing more than your thoughts being manifested in your physical world. THOUGHTS ARE THINGS.

the law of attraction for a specific person


What’s the worst that could possibly happen? Let’s say I’m wrong and you don’t attract the girl or guy of your dreams. Is the cash outlay of only $47 going to put you in the poor house, and living on the street? Of course it’s not.

But lets say I’m right, and you do attract the girl or guy of your dreams easily and quickly. It’s not going to make you the most happiest person in the world, your not going to be running around town screaming “I did it, I did it”, right? Exactly, but what it will do is show you that this program, can give you anything you want in life, if you just simply follow the steps laid out. I’ll be your coach guiding you and “holding your hand every step of the way.”

I’ll I’m asking is give me one shot, and believe me, If I’m even “half right”. The only problem you’ll have is that you didn’t come across this program “6 months ago”, and get started then. Sound fair enough?

Your thoughts, your imagination is really the culprit. Lets change that, lets start from the inside out, and get that person you want in your life. Anything is possible if you understand Universal Laws. Are you ready for the “secret” and ready to apply it? ====> Click Here

238 thoughts on “10 Tips On How To Use The Law Of Attraction For A Specific Person”

  1. Very nice post. I agree completely. This is very good advice for someone who is trying to find someone. I like the pictures also. Keep up the good work.

  2. The law of attraction works! I have experienced it many times. Years ago I wanted a position which would have given me an increase in pay of over $10k a year. So I decided to act like someone who was in the position. I changed the way I dressed, I walked and spoke with authority and became the person I would need to be in this job. When the job opened up, I didn’t need to even ask for it. It was offered to me.

    • Wendy what a great experience. Thanks so much for sharing that :), if there is anything you would like to learn more about let me know, and I will gladly put it up on here. God bless

  3. I love your post here. I couldn’t agree you more on this. If we want to attract other people, we must first be attracted to our own self by love and accept who we are as a person. Thank you for sharing your tips here.


    • you bet, thanks for reading. I will be bringing you more good things soon to help you every day to reach your dreams and aspirations 🙂

  4. Excellent post, really enjoyed reading it. The law of attraction was first introduced to me about 6 years ago and honestly my life has never been the same since. It did not happen all at once but through building an understanding of the Law of attraction and how to use it lead me to a much more fulfilling life.


    • Thanks so much Dean :), let me know some of your experiences I would love to hear them. Hope you have a great week.

  5. I enjoyed reading this post and I’m certainly interested in the LOA and using it. Did you use it to find your spouse? – just curious. Shirley

    • I did not really understand it at the time when I met her. But I do believe that I did attract her. We got along so well, and its still strong and will be forever. Thanks for reading the post. Let me know if there is anything that you would like to learn more about with the law of attraction.


  6. I’m confused about #1. Do you have any tips on how to understand yourself? Also, how do you fill yourself with love and confidence when you have none for yourself?

    • Hi Stacie

      sorry it took a while for me to get back with you 🙂

      so I should have added that you are a Spiritual Being in number 1. I will be updating that after this post. You are Gods/universe highest form of creation. You really are special. You live in a physical body. Your potential is unlimited. I use to struggling with this same thing, until I really was told who I was by Bob Proctor.

      We are so special to God, he loves us so much. The people in this world who are achieving great results have realized this same principle. And wether they believe in a God or not they know that they are an offspring of a power that has no beginning and no end. So never forget that.

      You really are incredible, don’t think your not, that is just conditioning on a subconscious level from the past. This answers your 2nd question automatically. If you are the offspring of God/Universe/Energy whatever you want to call this power, then that means you are great. You should never feel that your not confident. You can do anything.

      One thing that will help you right now is to start saying affirmations out loud with feeling, like “I love myself and I am proud to be who I am” Say this over and over and over again for 30 days as much as you can throughout your day.

      You will notice a huge difference at the end of the month about how you feel about yourself. Don’t ever forget your powerful beyond understanding. You can do whatever you want in this life including attracting the right person to you easily.

      Just be positive and keep building yourself up through affirmations. Check out my affirmations section to help you understand how that works. Hope this helps you 🙂


  7. I know the law so well but i dont know how to shake it when people tell me that i “cant” get him. Or rub it in my face that i cant get him. Even though he shows me signs that he is into me too – his friends and people who know him tell me that he doesnt and it hurts because i havent actually spoken to him yet. He knows how i feel

    • Hi Dawn

      I totally understand, the best thing to do is to always keep thinking what you want to think regardless of what people say. What they say will not change your life unless you let them. No one can make you feel a specific way, unless you let them mentally. Its all a choice. Remember you have the gift of thinking what you want regardless of appearances. Keep visualize what you want as you want it, and go about your day with the feeling of it as already achieved. When those thoughts come that are negative, or someone says something bad, simply ignore it, focus on your image of what you want and smile. Doing this long enough will make a HUGE impact on attracting the specific person to you. It will change your subconscious programming. Hope this helps 🙂

  8. Hi AJ… I truly enjoyed this post. I had a question for you… When trying to attract a specific person can they feel it? Do they need to have in their desires someone with, for example my traits? How does that work?

    I believe I can have and do ANYTHING, but I don’t quite grasp, attracting a specific person. Can you help me to understand, please.

    Thank you,

    • Hey Berlin 🙂

      Great question, so the basic law is everything has a frequency and everything vibrates. Your thoughts are frequencies and anyone who is thinking the same type of thoughts will align with your thoughts. Now that does not mean that you will end up with that person that you want, you may end up with someone EVEN BETTER. But if you just keep focusing on the traits in your mind of the person that you want, and you follow your intuition (intellectual factor) you will find the PERFECT person for yourself.

      We can’t force anyone to like us at all, but what we can do is trust in the laws of the universe and know for a fact that you WILL ATTRACT the right person into your life at the right time as long as the feeling is there and your not coming from a place of desperation and WANT. You have to feel as though you already have that person in your life. Remember feeling is frequency and whatever is on that frequency you are constantly attracting into your life.

      Keep visualizing everyday the traits of the person that you want in your life, and do this everyday for at least 5 to 10 minutes, longer if you can. Do it for 30 to 90 days, and watch what will happen. Remember nothing is created or destroyed so everything you want is already here. All you need to do is see it, believe it, expect, it and act as if it it is real, and that will become your reality. Hope this helps you out

      Have a great week


      check out my latest youtube videos as well. If you want me to make some on attracting specific people into your life let me know and I will put some vids together.


  9. I like this article. But do LOA really can attract a person you love? I believe my ex still love and care about me. Recently he ignore every message that i have send him and not care what happen to me. He told me he just want to keep me as his friend. All the negative come to me when he say and do this way to me.

    • Hi Joanne

      This is a great question, I totally understand what you are going through. The best thing that I recommend you do is don’t just stay attached to him, but be open to the other 6 billion people in the world. Remember the law of attraction works perfect. Realize, that you will get whats perfect for you. See in your mind the perfect person with the same qualities as him, see this person doing things with you, really feel like you have this perfect person in your life.

      Don’t feel sad that you don’t have him yet, but act like you do have someone that is just like him. When you start feeling bad just change your thoughts and keep focusing on someone perfect. And watch what happens in the next 30 to 60 days. DONT LET THE NEGATIVE FEELINGS STAY, feel positive at all times, and force the negative out. This will work. I PROMISE.

      Say this affirmation continually everyday with feeling. write it on a card and carry it with you.

      “I am so happy and grateful now that I have the perfect man in my life who loves me so much, and cares about me more than anything. Thank you God, thank you, thank you, thank you”

      wishing you the best 🙂

  10. Great article. I recently met someone who I think we would be perfect for each other, I just get a feeling. I do want to get to know them and have a relationship, but I can’t help but feel sort of creepy visioning it and manifesting it since I just met them. i do want a relationship, even with someone with similar qualities to this guy. Does LOA still work that way?

    • Hi Melanie

      Amazing questions by the way. This will work PERFECTLY FOR THAT. Just visualize yourself being with this person, and get to the point where you feel it as though its so real in your mind. The best time to do this is right before you sleep. Your subconscious mind will do the rest. Visualize for 5 to 10 minutes for 30 days straight. Also right out your affirmations in the present tense such as “I feel so grateful now that I have this person in my life” Read your affirmation throughout the day as many times as you can, and the law of attraction will take care of the rest. Hope this helps 🙂

      ps: its not creepy at all, continue following your feelings 🙂


  11. Hey !
    I really really want to apply the law attraction to the guy friend of mine who liked me in college but then I didn’t that time ..the moment college got over I started liking him back ..and its been 6 years to which we are really good friends and last year I told him that I really liked him but he wants to be just friends .We share an amazing bond of friendship and I really want a relationship with him but I don’t know how to use law of attraction to this situation.

  12. This is so helpful! I definitely believe in this and have learned to apply the LOA and to just be patient. Do you have any advice on family members telling you to “put yourself out there” and “go out to bars” to find someone? I have a feeling in my gut that that is not how it will happen for me, but them pressuring me is making me feel like I should be doing that since I am in my 20’s.

    • Great question Emma

      Everyone will always have an opinion, but like you said you FEEL you shouldn’t. So I would not, follow YOUR BLISS, not theres, and you will find what you are after. Always listen to that inner intuition of yours and you cannot fail.


  13. I think this post is very useful, I was looking for something like this for ages… So thank you very much for sharing this with us! I have got a question to ask: if we really liked someone but couldn’t get the chance to meet them or couldn’t talk to them and that person actually lives somewhere really far away now, can we still attract them? And you said earlier in some other post that we might not be able to attract the specific person but someone even BETTER, so is there a way we can still attract THAT person but not sonebody better anyway? Which method should we use more or which method should we become an expert of for attracting the specific person even stronger?
    Thank you 😊

    • Lucy that is a great great question.

      You definitely can attract them regardless of where they are at. All you need to do is visualize yourself with that person everyday for 15 to 20 minutes. Get the movie going in your mind. What will happen is you will be sending out airwaves throughout the world and if he is on the same frequency you to will meet one way or another.

      The how is not known, BUT IT WILL HAPPEN as long you keep visualizing and following your intuition. Pay very close attention to the way you are feeling and then act on those moments of intuition, and you will be surprised to what happens. It works every time :). Look into the program that I recommended on the post, it works, thats why I offer it. It has to be taken EXTREMELY seriously though. It will really help you boost your results quickly.

      God Bless You.


  14. Hi AJ,

    A big thank you for the post. I do have a question which is similar to Melanie. I actually saw a picture of guy on a matrimony site and really liked him. He did not responded the interest. I really liked his profile and would like to know more. I know it sounds little desperate knowing the other person is not interested . I tried to just ignore this whole thing but something is bothering me a lot. I would really like to know him and see if we can get along. Additionally I don’t want to be more creepy (as I already feel creepy that I still like this person who I have not even met and just saw a pic) and r do any thing where I will intentionally be in contact with him or cross paths with him. How can I use LOA since I dont know anything about this person except that feeling that I like this person and would love to know him. I am feeling little frustrated by myself as I am not able to move on and its not like I have not faced any rejections. I have had my shares of ups and downs.


    • Hi Rash

      Love the question, glad you like the post as well. Sorry it took a while to get back with you. Always visualize the end results. See it how you want it to be, don’t let the outer world dictate your image processing. After all thats where everything starts. The feeling of you being creepy is a thought, let it go, and realize your following your inner feelings, your intuition whatever you want to call it.

      The way WILL be shown to you of how to get in contact. Don’t force anything to happen, just let the Universe guide you along. My favorite saying is LET GO, and LET GOD/SPIRIT/UNIVERSE. What needs to happen for this to work WILL HAPPEN, just remember to be in the feeling place as though everything is just the way you want it when your visualizing the end result.

      I hope this helps, AND as I say to all my readers, check out the program that I have listed in the post. It works, I know it works, and a lot of people get crazy results from it. Whats the worse that could happen? (better person comes along and MORE)

      God bless and have an amazing week my friend


  15. Sir you have the best post ever thank God for you! I notice my life always drops notes for me and I don’t see a connection till later so I think a guy has been dropped into my life two years ago and I’m starting to see a connection now. We flirt plenty, we talk, and joke around a lot and I really want to be more than where we are and I can tell he does too. I’m wondering is there a way to use loa to attract getting his number?

    • Hi Tori, amazing question.

      There is a way to get his number with the LOA. First just see yourself asking him for his number while being flirty with him. See it being extremely successful and him wanting to give you his number. When you feel its time to ask for his number take action, listen to your inner voice, and it will work out perfectly. Thanks for reading my posts, let me know if you would like other posts as well, and I will write them on 🙂

      Wishing you the best


  16. Hi AJ, I want to tell you my story briefly (which probably is that of many of us here and in other sites that are dedicated to this subject of attracting someone back or someone specific that is new to us):

    At first I didn’t know what possibility there was to attract my ex girlfriend back other than just be in constant ache for the uncertainty and the impotence of not being able to do anything.

    Then I discovered the LOA and things started to change for me, and not only in the feeling towards my ex and what I could do about it, but also in other aspects of life (ok, so everyone knows this is part of LOA).

    I’ve read a book that addresses this subject in detail and tells you what to do. And I did (visualizations, positive thinking, self-love, gratitude, acceptance, etc.). But, still (until today, and it’s been almost 2 months or so) I haven’t attracted her back. I just saw signals if they can be called that way, like crossing at the street people very close to her (father, mother, friends, brothers). But still she isn’t here, she hasn’t contacted me. So I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    At a point I feel I did everything right in terms of visualizing, send heart energy and that stuff. Perhaps I didn’t get detached from the outcome well. And I’m at a point where I don’t really know what to do since I feel I’ve put all my energy (or at least a big amount) into this and is not showing concrete results.
    SO, so…what I’ve read is that it is important to keep a feeling that your wish is fulfilled all the time (this is what the book says). But the book also says to let go. How can you let go and at the same time keep a feeling that something has already happened when it hasn’t? (or is it that what you must not lose in spite of time is the awareness that since you put out to the universe your desire, it already is on its way..?)

    You see, this whole thing is very difficult (and I’m 100% sure there a many people out there struggling with this because of the logical reasons). Now, a guy told me that at this point I am is best to not think about the subject at all, learn to be as good as I can without her (like reach the point where I don’t need her to be happy and all that) and totally concentrate on myself and even fall in love with someone else. So, some say this is better but some others tell you to keep visualizing, feeling at one and all that…indefinitely? Like…if I don’t have to put deadlines to this (this is something else that is advised)…it’s ok if I turn 110 years old (I’m 24 lol) and I’m still wanting this same thing but though it doesn’t come I still have to keep doing it? You see the ridiculousness, I guess, and the point I want to make.

    It’s not that I don’t trust that LOA works. But I don’t know what should be next step in my case, taking into account that I’ve done a lot of work putting out to the universe that I want her because I feel she’s the love of my life and I want to share that with her. What’s next? Just totally let go, don’t even think about it and even try to fall in love with someone else?

    I mean, this guy told me sth that makes sense: “I think the main issue visualizing that she is in your life is that day in day out you are waiting for this to happen due to the fact you are visualizing it daily.
    The more you think about something the more your brain needs to have proof and in turn the body seems to then find the energy too much and you start to become ill.”

    He said this and many other things. And I want to share this with you because:
    .It’s not that I don’t think LOA works.
    .It’s not that I haven’t done work on this (I did consistent work for around a month, and then kept doing it but just not as intense as before).
    In fact I did almost everything they say and advise, but sometimes I feel like it’s pointless to keep fighting, like having the need of sitting down and visualize and send heart energy because otherwise you feel like it isn’t going to happen…it is overwhelming at that point, you see? And that is what is happening to me…but I think it is happening because each person on the internet shares his/her own opinion or experience in the subject, but, as far as I’ve learned (and I need someone to confirm this to me) is that in order to attract the one you love back you have to:

    1)_ State a wish, make statements as if your wish is happening now, visualize, send heart energy (and everything related to invoking what you wish to manifest)
    2)_ Totally let go of the need to control this, the outcome or whatever it has to do with this (I want to expand on this point later)
    3)_ Work on loving and accepting yourself and what you have now, up to the point where you are ok if the person appears or not because you feel at ease, complete, happy, etc. and be able to love them too, just as another person in the world, even they aren’t with you now, without the feel of sorrow or loneliness.
    4)_ Allow yourself to do what makes you happy (even if it is falling in love or dating other people) so you don’t get stuck in the idea that HE/SHE yes or yes is the one that has to appear because we won’t find happiness with no one else.

    Is all this the process one needs to do or is there sth else?

    I want to expand on point 2: I personally invoked my desire through the exercises they advise for around 30 days. What time is it supposed to be logical to dedicate to this until you, perhaps, start to feel “ill” as the guy I quoted said? Can you, after a certain time just totally let go of it and find a new love and just do your stuff? Or is there any other way of not having to engage into a new (or possibly new) relationship to let go of the other person you now wish to manifest? I mean, we want someone. But for it to work they say we have to learn to be ok without them. So……..how do you do this?

    There are just so many questions that haven’t been properly answered. I guess there is no Master book on this, and I searched a lot through internet but I can’t find what the process is to just let go. Sometimes I just think of quitting the questions, do my life and forget all about this (and perhaps that would be better for my desire to happen, haha!).

    AJ, sorry for the length. But interrogants come up with this because it is no easy “science”…

    I’d be grateful if you could answer this 🙂

    Best regards

    • HI newman, AMAZING POST my friend. Glad you took the time to read it. So from personal experience what I would recommend is you look into getting this program. Its not just on the law of attraction, its on EVERYTHING. Its by far my number 1 course that I recommend for people because it works. ITS A BOOK, and you will want to read it over a few times, but make sure to apply what you read, and it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. The link provided is my personal review on it, I know this will work for you.

      I love lengthy posts, and hearing from people, thanks so much for taking the time to post it, as people will be able to see it as well. I will be making a youtube video on this as well, so look out for that. God bless you.



  17. Great Posting..

    Sir I am very much inspired. I want my ex girlfriend back to my life. She do not like me any more. Can I apply law of attraction or how can I apply law of attraction? I strongly believe law of attraction works.

    • Hi Mostafizur

      I’m so glad you have enjoyed the post. You can never force someone to like you, but what you can do is the following. See yourself being with her or anyone with the same qualities as she has. Visualize it everyday for 15 minutes.

      Make sure your feeling good the whole time. Then watch what happens in the next 30 to 60 days. As long as you are feeling positive you will see magic happen in your life. It may not be her coming back to you, but someone BETTER then you could have ever imagined. Be open to it and know that you will get the right person in you life. It may take longer then 60 days, but know that you are working with the Law Of attraction through visualization and you will not fail.

      Check Out this program it will make a huge difference for you and speed up the LAW OF ATTRACTION.


      I know things will work out great for you


    • Hi aj

      Great post. I broke with my ex 2 months back . I gave her time & space and dint contact . But of late I contacted her & ask for reconciliation but she said she not comfortable talking .So I said ok I won’t contact & said her to contact when all is ok. She said she won’t contact and wished Me best of luck. Still I said if she ever feel to reconcile she can & she said ok sure

      My question is can I use law of attraction to get her back ? Is it possible from this stage of her mindset ? What should be my affirmation ?? ” I am in a happy & committed relation with her or someone like her/ better or I should eliminate her name and affirm ” I am in a happy & committed with someone like her or better ”

      In short should I keep her name or eliminate it from affirmation ?? What you think from her current state of mind ??

  18. HeY Aj,
    I read the post which is actually very exciting and has given me lot of confidence.
    Well, I want to attract my best friend coz I’M in love with her. Does this still work on people who have a image of yours in thier mind as a “Friend”? I really love her. Fetch me a reply soon.
    Thanks for this post!

    • HI Saurav

      This is a great question. It does still work, but you can never force it. 2 things will happen, you will get that person back or you will get someone even better. Either way you will be happier then you can imagine. Keep visualizing, stay confident in the process and act as though she is in your life now, and watch the change take place.


  19. Hi there,

    This is a wonderful post. I have started using the Law of Attraction since last three days. I am very sure that the universe has already started sending positive vibes to me and the man I am in love with. I have felt him loving me back with so much of passion and contentment in his eyes. I have never felt this way before! It is a beautiful experience and the journey itself is pleasing. I always walk with a smile on my face and I find myself attracting the smiles of others as well; sometimes I am walking in the middle of the mall, smiling, feeling the presence of my love next to me and the others would smile back at me or look at me in a pleasing way. It is beautiful!

    • Hi BS

      I’m so glad to hear the good news. Stick with it, don’t ever give up, and your life will keep getting better and better. Happy 4th of July and I hope you have an amazing week.


  20. Hi AJ
    You seem like such a smart and kind man. thank you for all of the posts above, they’ve been very helpful. my only question is when using LOA to manifest a “specific” person, do you have to be in contact with that person or live near them or have any type of relationship with them where they know how you feel? we’ve been introduced but live very far apart and aren’t on that level of friendship where we’re part of each others daily life. does this make any difference?

    • Hi Jennifer

      I love this question. So you will want to take everything back to the basics. Everything is energy/spirit, and everything is vibrating. All thoughts have a frequency. Basically all you need to do is visualize you being with this person. Do this at night before bed. Remember feeling is everything. What is happening as you are doing this is you are sending out mental frequencies and he will be picking those up.

      Dont force anything at this point. Just keep visualizing and start acting as though he is in your life already. Be as a child and make believe, thats whats so fun about this. Be patient and follow your intuition. If you FEEL that you should take some sort of action, even though it may not make total sense, DO IT. Trust in your intuition and the law of attraction and in time it will all come together.

      It works all the time, every time. Also it does not make any difference if your not apart of each others daily life. If you believe and continue on in the practice of visualizing it will change your outer world. So So powerful. Don’t ever forget, you create your outer world literally through the emotional thoughts you are involved with. Things begin to take shape IMMEDIATELY as you visualize. Hope this helps you out. Let me know if you want me to make a youtube video on it or a few. I have a channel that I started a while ago that you can check out.


      God bless and I know it will work out for you perfectly


  21. Hi AJ! I have some questions about parts that I couldn’t make completely clear. How do you completely fill yourself with love? I have great respect and love for myself. Is this love we’re talking about a really strong feeling of love or peacefullness and being really happy with who you are? I don’t feel a burst of emotion but I just know that I love myself. Is this okay? And you said that when we visualize ourselves together we should do it with present tense so what does that mean? If I’m in a park for example, do I have to imagine that he’s with me in the park? Can’t I imagine ourselves together in the zoo for example? Would that be future tense? And lastly you said that we should act like the person is already in our lives. I’m not really sure how to do that. I am not old enough to be married so I also don’t know how to act loke he’s in my life. Nothing is coming into my mind.

    I’m really sorry for bothering you with all these questions and I know that some of them might seem stupid. But I really need to clean my head so this’ll help me a lot.

    • Hi L

      Feeling grateful for the questions.

      As long as you have great respect and love for yourself, and your PROUD to be you then thats all there is too it. Make sure you feel it too though. As long as you know you know you love yourself then your doing great 🙂

      Visualizing in the present tense, you hit it spot on. See yourself with someone like you would in a movie. See through your eyes not your body. You can imagine anything, after all what you imagine must become apart of your real physical world, so imagine what you truly desire, and most importantly have fun with it.

      When acting like the person is already in your life, what I mean is like for your bed, get an extra pillow, and leave it on the other side of the bed. Make 2 cups of coffee instead of one. When driving use your imagination and see him sitting there in the other front seat. Things like that is what I mean. You start doing that often enough you will literally start to believe it, and thats when magic takes place. Heck if you want talk out loud and act like your talking to him. It might be weird when your by yourself, but it does wonders, and you really feel it :).

      You are not bothering me at all with these questions, I am glad to help, that is why I have created this website. I hope this helps you out, make sure to sign up for my newsletter series as well so I can keep sending you lots of information on relationships and the law of attraction, you will love it. I hope you have an amazing week and god bless you. I have made a youtube channel, that I think you would love. I will be making a video soon on attracting a specific person through some steps. Here is a link for you 🙂



  22. Hi A.J!

    Thank you for this article! I usually am quite good at manifesting things I want, but it never happens exactly how I imagine it. For example, 5 years ago I met a guy of whom I thought that he is going to be an important person in my life. I thought of him as my ideal partner as he had all the qualities I wanted. But at that time I was in a relationship so I saw him as a friend for the next 2 days we spent together, but I always had this feeling that he is going to be more than a friend. We kept in touch, but we’ve never met again until a week ago. During these 5 years we always talked about meeting again, but never done it. So this time since I was no longer in a relationship I allowed myself to trust my first thought and I just let myself go with the flow. So that is how I found out that he liked me even 5 years ago. But after this date he said that everything is over, that I drive him crazy, that this is not possible, he doesn’t like my friends, he blocked me on FB and haven’t been in touch at all. The thing is that even after all this, though we live in different cities and have many cultural differences etc. I still have the feeling that this was actually the beginning of our story and not the end. So the questions are: Where did I make the mistake when I manifested the meeting but not this outcome? And how can I work with LOA to manifest exactly what I want and feel with this specific person or I should better focus on letting go of all this?

    Thank you in advance

    • Hi A.Y.

      So you can never force someone to like you, even through the law of attraction. The best thing is to trust in the Law Of Attraction, keep focusing on the GOOD, and you will attract someone EVEN BETTER. Its hard to see that sometimes when we are so attached to someone, but learning to let go and let the universe, is all that is required.

      Focus on letting all this go, and be at peace with yourself. Know that you will get someone better at the right time, and when that person comes you will know 100%. Keep visualizing being with a partner thats perfect in every way. And that person will be attracted into your life. I hope this helps you. Here is a program about relationships that I would look into if you are truly series about taking this Law Of Attraction with relationships thing to the next level. This works for men and women alike. Check it out.


      Wishing you the best


  23. Hi A.J!!
    I super love your article. I’ve been reading articles about loa for years but yours struck me the most. How can i know that this specific person(stranger) living in a far far away place has the same frequency as mine? I keep on visualizing everyday that we’re gonna end up together. I’m only 16 as of now and I’m planning to search for him in Malaysia after 10 years or so (cause I know where he’s gonna work. He was featured in a malay magazine and answered some questions in the interview portion). I had shared this with our school guidance counselor and he said that me visualizing “us” is totally useless if that specific person and I don’t have any connections. And he asked me what is my assurance that he’s not married yet when the time comes I go to his place and search for him.
    I hope you could give some advice. Thank you in advance and God bless!

    • Hi Angelyn


      Great question, so the thing thing to understand is you can never actually force someone to like you. But what you can do is visualize someone with the same qualities as that person, and you may end up attracting that person or someone even BETTER in your life. Either way you will be better off. Thats how the loa works. Always remember that it will all work out better. It may be hard to to take this advice, but know that either way you will be happier.

      Just trust in the power of your mind, and let go. I call it let go and let god/universe. Be patient, you have lots of fish in the sea (people). Its gonna be a killer ride, and you will attract him, or someone thats even more mind blowing. Be patient, and keep following your feelings when you have the urge to do something.

      And whoever told you that visualizing is useless, is a complete idiot. Ignore them, they are not going anywhere. Keep following your heart, keep believing, and keep taking action towards your dreams everyday. You WILL get everything you want.


      Check out this program, It has a money back guarantee, and will help you get a better grip on this subject. What do you have to lose?


  24. Hi, AJ

    Read your article. Its inspiring. I was dating a guy for 7 months, and on the 2nd date i could visualize our wedding. I know i will marry him, but a week before we broke up because i told him i love him and he doesn’t. I m very sure he is the one i will get married to. Its just we are not in constant touch. I do want to hear from him everyday. How should i manifest that?

    • Hi Adisha

      great questions. So the thing to remember, is you cannot force people to like you. But what you do have control over is seeing yourself being married to someone with the perfect qualities. Whats funny is they will come into your life in a most unexpected way. It will be what a lot of people say is MAGICAL, and it is. Don’t get attached to just one person. There are so many people out there who are a perfect fit for you. All you need to do is send out that feeling to the Universe continually everyday and act as if he’s already in your life. Let go and let God is my favorite saying, because its the most powerful. You will end up marrying someone who blows your mind on all levels. Continue believing and seeing yourself with that person, preferably at night before bed. You will for sure get the man that is just RIGHT FOR YOU :), I promise. I hope this helps you. Be patient, don’t rush things, and keep trusting in your intuition. Who knows, maybe something will happen down the road and hill change his mind? either way you will be happy and right where you need to be.


  25. Hi, A.J!!!
    Thank you for your amazing and uplifting work. I am reading these questions and comments about attracting a specific person using LOA. I have been single now for about six or seven weeks. My ex is the The father of my 3 1/2 year old son. A.J, we were together for over six years and this situation is killing me. I have to be in contact with him because of our son and every time I hear his voice or see him (when he is picking up or dropping off our son) it just brings all the pain back worse than it was before. We had some issues we needed help with and I do believe that if there was ever to be a ‘new’ relationship with us, the old one had to end. However, he seems totally different now. He totally removed himself from me on any kind of emotional level. He has been even cold at times. I do want this specific person back with me, and my questions for you are: Raising my personal vibrational frequency– I see meditations on different sites that so that, with binaural beats etc… Would that help me achieve this?
    (Also I do want to add that I do work with a therapist weekly and Im not trying to do this whole thing myself… i have been a sufferer of depression for YEARS, the abusive childhood, the whole nine)
    I also wanted to know if seeing as I DO have to be in contact with him, was there anything I could do regarding LOA, vibrational frequenting, focus, meditation, etc before I know I am going to be in contact with him? And, even though this situation is hurtful to me, Might I somehow be able to use it to my advantage because we ARE in each others lives?
    I apologize for the lengthy comment, but I am really in a bad state of mind right now. It’s extremely difficult, to say the least, to try and appear and act confident and happy when I’m not. I know I need to work on self love and that that is the main thing. any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as far as that goes, however with my love situation, can you please try and guide me as to what would be the best course of action to take?
    I appreciate your advice in advance!
    Thank you so much

    • Hi there Allison

      Amazing post, truly 🙂

      I for sure understand what you are going through. Theres 2 things I highly recommend you do. The first is to remember that there are so so many other fish out there for you, who are dying to be with you, who are WAY better than this individual. Even though that may be hard to believe, let go and let God/Universe. It will do wonders for you. The most powerful thing you can do is instead get emotionally involved with you being with someone who has the same qualities as him. Take 15 minutes a day, and really see yourself with someone that has all the qualities as him. If it is meant to be for you and him to come back together YOU WILL 100%, if not, you will get someone else that is more specific to your state of vibration/visualization exercises that you do. Either way it will be THE BEST THING FOR YOU and it will make you HAPPIER then you could ever imagine. Letting go and trusting in the Universe and acting as if will change your life permanently. I know its easier said then done, but trust me, it will all work out more than you know. Don’t ever come from a place of desperation or need, as that is what you will attract. Come from a feeling place that you have that specific person in your life and he is GOLD.

      The 2nd thing I highly recommend looking into if your series about all of this is this program. I have a few that I recommend to people, but in your situation I believe this would make the greatest difference for you from personal experience. Commit to it 100% for 90 days, and I promise you will feel better, and most importantly begin to see improvements in relationships including your ex. God bless you and I hope you have a fantastic week ahead.



  26. This is a wonderful article. It gave me immense hope. I started believing in LOA since my break off happened. I was madly in love with a guy who was in nowhere near my vicinity. I just knew him but there was no friendship. I desired him and one fine day he just came to me and things fell in place. We had a wonderful relationship for 7 months. However I was always insecured due to his terribly uncertain behaviour. I was always worried that we would break off. The same thing happened. When everything was going right i said mean things to him and he broke off with me. He was my dream guy. I love him like crazy. I dont know why I reacted that way. Its been 4 months we dont talk and there is no contact. He said he does not love me and only treats me as a friend. I was shattered. Can LOA help me get back to him? Sorry English is not my first language. please help me.

    • Hi Alice

      Great question, so as stated before with other comments below. You can never actually force things to happen. But visualize yourself with him or someone like him, and then let go and let God. Follow your heart, and you will be surprised at what the Universe brings you. More then expected is what will happen. For me I believe all things are possible that are within reason. So can I see the 2 of you getting back together?, why not, 🙂


  27. A.J.

    Perhaps you have been asked this question a million times but I felt like asking. I have recently become aware of the notion of Law of Attraction and am very curious about it. I want to understand it and apply the principles properly. It sounds like a simple concept but I think quite hard to embrace initially. Certain things have happened which lead me to think that perhaps I can control my reality and make things happen.

    I have tonnes of questions to ask but to start off with one matter; I met someone at work recently who I really took a liking to. This person has since left the job and moved to another country. When I heard he was living, I felt very strongly about it but wouldn’t have had the courage to say anything for on reason or another.

    I know you can’t force someone and neither would I want that but is it really possible to attract someone specific into your life? In my case this guy from work. Perhaps this is immature of me but hey I feel like not being mature all the time 🙂

    • Hi Mishal

      Such a great question for sure. I’m glad you have discovered the Law Of Attraction, as it is most powerful, and extremely fun to use. You really CAN attract a specific person into your life. What I would recommend you do if you FEEL its the right thing to do, is reach out to him one way or another.

      But before you do, visualize the interaction going well first. Do this for at-least 30 days, then reach out to him the best way you see fit. Now always remember to let go and let God. Trust that it will work out perfectly. Keep trusting your intuition, and don’t come from a place of need as this is most dangerous.

      Come from a place of fun and what not. Would I would also do is look into this program. It will help you to grasp the law of attraction quickly, but more importantly help you to realize without a doubt that it is VERY VERY REAL. There will be some steps to follow that will help you to utilize it to its full potential. Check it out below, and I wish you massive success and hope all your wishes come true. Im rooting for you 🙂



  28. Good evening A.J.,

    So, I am very familiar with LOA and how it works, as my father bought the audio cd’s several years ago. However, I’m not as familiar with applying it to my life, especially in this instance, but I am more than ready to begin doing so. My current situation involves a man I have liked for a while now. Over the last year, as I’ve gotten to know him a little better, my feelings have grown stronger. Based on our earlier interactions, I feel as though he shared these feelings, but now I am not so sure. As of late, I am beginning to wonder if he is no longer interested, but because I’ve never asked him directly, I don’t know for certain. I really love his personality and I feel that we would complement one another spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Should I continue to envision the two of us together as I have been? He is a business owner and has his own local entertainment company, which I help him out with from time to time, so I will continue to see him every so often. I do not want things to be awkward, but I still have a strong desire to be with him. How do you think I should adjust my actions so as not to make the situation awkward or act out of desperation, while still sending him the right vibrations? Any wisdom you can pass on to me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you much! 😊

    • Hi Nicole

      Great questions. I would for sure keep envisioning, and then take action to do something if you feel its the right thing to do. Trust always in your intuition. Its one of the greatest powers of your mind. Don’t worry about what ifs and what not. Just be confident in your feelings. All things are possible if you have faith. But remember, you can never force. All the best.


  29. Hi AJ,

    Very nice post. My question is though, after my wish is fulfilled do I still continue visualize every morning and night or I just stop it? Also after attracting that specific person in my life then if I wish to get married with him, do I start again the visualize the married life? How do I show my gratitude to the universe?


    • Hello Kathy

      So continue to always visualize. You can use it for anything really. Even the married life you can visualize. The best way that I look at it is, what I visualize thats within the universal laws will happen 100%. So be adventures, and always remember to continually take action towards what you want when your intuition tells you so.


  30. Hi Aj,

    Will the law attraction works with my ex boyfriend.? I started to put his clothes into my closet and feel like he came home and living together again will that helps.? I will start the visualizing every day and night for 10 mins and will act like we are still together. Any other things that I have to be careful with.? Thanks.


    • Hi A

      The Law of attraction will work for anything. And Yes keep visualizing. Also, always be open. What I mean is be open minded with the feelings of your intuition. It will guide you greatly on what actions to take in your life. The LOA is so real, so powerful, and can do ANYTHING that is within reason. Everything will work out great for you.


    • Hello A 🙂

      it for sure can my friend. Be patient with the results. Remember to live from the inner world. Make believe as a child, and put your trust in the Universe.


  31. Hello there,
    thanks for this post! I thought I’d write a comment and ask for your advice.

    For over 3 years I’ve been in love with my penpal who lives in Taiwan. I tried to attract him using LOA, I visualised us together A LOT, I also drew us together, wrote stories about us etc. But deep in my heart, I was very insecure, fearful and self-hating. And, really soon I started getting weird signals. Sometimes I felt like that guy truly cared about me, and sometimes like he didn’t think of me at all… Because of this confusion and the peer pressure (“how could you have fallen for him ONLINE? You haven’t even seen him once! Are you crazy?”), I tried to give up on him. I started doing different things, started meeting other people, I even got a boyfriend… But that thought that I have to go to Taiwan and meet him somehow stayed in my head and I did it, I went there and we met for the first time. From that moment on, I tried to start thinking of him as of a friend, an older brother, but I was unable to do so… I was still in love with him. I felt so good in his presence… After 1,5 year of struggling with my feelings, trying to get rid of them in any possible way, I broke up with my boyfriend. In that period I’ve also graduated from my university, and our agreement for flat rental has ended… It seemed as if the “new life” which I created for myself to run away from my feelings has been destroyed. In the first moment, I was so helpless, I didn’t know what to do, but then suddenly it occured to me… that I got the perfect chance to get back to learning Chinese and do all I can to move to Taiwan…

    Do you know this rule in physics about the circular motion? That you have an object on a string and it follows the path of a circle, but if you break the string, the centrifugal force will make the object leave the trajectory and race somewhere away? I feel like that’s what has happened to me. As long as I was tied up, I was moving on the circle, but when the string broke, I’ve returned to where I was heading.

    I think that my penpal likes me, he even told me that if I was in Taiwan, we could start dating. But he made it clear that he doesn’t want to be in an online relationship, and he asked us to take a break so that he might do something about his real life (and me too, I was quite wretched after that break up). So we aren’t talking for the moment.

    The truth is, that living in Taiwan is my greatest dream… I have always been fascinated by this country. And even if I gave up on that guy, I’d still be learning Chinese and doing all I can to move there. It’s like a magnetic force is pulling me there… And I don’t know what to think of it. Was it that guy who is attracting me in some way, regardless of what he is saying? Or is it just me who is so in love that I managed to push the great wheel of LOA?

    I want to believe that we will be together, because he is really the one I want.
    But on the other hand, I am not sure if I am not just naive… just lying to myself… What do you think about all this situation? I will be looking forward to your answer!

  32. Hi.

    Some say to not a set a time limit while attracting ex / soulmate ..But I always set time limit to manifest money and I always attract money easily in short time .

    If I believe that I can manifest my soulmate in 30-45 day then what wrong . I visualize my soulmate & affirm like a lullably before sleep daily. I believe in powers of my subconscious mind & hence repeat before sleep as said in book by joseph murphy .. I am on 4th day of practicing. And at end of every day I feel good as I feel one more day has ended in my 30-45 day target .

    Also thinking this let go of my desperation & negative energy as I always feel it is just matter of some day now .

    Am I wrong placing a time limit for soulmate like I do for money ? . thing is I believe it .

    • Hi Mohit

      Be patient with the process. Even if it does not come in 45 days, does not matter. Keep visualizing, keep believing and most importunely pay attention to your intuition, it will tell you what to do. The universe works in mysteries ways. Either way you will get someone specific as you send out with your thoughts. It may not be that person, but someone even better with the same qualities :). Hope you keep attracting more success my friend


    • Hi Mohit

      You can for sure, and if it does not come at that specific time, then extend it and keep visualizing and holding on to the dream :).

  33. Hi A.J,

    I am Nisha from pune. I am in a relationship with a guy for 2 years now. initially things were very smooth and easy between us and I used to get 100% love, attention, care from my guy.

    But in between things shattered a bit, we started fighting and last Oct-15 we had a major fight and he stopped talking to me. I was so angry at him that he took the decision of dumping me. but later he realized that he had promised me that he will give his 100% also will not leave me hence he came back after a month and we started talking to each other.

    After several apologies, he said he will give another chance and lets see how things work. But after that I still find that there is some kind of a gap eversince the fight took place.

    I have tried discussing these things with him near about several times, he said he doesn’t like to discuss it, and things he needs time to get back like before. and it will take time. Now that we got engaged some weeks ago and by this year end we are planning to get married.

    Any 3rd person who sees this says that everything is fine, there is nothing wrong in ur relationship. But u know wat AJ, the kind of attention he used to give me earlier has just went missing.

    I have confronted this with him. Told him that even thou we are getting married, but the spark which used to be there like before is not there. the way he used to treat me earlier, love me, he used to tell the whole world that how much he loves me and is gratefull to have me in his life.

    Now I dotn see all that. When I tell this to him, he gets angry and irritated. He says things have changed now, we need to get serious about life, our jobs, making money and all. I cannot be lovie dovie all the time. I don’t like when u keep on complaining and all. Plz solve ur prob by urself. if u have a doubt, if u don’t trust me, its ur call.

    This is what he says. Also one thing, there are lot of girls who are attracted to him in his office. He tells me everything honestly. Also he says I enjoy when someone falls for me, or has a crush on me. I enjoy it and welcome it in my life. But I have my own commitments so I know my limit. I’ll make friends but I wont cheat on u.

    This thing earlier wasn’t there. he used to give me all his attention and love. Now he gets all this attention and care from others, his friends and all. Also lot of gals wants to get him, date him. So as a guy he takes pride in it. But also on the other hand whenever I tell him or show him that im not kinda comfortable by his friendly behavior, he gets angry and tells me that I don’t trust him. It wont work if I don’t trust him and all.

    The reason I m writing this to you AJ is because I believe in LOA and also believe that my Fiancee loves me. Else he wouldn’t have taken the decision of marrying me.

    But I do see that the spark is missing , im not getting his attention and all.

    Plz guide me with some positive affirmations and steps to work on my LOA to attract him again towards me and bring back the spark in our relationship.


    • Hi Nisha

      I appreciate you sharing this with me, as it is never an easy thing to do. What I would highly recommend that really works well, and will solve your problems 100% is this program that I absolutely love. Make sure you actually stick with it, and not to buy other programs during this 3 month journey. IT IS TRANSFORMATIONAL BY FAR. Read through the whole thing, as you will get a better understanding of how this will help you not just in relationships but in EVERYTHING ELSE. I wish you the best and know that things will turn around for you. You attracted this website for some reason. I’m glad you stopped by.



  34. I am very excited to apply Low Of Attraction, i met a girl , who is very unique and perfect for me i see her regularly and she also see me and gradually i like her but i can’t say i love her . if low of attraction is really works? to attract i loved.

  35. Hey A.J
    Saurav.S here, one month or so I read your post! And it’s really working now a days. Being a Pisces (I believe In astrology) I am a moody person. And think negative. Though I’ve learned to be positive most of the time. I’ve really started attracting my best friend and she too feels loved and has started giving me signs of being more than just friend. It’s true that I used this and the LOA is the reason for good things happening to me. But the contribution of yours is the most important thing which made my life better. Thanks for this.
    . yours lovingly
    . Saurav.S

  36. Can you help me out in how to control negative thoughts. Coz as far as LOA says we attarct what we think. I don’t wanna be in anything that will coz me being sad or being in a negative life. I just post this question which actually is out of the topic we have put on. But it’s a problem that is faced by many of us. Just would be glad if you help me out little bit on “OVERTHINKING AND HAVING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS”

    yours thankfully,trusting,

    • Hi Saurav

      I understand exactly where you are coming from. The best thing that I recommend is getting the following program. Watch the WHOLE video first. This works and this is why I’m showing it to you. It will take about 30 to 60 days to start seeing the difference, and change thinking patterns. Repetition of positive thought patterns is the key to overcoming this, and this program will help with that GREATLY. Wishing you MASSIVE success this year, and hope everything comes true for you bro.



  37. Hi AJ
    I really believe in law of attraction and I’m a religious person. I wanted to ask you that if we really love someone who lives in a different country. Can we attract that person. ??

    • You 100% CAN MANNISH. It works every time. Focus on seeing this person, and how good it would feel. Then follow your intuition and take the actions steps that you feel you should take, and watch what happens.


  38. Hi A.J.

    I’m very fascinated by your article. I have a few questions about LOA since I’ve recently tried to read more into what it is about. First, a few years back, I met a girl through work and as I began to get to know her, I felt she was more like me than any other person I’ve met. However, at the time she was in a relationship, so I never ever really pushed things with her, although I did flirt and try to become good friends with her because I felt her being in my life was one of the best things I’d ever experienced even though we weren’t in a relationship. Moving on a little, time moved on and she went to college and I went to college as well (even though I ended up dropping out). She had entered into another relationship before going off to attend college, but before she had entered that relationship, I had tried hard to get her to consider me for a relationship. She was single for a short period of time, and I wanted to give her some space after her initial breakup and not try to rush anything. So a week or so later, I had learned of her new relationship, and it actually depressed me a lot. It was probably one of worst experiences of my life and almost found it hard to go on. However, even after learning of her new relationship, I had this instinct thought to tell her of my feelings for her. So one night I texted her and told her everything. Because I cared for her so much, I felt as though I should at least tell her and then whatever were to happen after that could just happen. To make a long story shorter (Sorry by the way), she sort of let me down easy and told me we could always be friends. For the next year or almost two years, I would see her occasionally through work and friends. She was almost constantly on my mind. And that was the bulk of my depression. I went to counseling and tried really hard to heal my depression. Sooner or later I started to get over her. Nonetheless she is still a festering thought in my mind. Now that will bring me to present day and a question I hope you can answer. I sometimes feel my want for her when I first met her were thoughts of desperation because the end result had me not getting the girl I wanted and I think it was mostly for fear that I would lose her potential relationship to someone else. So is that a possibility of what happened?

    I guess for the past year or so I’ve envisioned myself being with her or at least getting to see her again. I haven’t really spoken to her maybe but once a year. However I just kept imagining that I would get to see her again, and it feels sort of as life is gravitating towards that reality. Two days ago I had a strange dream. This dream had me talking to her and speaking with her. When I woke up the following morning I was quite taken aback. I had no idea why her presence was so strong in my mind. So I confided with my brother about my dream. He took me pretty seriously and said to me that maybe it was some sort of premonition. I had thanked him for hearing me out and went about my day. During the day I got this burning feeling of curiosity. and decided to check her social media profile just to see what might be new going on with her. I was almost frightened to see that she was no longer in a relationship, because like I said I’ve just recently been learning about LOA and any of it’s effects. So I guess secondly, Were my thoughts possibly attracting me to her and causing her to think about me and eventually break ties with her current boyfriend? I’ve heard theories on possibilities of dreams being strong connections between people and that sometimes they will dream of each other specifically. Therefore, I was considering the possibility that the dream I had could have possibly been shared by both of us. That all being said. I apologize for the length of this post, and greatly appreciate any info you can provide regarding the situation.
    Regards M.S.

    • Hi M.S.

      So great post hands down. Best thing is to not over think this. Just keep following your feelings. Trust in them, its your intuition guiding you to what you truly desire. Don’t second guess, don’t over analyze, just trust the feelings and GO FOR IT. It will work out perfectly, it must because that is the LAW.


  39. hi A.J.
    my boyfriend just left me 3 weeks ago giving me reason that there is no future and I believe I attracted such a thing in my life because I also used to think about how will we be together when our families won’t allow. but now I believe this is not the end. I believe we are meant to be together and we will be and I visualize two of us living happily. will it work? will he come back?

    • Hi SG

      It is very possible that he will come back. All you need to do on your part is just hold that image in your mind of you 2 being together. Play this movie in your head. And don’t force things to happen. Let go and let the Unverse/God do the rest. Don’t come from a place of need. Just be at peace, and know that yes it will all work out just the way you see it. Trust in your feelings as they will guide you on what you should do. I hope this helps


    • Hi Jane

      Yes you can attract both. Always remember what you see on the screen of your mind that is within reason (pulling the moon closer to the earth with a rope is not within reason), you can accomplish. Its already yours, so start acting like it and feel the joy, then follow your feelings on what to do.


  40. Hi.. Hope you are doing well..

    There is a guy on my social networking site who has been friends with me since last 5-6 years. I had word with him 5 years back and that time he was in a relationship with one of my friends. Recently i got to talk with him again some 10 days back and got to know that he and my friend broke up 2 years back and he was not at fault and had tried his best to continue with her. Now, after 2 years she has been trying to get back with her but he doesnt feel the same for her and dont want to continue.

    After talking with me for 5 days he confessed to me that he had liked me 5 years earlier also and his gf knew about it. And that he feels for me tad bit more than a friend. At first i dint take it seriously and talked with him like a friend only but soon i started having feelings for him as well and we both decided to give it a try. So, we got into a relationship although he mentioned that he is afraid of relationships and commitments. Just few days after being together with me, he realized that he is not ready for relationship and thats not bcoz of his past which he is completely over as on date and dont want to get into it again. But he is afraid of future that may be tomorrow families may not be ready for us and also he doesnt feel ready for relationships from within. But he has confessed that he likes me. He feels he has adapted himself in a way where he wants to stay alone and is he is being with someone he may not be able to give his best.

    But i have started feeling very strongly for him and i want to be with him. Please suggest how can i use law of attraction to get him back into my life and to make him realise that love is a beautiful thing and he should not be afraid of commitments or anything. Please suggest

  41. Hi,

    I’m quite new at LoA, but I love your tips. I have them written right beside my bed, so I can read them every morning when I wake up.

    I met a very special guy few months ago. We had couple of excellent dates, texted eachother everyday… He than told me that although he enjoyed my company very much, wasn’t prepared for a relationship, but wanted to continue keeping in touch. Eventually things cooled off, which makes sense due to lack of real contact.
    The thing is – I really felt a connection (and I’m guessing he did too, so that might be a rason he freaked out a little bit:). We radiate the same positive energy, have tons in common, share same virtues. He is everything I’m looking for in a partner. And although I am capable of letting him go (I live a very full and happy life, so I can’t really be desperate:), I feel like we’re almost destined for eachother and therefore can’t really believe our story is finished. Strong connections like this don’t happen everyday and are not meant to fade overnight, right?

    Is there anything more I can do about it? How can I send him my energy of appreciation, so he can really feel it and make him reconsider his decision? Can I ask him out or should I wait for him to approach me again?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • HI Lora

      You are totally right. You guys are harmonizing perfectly. The best thing to do is just visualize yourself with this man. Really spend about 5 to 10 minutes everyday RIGHT before bed. Make sure it feels real. Then just go about your day as you always do, and act like you guys are together. Don’t force anything to happen though, just follow your intuition. If it tells you to do something, GO FOR IT. As long as you keep visualizing and trusting in your gut, and taking action according to your gut/intuition you will have everything work out PERFECTLY. I hope this helps. Have fun with this cause it can be used for bad or good :).


  42. Hie
    Sir I want to attract specific person in my life and my feelings for him are very pure..
    Sir please can you tell me How should I be making the list…?
    With regards

  43. Hello sir,

    I like the article above and want your help in my situation.
    Just 2 weeks ago I broke up with the person with whom I was in relationship from 8 years. I know he loves me but because of family pressure he got engaged to a girl of family’s choose.
    I still love him and want to spend my rest life with him.
    I still hope that he will come back to me.
    But again I’m afraid of loosing him.
    As you mentioned about positive affirmations I have been trying it since 1 week..
    Can you please guide me what should I do further to increase chances of him marrying me or coming back to me

    • Hi Rutu

      So just keep doing what your doing, but also visualize everyday being with this person. Also follow your intuition. It will guide as to what actions you should take everyday. And remember to let go and let God. Everything will work at perfectly.


  44. Hello, Thanks for this article. I have been practicing LOA for few years and so far it has worked in many ways! I have attracted a partner and we are very happy together however we had few misunderstandings and a fight and I started being fearful and scared he will leave me. Now he is distant and I am not in a good vibration. I don’t know what to do in this situation to go back to where we were and forget the bad things and focus on the good ones. I keep having these thoughts he will abandon me and I don’t to fee this way. Thanks!!!

    • HI Leila

      Glad to hear you are getting great results with LOA. The greatest thing you can do when you start feeling like that is the following. Close your eyes and see everything working out perfectly. See him smiling at you, and holding you close. See yourself together with him having a good time and laughing. Really get into this process. Anytime you start feeling negative or scared, just do that for a few minutes. You will then realize your fear fades, and comes back less and less. Hope this helps you out, it has for me greatly.


  45. Dear AJ,

    I have been following ur advise for menifesting my love towards someone in my life. I have also watched ur video on Youtube. I just want ur clarifications on several things:

    1. I visualize things between both of us in morning as well as night before sleeping for 15 mins. Is that sufficient time or should i devote more time to it? and during visualization is it ok if you tend to see the same situation with ur partner several times?

    2. I presume in my entire day that Universe is working for me and making things happen and that he is already with me and things will happen soon. But at times i feel a little void like lonely and just feel i can have a little sign from his side just to keep my spirits high but then i dont give up on my hope and i know it will happen. Is this the right way to persue?

    3. I have read at somewhere that most important thing to attract someone is to detach urself from outcome. I need to understand that how can u think of a person already being in ur life like ur soulmate and at same time not getting attached to him. This is something very contradictory and i need ur expert guidance on this

    4. Lastly, is there a way by which i can make him text to me on his own so that atleast i feel that i am in touch with him. Not being in contact makes u feel all the more low at times. Just for a start, how can i make him contact me on his own and more oftenly. Please suggest.

    Waiting eagerly for your revert AJ.

    Have a nice day!

    • Hi Shivi

      So here is the thing. What your doing is ALL correct. Its really personal preference. What I can say is if you FEEL that you should do something longer or shorter, then do it for sure. Don’t think your doing something wrong. Just enjoy the process. Don’t over think it. YOUR doing everything correct now, keep doing it :). And always just keep visualizing. Thats where everything starts. Be patient in the results, but they will follow. Hope this helps.


  46. Hi A.J.

    I came across a video of yours on youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxgek1X52oI, so I thought I would try to reach out to you for some advice with my situation. This may be a little long, please bare with me.

    I’ve dated this girl for about 5 years, back in 2014 we broke up, not because we were no longer attracted to each other, she knows she’s happy as well, but couldn’t stand the fact that she was jealous or insecure, although when she would get jealous and react, I would just make sure she’s secure, but eventually when she expressed that over and over again, I said then lets just stop it…Even tho we broke up, we kept seeing each other, surprised me for my birthday on the 15th of Oct. we had thanksgiving together, until she told me she’s traveling to Colombia, she wanted me there too but didn’t want me in the way although she feels bad about it, so I said, “go I can’t force you to do anything”…she spends about 3 weeks there

    2015 she comes back in a long distance relationship, but reaches out to me calling me that I’ve been a stranger. But was angry and felt that I should give her her space. But by April she was asking me to go to the movies, and by may we were pretty much hanging out all the time, until this other person came to visit in september, but it wasn’t a visit because by Januray 2016 they were married, for obvious reasons, papers…

    I picked up on LOA mid 2015, and examined myself, loved myself, did activities that I wanted to pick up on such as salsa dancing, landed a nice job to jump start my career, met new people. A relationship with her, a life with her, a family with her (her family really loves and appreciates me and they always showed me, they even took me out to dinner to congratulate me on the job I had landed). So I started to apply some practices, not consistently but I did check out restaurants to go on dinner dates, mapped out vacation places to go to, figured out how much the fiancee ring would cost, started preparing for it pretty much, but then 2016 January 25th, she got married.

    That was harsh, however, after a week that I let myself feel all these negative emotions, I had told myself maybe their’ll be someone else. I applied the practices consistently, at which point I was listening to music, and I imagined her sitting on the bed with me listening to the songs, and her head resting on my shoulders, and this I actually felt her head there on my shoulders, and was relieved. Cleaned out my room and made space in the closet for her, cleared out a drawer on the dresser, got her a tooth brush, and of course slept on one side.
    By Feb 14 she reached out, spent the week talking texting, eventually calling, by March we were pretty much together, she asked for separation, got physical too, however, the other person refused, and in her guilt she left. Ironically the other girls just faded, every one doing there own thing I guess. She said she would keep away from me. That was pretty much the second week of April, but by the end of April, she was back here emailing, saying that she just wish there was an easier way to be with me but, she feels that she had to see this thing out, despite wanting to be with me, again, I said, I understand let him have the papers. Pretty much all of May she was here, trying to find a way made plans and again she suggested a separation again, but remain married until this paper thing is processed, because as far as she knows, I’m the one she wanted to be with and that she wanted to give herself entirely to me. But he did not accept, throwing a fit, thus making her feel more guilty, that if getting married so quick was a mistake, isn’t separating this quick a mistake, things like that…pheww!

    Beginning June as I was showering, I imagined us showering together, but as I was doing so, I heard someone come in, so I thought it was my cousin, but when I got to my room someone was hiding inside my closet, It was her, with food that she made, she jumped out to surprise me. Two days later she was here, again but then she called to pretty much say that she feels horrible that she is this person, unable to speak up to say that she actually loves me to this other person and in the end going behind the back so she said if she doesn’t have the courage, she should again stay away from me. This time I said to reconsider but still she said she would assume her responsibilities.

    July she drops out of school, her mom calls me to complain, and so I explained to her mom that, I always want the best for her, however, I cannot force this, because at this point she had already told her family exactly how she feels about me, so they all try to jump in and help her out, but ultimately nothing. Her mom had called the week before but by the 9th of July, she calls, spends an hour on the phone it was a Monday night, then she finally tells me she’s outside., she had been the entire time, and then we spoke about school and I gave her some encouragement, a week later by (coincidence) we find ourselves at the same place, so she admitted to her sister, she is still constantly thinking of me and of us, so she told me too. So I said well, I do want a family with you, and we pretty much spent from this point planning out different ways to make the transition of being together. As we kept seeing each other, not going farther then just kissing, found couple different places to move to or she could go back to her mom as her mom showed her she was completely welcomed back. We shared emails, music, meals, pretty much everything, I grew up in Haiti, and had taken her there a couple times to visit my parents, and she was very vocal about going back there with me, and maybe spending more time to see if we could leave there, because she really loved our culture there. I had shared some other vacation spots with her, she was all for it and happy that I even took the time and initiative.

    1st week of September, her brothers birthday, her mother invited me to the birthday, she was there too, of course. It felt as if every one do want us together as well…but she rushed out of there, because she didn’t like some attitude her mom has, something she had voiced in the pass, In April what sent her back in the first place was because the mom got mad at her for dragging her feet with the divorce…N e ways, her mom tho nice, can get pretty harsh with her words when she isn’t happy. I’m not sure what happened after this, but she said her mom said some harsh things, and that she kinda hates that her mom and I are friends and that she likes me and that, she’s annoyed and doesn’t want to go back to her mom’s…doesnt want to go to live with her sister who had also offered to help out, and can’t just go from him to me…then she established some distance, Again. She then started emailing and still sharing songs, but sporadically. Then Monday she called but was in the train and there wasn’t some type of good signal, so we dropped that. Due to what some friend said about me putting the shining amor and doing my job, and take her out of this situation, as she would call it, I thought I should ask whats up.

    Friday, she says things like she is horrible, but whats done it’s done, and that she’s comfortable where she is at, and can’t continue being rude, ignoring me, and that we should just stop talking. Because now the paper thing is done, and now, she still hasn’t said the truth of how she feels, and that it’s not easy, and doesn’t care about her feelings, or that she prefers being with me, I’m a different person and that she should try to be patient and learn to be with him. I said how can I help, again, she said” you’re extremely nice and patient, but nothing is being done, I haven’t spoken up even when I want to, I find myself to weak to say anything, and I’m no longer a unique girl, I hate love, I don’t want to be with anyone, you could try and tell him if you want to, but we still won’t be together, I’ll just be alone” etc…she hates what she has become, and that I deserve better…

    AJ sorry about this long post with the stories but I had to say where I’m at…Immediately yesterday I begun with writing out new affirmations, and when it comes to visualizing, I’m more of an oral person as a musician, then someone of vision (don’t know if that’s good or bad) its easier for me to hear, then to see at times…but I feel exhausted, I feel that I’ve done, something wrong somewhere, because not only her, but surely something better would’ve came by now…
    There’s frustration on her end, but also on mine too, and although I know just to live with her happy in my mind, next to me doing things together, it’s as if I just can’t close my eyes and abandon myself to create. I know it works, I know it won’t even take long, 15 -30 days maybe, that’s is what’s been happening but it hasn’t sticked!!! And of course I won’t say anything to him because it ain’t for me to do, but sometimes I feel like I should….tho that would be forcing it, and I might not be able to be with her any way…
    Do I resume visualizing, and let go of everything else completely, and if so, how do I do this? Because, now I believe she loves me, I believe she wants to be with me, but I also believe that due to the challenge, she is choosing to remain, due to shame and guilt, because her desires as she said were wrong and that she doesn’t deserve me who’s totally incredible in her eyes. She’s even referred to herself as a sl** or left over like an extremely low vibration….and Yet no other girls has been around, so it must be because we got something really great, and the universe or God has been trying to give us something, every time I let go, she’s here, and every time I dive in to help out, thus leaving my vibration it messes up….IDK, what is the next step here?

    Sry about the long post, and thank you for creating this board!

    • H Don

      no worries at all on the post I appreciate you taking the time to write it. As I have looked it over the best thing that I recommend is a program that will actually solve your problem quit quickly. Take a look at it, and jump aboard. It works and has helped me greatly. It will answer all of your questions and concerns that you have. Remember everything is all in the mind. Thats where everything starts. This is going to help you change from the inside out. You will start to noticed a huge difference, especially in your relationships.



  47. Hey A.J.!
    Desperately need your advice/help!
    One guy I’ve recently started meditating on. I never had such a spiritual bond to anyone and he’s admitted and recognized the same things and has told me. He and I have a really intense connection and he’s told me he feels so passionate about me. I unfortunately met him once for a date in 2014 then he had to move across the country so I didn’t see him again. He said he was visiting in 2015 and approached me but I decided not to see him due to my insecurities. Then 4 months went by and I said happy birthday to him and he and I spoke for 2 months and then he stoppped messaging me. Finally in spring 2016 he said he was visiting my city and wanted to see me. So we met and had a passionate date but I never heard from him….

    I’ve been listening to Veronica Isles who specializes in manifesting a specific person and I started imagining us together however I’ve been in a depressive state this week but I still kept thinking of him. I even had a dream of him and I tried to visit his old dating site in which case I found out he is in Caifornia studying at college. Anyway, last night I planned on going to an opera with 7 friends and every ONE CANCELED ON ME and a random lady texted me asking me to walk her dog. I went over to her house and I happened to be outside with the dog and at the EXACT moment I happened to see a guy run into a home and I just KNEW it was him. Last I heard from him was 6 months ago and he was living on the East Coast but now I see him living here and I recognized the car that was outside and his mother inside it. I waited for his mother to leave and I went up the stairs to look through the peep hole and we made eye contact, me and the guy. Then he just shut it closed and I don’t know why…. I don’t know what I could’ve done wrong and I am 100% certain I didn’t do anything wrong. I still would like to see something manifest out of this and try a relationship with him because him and I both admitted we have never felt a more powerful chemistry before and he has told me when we first met he was looking for someone like me for years and that he has feelings for me and he even admitted it again 6 months ago….

    I can try to follow your steps but wondering if you could offer me any advice? I know I’ve been feeling not so confident abuot myself this week in particular and kinda be putting myself down lately about my weight….

    Please help me!
    Thank yoU!

    • HI Jacqueline, great post. So first thing is to start acting as if this person is in your life now. Operate from that feeling. Get your self all jacked up about it. Once your in that state, then see yourself with him. Don’t come from a place of desperation. Keep doing this simple technique and you will soon begin to feel better. Don’t let the outer world control your thoughts. You control your thoughts regardless of what you are seeing on the outside. Hold firm to your vision of what you want. The other thing I recommend is getting this program. It WORKS. I’ve had many people get it, and love the results. Go into it with faith knowing that everything you need is already present. I hope this helps, and I know that everything will work out perfectly for you IF you apply what I teach. God bless you.



  48. Hi Aj

    Can you please guide that while attracting soulmate can I have ex as option. I know it is not possible to attract ex unless you are on same frequency . So can I affirm ” I am in a happy everlasting and committed relationship with ex or someone perfect to me ”

    I feel universe will send right one then.

    Is my approach right ??

    Please guide .


  49. Thanks so much for writing back A.J.! 🙂 Funny thing is I was watching your YouTube video and didn’t know you were the same person. I LOVE your video on manifesting a person. I’ve watched many manfiesting specific person videos but yours is by far the best and totally gets me “jacked” up and excited!

    I’m going to try to take your advice the best that I can! Thank you so much! Don’t know if these are signs, but I hear his name EVERYWHERE NOW. And I also never dreamt of him but I do now… right before I saw him and after.

    I will definitely take your advice and update you will my results. Thanks A.J.!

  50. Hello! This is such a great post.

    I am in a weird situation at the moment, I’m always looking for the love of my life and so want to find my one and only, but at the moment there are 3 people on my mind, all of which I want to come into my life again to resolve what happened and look deeper into the amazing connections I had with them at different times. One was a huge would mate kind of feeling but he now lives in a different country with his girlfriend, I’ve been thinking about him ever since, wondering when I will ever see him again. I really want to talk to him and resolve those feelings I still seem to have and know he did too… Then there is someone else, who was a very good friend of mine who admitted to me he had feelings for me right before I left the country… Part of me really feels like he is so right for me and I want to know if he is. But there are so many obstacles in the way! And then, there’s my not recent boyfriend, who still says he loves me… This is what I am most confused about… HE loves me and tells me regularly he wants to marry me! Even though he still hasn’t made it to this side of the world, at least I know it’s his intention… But I feel bad because I have all these thoughts and feelings for the other 2 people! But Im finding it very hard to let go of him! Anyway, my question is, how do I focus my attention now? I know that what I am getting is a result of my mixed messages to the universe! I can’t see to let any of them go and love them all in different ways… I just want to be honest and focussed on the right relationship, but how do I know what it is?

    • Hi Corrina

      So great post by the way. And What I would recommend is to simple relax. Take a few breaths every time this comes up, and then begin to see yourself with someone that you want. Every time you begin to feel stressed or overwhelmed simply take that moment and take deep breaths. Then take a minute or so and see yourself being with the perfect person again. Doing this often enough will change your paradigm to be more relaxed and slow your thoughts down. Give it about 30 days of doing this and you will see results. If you want keep doing it for other areas of your life as it will help as well. Thought is everything, you control that, you control your state of vibration/feeling, which dictates how you will act and what is attracted to you. Wishing you the best. Check out my youtube channel for more info.


      AJ-God Bless

  51. Hi,
    I met this guy online and we got attached after the 4th meeting. A month went past and everything was beautiful until 1 day we had some argument. The argument was small matters but I think I have transferred him negative energy and made him gave up on our relationship. He refuses my calls and ignored my text. After 1 week of continuous text, my friends suggested I stop as I might irritate him. So I haven’t been texting for a week hoping he find his peace and he will come back. But it’s going into 2nd week now and I haven’t even heard anything from him. I don’t know where he live or where he work and I have no way to reach him.
    He introduces me to LOA when we first met and that make me land on this page. I am not sure if he is serious with me as he seems to be serious when we started off. We talk about future and stuff. The last text I got from him was that he think he is not ready to commit which the thought he was previously. I was like devastate and I don’t understand how could that happened overnight.
    My question is, can your LOA technique help me to get him back? I don’t want someone else better as I knew he was the person I am looking for and he had a dream I wanted to live in.

  52. Hello! Can you help please? There’s this guy in my life, I have known him for 3 years (although I’ve only meet him personally 3-4 times in that period) and for some reason (right or wrong, I have no idea) I believe he is the one. I only meet him once or twice a year as he lives quite far away and we’ve got no mutual friends. His grandmother (dead for a few years) and my grandmother were best friends and they (he, his brother, mother and aunt) try to come to visit my grandmother at least once a year. I liked him instantly: in addition to being good-looking he seems like a really good man: hard-working, respectful, with strong family values which is really important for me. He’s also polite and seems to have good sense of humour. I believe (although that may be just wishful thinking), that he likes me as well and even my mother and grandmother commented on that. But I feel very unsure about his feelings – it’s been three years and he hasn’t made any attempts to contact me and get to know me better. He hasn’t got my phone number and I haven’t got his, I tried to find him on social media sites, but he doesn’t seem to use any. I try not to lose hope and explain to myself that he seems quite shy, not like the kind of person to approach me directly and ask for my number. His mother and my grandmother keep in touch and call each other sometimes, but I guess it would be awkward to ask my grandmother for my number (if he actually wants it). I really don’t know, maybe it’s not worth it… As far as I know (I’m 90% sure), he hasn’t got a girlfriend. We last met this Sunday and he seemed different towards me – less reserved, more talkative and more interested (although it may be just my imagination….). After the meeting I was on some kind of emotional high for a few days, almost sure, that this time something will change… But three days have passed and nothing…. Yesterday I got really depressed and angry at him, that he doesn’t seem to see me as a girlfriend/wife material and doesn’t seem to take interest in me. A lot of my friends and people in my family think that I am quite attractive, I’m rather intelligent and I like to think that I have a good heart and can offer other person lots of love and warmth. But I don’t know…. maybe it’s just not meant to be. In this period of three years, I meet with some other guys, forgetting about him for some time, but neither of those relationships worked out for many different reasons. I really don’t know what to do….. Maybe, I should just let go, but it’s easier said than done…. I just feel so desperate and pathetic, because I can’t stop thinking about him. Any advices? Would be really grateful for some simple tips on how to deal with this situation, because it’s really killing me.

    • Hi Elizabeth

      I love your post, and that you took the time to write it. The best thing that I recommend hands down is watch my youtube videos to answer your questions. This will give you great clarity on what to do. Check it out, as it will help you out greatly. I have more coming as well :).



  53. Hi AJ,

    I want to specifically thank you for a few things:

    1. You reply to ALL comments you receive in spectacular detail. This is beyond valuable and must take a lot of effort and focus on your part – thank you for that.

    2. I watched your YouTube videos on How to Attract a Specific Person and they are very helpful.

    3. I always knew I would have to take actions, not just visualise. However, I used to use my reason to come up with a list of action I would need to do to get to my goal. What you showed me and induced an a-ha moment in me was realising that the actions we should take are the INSPIRED ones. The ones that get born out of our own intuition during the whole visualisation process.

    Thank you for all of the above.

    I have a person around me I feel intense inspired attraction to, and I will use your advice to manifest a relationship with him (or somebody better, if that’s what I actually want). What I struggle with is falling into a feeling of desperation and doubt every now and then. It’s like, part of me believes I can have anything I want and in the power of the mind. On the other hand, my brain screams “you’re insane, that is stupid, let it go”.

    Anyhow – let’s see how this journey unfolds.

    Thank you again ever so much for your work.

    Best regards,


    • Hi M Tee

      I love reading posts like this, because it makes my heart feel full of joy. I’m so glad to know that my information has helped you and continues too. I know that everything will continue to be great for you, as you obey the Laws Of the Universe.

      Never give up, keep going and always remind yourself EVERYDAY that you are a Spiritual Being with infinite potential living in a physical body. You are so unique that there is not even one person like you out of the billions of people in this world. Thanks for following me, and I look forward to keep changing the world one person at a time.


  54. Hello Sir…Your post is so good, thanks for sharing it.
    I wanted to ask you something….I love a guy so so much but the sad part is that he is not close to where I live and He dont know me … 🙁 Will this LOA help me to make miracles happen? I’m not forcing him or something…I truly Love this guy… ….My friends constantly tell me that I wont get him at all and brings me down….Help me please

    • Hi Stacy

      Yes the law of attraction will make miracles EASILY. I believe that so much in my heart. Watch my youtube channel on “how to attract a specific person” I will help you apply it better and bring some peace to your mind on the matter. Also your friends, don’t listen to them. Think what YOU want to think regardless of what they say or what you see. Then you will be in charge of your life, and see things happen that you can’t explain.



  55. Hi sir,
    Glad that u r giving us guidelines as how to attract a specific person. Thank u.
    Wanted to get clarity about my situation. Iam in the process of attracting by love back. We were in relation for 3 months .. those were the happiest moments in my life ever. We got together very well. We both loved so much. But u know in India, it’s pretty difficult in convincing parents about the relation. Here , am elder to him by 4 yrs. but he doesn’t have problem with that. He tried convincing his family but they went for some emotional blackmailing him. My heart says he is the one for me. Now the situation has become worse that , one day he told me he can’t leave his parents and it’s not going to work. I was devasted.. can’t stop thinking of him. As we work in same place, we used to see ..but he cutted all contacts with me. He doesn’t even look at my face..blocked from everywhere. I tried contacting him but the result was negative.

    After reading your article n watching the video, I regained my confidence that he would come back soon to me. I stared visualizing us together.. but the problem is suddenly my mind reminds me of the things he said during this period, his rejection comes to mind. I can’t help myself on that.. it’s been 3months he spoke to me and he cleared that he can’t try it anymore in home. …

    Would you suggest me some thing so that I can overcome this negative feeling. I really love him n want to spend my rest of my life with him. I would be grateful if u give me guidance on this. Will this law of attraction work in such cases as he behaves like he don’t love n care me. ??

    • Hi Dpk

      So what you need to remember is you can never force someone to like you. But what you can do is trust in the Universe to bring you what you want. Now this may show up as a different person in your life. You will attract back to you exactly what you put out. So put out feelings of there are billions of people out there who want to meet me.

      Don’t send out feelings of sadness or rejections, as that is what you will get. Now if you feel at some point through your intuition that you should do something follow that intuition. Learn to let go and let the universe/god. Feel right now that everything will work out perfectly for you. It may not exactly be the way you want, but it will be in such a way that you will be surprised at how it worked, and you will be overly joyed.

      It may be hard to understand that, but thats the way it works. Do I still believe you can get this person back? YES, but at the same time you may end up having someone come into your life thats a MILLION times better then him. Just pay attention to what the Universe brings you and act on your inspired feelings. Don’t be down, be happy and focus on all the good qualities you have that you can give the world, and it will come back 100 fold.

      I would recommend getting this program to help you master your thoughts and feelings. Doing so will change your results for the better, and help you have a better understanding of how to apply the LOA perfectly for relationships and anything else that you desire.


      I have also left a review in detail of the program that you can read 🙂


  56. Hi Aj,

    LOA is the last option left to me. its been 5 months am suffering from separation. i met a person 1 year back he was like mad for me attached so much most of the time we were spending together. slowly even i fell in love with him finally without my knowledge i attached to him so much.

    And in between i hurt him so much,I dint even had a thought that he may leave me because he was really crazy about me

    But things got changed all of a sudden once i realized he is the one for me and running behind him.

    He blocked me from everywhere and just started saying am not the one for him and all.

    I know my thoughts were the reasons for his behavior. i can see him every where and cant come out of his memories any more.

    Dating with others made me miss him so much again.

    trust me my days are really difficult without him. my heart says he is the one for me always.

    Please help me what exactly I am suppose to do. Am practicing meditation and i believe universe a lot since am able to experience everything other than the love of man that am expecting.

    Just call from him keeps my hope and vibration high. what exactly i need to o to hear him.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for big note.

  57. Hi, AJ. It’s me again. Feeling doubtful again, because I realized that “the guy’s” brother has my e-mail address, because he sent me some photos a while back. So maybe I’m just lying to myself, thinking everything will turn out alright…. I mean, it’s one thing to ask my grandmother for my number, it’s another to ask his own brother for my e-mail. They’ve got a good relationship, so I believe if he was interested, he wouldn’t have any problems expressing that to his brother. Maybe I’m just kidding myself….. I try to stay optimistic, think postively and apply LOA as best as I can, but I’ve been having more and more doubts recently…. How can I recognize if it’s working even the slightest bit, if I see the guy once a year and he lives almost 80 miles away… I know that I need to be patient and things won’t happen overnight, but I’m just feeling so doubtful that it’ll work and it’s worth it.

    • Hi Elzabeth

      So the best thing that you can do is to ignore the outer reality right now. Remember your thoughts shape your reality. So if you let that dictate what your thinking then you will get more of the same.

      Just hold on to the image of you and him being together. When in doubt take a minute close your eyes and see yourself with him doing something fun. You will instantly begin to feel better, and at the same time start the movement of things in your direction again to manifest your want. Be patient and remember to follow your intuition. Don’t over think it. If you feel you should take some sort of action out of the blue, don’t 2nd guess it DO IT :).


  58. I’ve always wondered where the line is drawn between believing affirmations and being in denial.

    In the 80s, I was a teen who lived with a family very into “positive thinking”. But then if they or their kids were sick, for example, they’d say they really weren’t. I thought it was ridiculous and unhealthy.

    I’m 51 now and hopefully wiser 🙂
    I do understand the importance of visualizing, affirming etc.
    But how does one determine when something is not a visualization, but instead a delusion?

    I love a close friend more than anyone I’ve ever loved in my life. He says he loves me. However (without going into details) he is definitely unavailable. If I try to manifest a romantic relationship with him, I feel it may be delusional or disingenuous, even.
    Yet if I only affirm that we develop a heart-centered, close relationship, maybe it will always stay in the friend zone, and I prefer being more than friends.
    How do I know whether to manifest a relationship that is exactly what I want, or one that is for our highest good?

  59. Hi AJ 🙂

    As you know I’ve been using LOA to attract this certain guy (Luke) into my life but… I met some other guy about three weeks ago. We’ve got mutual friends and we met at the social event. I thought he was OK, but I didn’t really think much about him as my mind was preoccupied with someone else. Then we met again at the concert. This time we talked a bit more and I thought he was quite a fun kind of guy. But during this concert I’ve been thinking how I wished Luke was there with me, etc. When I got home, I had a dream about Luke and then another one next night. I thought it was a positive sign (I even wrote to you about this here), that LOA was working and things with Luke were on the right track. But since then something strange is happening… whenever I try to use LOA to attract Luke into my life, my mind kind of automatically directs my thoughts to this other guy. In fact I’ve been thinking about this other guy quite a lot recently, whereas before those thoughts were occupied with Luke. How would you explain it? As far as looks and age are concerned I believe that Luke is a much better match for me than this other guy, but… I do know that looks and age are not everything… I remember you saying that LOA doesn’t always bring us exactly the person we had in mind, but it may be someone possessing the qualities we desire or someone even better….
    What do you think about all of this?
    Kind regards 😉

    • Hi Elizabeth

      Amazing post, I would honestly follow your feelings/intuition. Remember don’t ever overthink things, just go with the flow of your heart, and let it guide you. Its so magical how it works. The fact he has come into your life in my opinion is a sign that its meant to be. Nothing happens by accident. He is obviously on the same frequency as you which is great. Just see where it takes you and keep trusting in the Universe. Your doing great :).


    • Hi SE

      I’m glad that your feeling better, that is the key to all success. Being in the right feeling place in every task that you do. Glad to be of help to you.


  60. Hi AJ 🙂 I have one question (again ;)). Last week I was talking on the phone with my friend, who I haven’t seen for quite some time and she asked me about my love life. I don’t really know why to be honest, but I told her that I’ve found someone (having Luke in mind), but it’s a relatively new relationship and I don’t want to talk too much about it yet. I’m also looking for a dress that would be nice for a New Year’s Eve party, just in case he invites me…. Is it still within the frame of LOA? Or is it taking it too far already and simply laughable wishful thinking and being outright delusional…..? I haven’t had any contact with him or any sign from him since we met almost two months ago….. I only know that his mom sometimes asks about me when she speaks on the phone with my grandma. Nothing more. What should I do? I’m getting kind of lost…..

    • Hi Elizabeth

      Great question, as always remember to simply follow your inner feelings, they are SO powerful, and will guide you as to what to do. Its your intuition, Donald Trump has used it countless times and he always wins because he is following it. Don’t get to overwhelmed with it. Be like a free spirit and staying positive with gratitude in your heart.

      The way will be shown to you by the universe. Just know that whatever it is that you want, is already yours. You don’t have to get anything. Spiritual and physical are the same thing just on different vibrations/frequencies. Its only a matter of time before the image on the screen of your mind is manifest in your physical world. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and thanks for keeping in touch, I’m rooting for you in ALL areas of your life, you will do great 🙂


  61. hello, I also have a question. Maybe two weeks ago I was watching a movie about figure skating and I thought, oh nice, I would like that some skater could notice me someday. And 3 days ago I was watching the live show on ice and guess what, european figure skating champion noticed me ! He even invited me on the stage and kissed ! What was wooooowwww, like 3000 people were watching and bam… I was the only one lucky. But I can’t find the way how to contact him and he looks like a really nice person. Should I keep my expectations high ? I feel, like destiny sent him for me. Please help 🙂

    • Hi Maria

      So this is what I can tell you, and btw that is AMAZING. Follow your heart. It will tell you ALL that you need to do. Be a free spirit, follow your positive vibrations, and it will guide you and attract to you everything you need. Remember just keep visualizing what you want and be in the feeling place of it as already yours. Then from there on out act as if this person is in your life. Stay in that state no matter how hard it gets, and you WILL get what you want AT THE RIGHT TIME. Merry Christmas to you and I hope you achieve all your dreams, Im rooting for you.


  62. I want to get in touch with someone I knew khmmm 20 years ago.

    I actually had a very vivid dream about that person, when I woke up it took me some time to realize that I am actually in my bed not in a dream that was so realistic it was scary.
    Anyway, it is a guy that I had huge crash on. I’ve actually never felt such feelings towards anyone before or after. However, we never had anything with one another, even though he DID ask me out. I freaked out so we never did. We hardly knew each other otherwise, although I KNEW he liked me because of the way he was looking at me and some people have told me. I will never forgive myself for being such a chicken, but I was never “brave” when it came to men I liked plus I went through some personal tough time back then. I put it behind me after a while, forgot about it, but now it came back to haunt me.
    I tried to search for him, and found some very limited info about him. I know he’s married and has kids. I am also in a long term defacto marriage. I don’t have any mean intentions but I really want to attract him to contact me (I do believe he forgot about me). Do you think it is possible since it’s been so long ago plus we now live on different continents.

  63. Hi,
    Let me apologize in advance if I jump around while trying to explain this.
    A year ago this past December, my boyfriend and I broke up. Neither one of us were expecting this. To be honest it was a shock to both of us. I will call him jac, not his real name.
    We had been living together for almost a year and a half, dating for about 2 years.
    I cannot explain the overwhelming and gut feeling that I had toward him the day we met. I knew in my heart and my gut that we were going to be together. There was absolutely no doubt about it in my mind. He knew also but fought it.
    Jac has been through so much emotional, physical and sexual trauma pretty much his entire life. Between his parents and step parents abusing him physically and mentally, then at 12 his step brother started sexualy abusing him. So trust for him does not come easy and is something that you have to show him consistently over and over. Including trying to set you up when he asks questions about what you did. A few days later the same question in a different way to see if you would lie or be truthful. I understand that most people reading this are probably thinking wth, but I understood why he did that. Believe me it took time and patience to get him to realize that I had never lied to him and that I wouldn’t. I explained to him that I’m not like that and that I was nothing like anyone that has ever been in his life. His ex wife lied and cheated on him.
    If the only thing you have ever seen or known or been told your whole life was always negative from everyone including the ones that you’re suppose to trust and believe, I completely understand him being gaurded and afraid.
    He also has a history of drug abuse.
    Like I said, the day I met him something deep in my soul pulled hard on my gut and I knew we would be together. To be honest, I think I fell in love with him that day.
    A few weeks into seeing each other we had an argument about nothing. Two weeks went by and I wrote him a letter telling him that he really means a lot to me and that I know he was pushing me away because he was scared. I left it on his windshield. I prayed and asked God to please not let him give up so easily and to show him that I wasn’t anything like anyone that has ever been in his life.
    A few days later he called me and apologized. We talked and he actually told me that I scared him because the first day he said he felt safe being around me and that it was weird that he felt instantly comfortable and that he could actually be ‘him’. That he has never really been able to be 100% just him, the real him, every one else had always judged him, tried to change him or threw his past and things he would tell them in confidence they would throw it in his face. I wasn’t like that and still not. Personally, I feel that someone’s past is their past and if you can’t accept the person standing in front of for who they really are, then you shouldn’t be with that person.
    It took a lot of patience and time and love and God to get him to finally see that I was honest, and that I truly truly love him. I prayed every day, multiple times a day for God to open his eyes and to start tearing down his wall.
    Fast forward almost two years.
    Jacs dad needed a place to live, he and his wife were getting divorced and his wife said he couldn’t stay there. His dad is an alcoholic but had been sober for a few years.
    I did not want his dad moving in and neither did he, but it’s his dad.
    Up until jacs dad moved in everything between jac and I were going good. All my prayers were finally starting to get through to him. We always talked, played around with each other, laughed a lot, when we talked they were deep deep conversations about him and how he was afraid of being hurt again, but that he was realizing that I really was different than anyone else that had ever been in his life.
    He would get his daughter and bring her to spend the night before his dad moved in which was one thing he said he would never let his daughter be around anyone ever again unless it was something serious and was going to last.
    Everything changed as soon as his dad came. I didn’t realize just how deeply affected he was just being in the same room as his dad.
    Things went from great to hell in ,2 seconds. It took a bad turn and he started using again. He ended up saying he was confused about us but he didn’t want to lose me, then he would say we’re going to get through this together and that he didn’t want anyone else.
    He exploded one morning and started screaming at me and to this day I still have no idea why. When he came home from work he told his dad he had to leave. I took his dad to his brothers house. I came home and found him just balling his eyes out and torn apart because that’s his dad and he kicked him out but everytime he looked at him or was around him he said all those moments from being a kid came back and he hated him.
    That night he knelt down beside the bed and finally God had gotten jac to finally open his eyes and his heart completely. JAC told me that he knows he hasn’t been fair to me by treating me like I was all those other people that have hurt him. And that he not only was in love with me but he finally realized that I am different and that I would never intentionally hurt him or lie to him. That I treated him better than anyone ever had and that he was sorry for not giving us a fair chance and that was going to change. I prayed that night and thanked God for giving me what I wanted more than anything which was making him see that I truly and deeply love him, all of him, the bad and the good.
    Fast forward three days later and him trying to get sober again.
    It’s 7:10 in the morning and he’s still asleep. Woke him up for work and he was highly upset. Tore the closest apart.
    That night after he got home, my sister called the police and he was arrested.
    I begged them not to take him. But we were staying at her place because she had moved out of state and wanted someone to watch her place. He thinks that I called them.
    Now he will not talk to me. I have written him two letters. He will not respond.
    Please explain to me how to go about manifesting him back in my life when he won’t respond?
    I have been seeing and hearing his name literally every where multiple times a day. I know you can’t make someone love you, but I also know that he was in love with me more than he wanted to admit. Just by the little things he would do for me. He would take care of me if I was sick. He did little things that showed how he felt. Anyone can say they love you, those are just words. Anyway his daughters mom came to get his stuff and had told me that she begged him not to be with me but there was something about me. She was pretty rude towards me Infront of my friend including saying well you’re not even his type….
    Please explain to me step by step how to manifest him back into my life. With her saying all of those things to me made me realize that he feels the same way towards me.

  64. Let me tell you about myself
    I am strong if problems comes to me but i am emotional too specially if it comes to others.I have many friends but hardly 1-2 with whom I was close once.their need over they moved on.i got misunderstood alot by them.

    I had two best friends. both was my school friends. both of them are good friends of each other.
    I have to keep my self away for many reasons from girl best friend, everything was getting messy so for time break i took a break. as per her mom dad she is very egoistic, angry, never accept her mistakes kind of person. but it got a meaning like i am not valuing relationships & breaking it.

    My male best friend was liking someone,that time he was literally using me when he need..messaging me when he need otherwise his message pack always over when he have to reply me. He broke one promise also very easily. sometime discuss our issue with other people who knows me but not close with me like he is with them.
    after that girl left her,he started to talk with me to be there when I need & started to behave & treating me more than best friend,staring&observing my moments,clicking pictures,taking my care, dropping me home. but then again as usual. i gave chance many time. & he says to me you are very understanding. tysm for giving chance & all.

    During the time back to back when I am just 20 I lost my dad & grand mother.In career due to health issues in family I was not able to focus.i failed there too.hardly anyone with whom i am close.He is the only one with whom I get peace.I was also liking him.I asked him many time directly or indirectly who am I for you..but every time he was giving round answers.his behaviors was changing so much that I can’t understand who am I for him.we have so strong feeling for each other that we get hurt easily by each other.but he never try at least when he had done wrong.I always go to him whether mine or his mistake.he always say you are my jaan, so much understanding, thanks to give me chances, I am so egoistic & all.
    misunderstanding fights never happened between us.
    He celebrated my b’day but whenever I want to do same for him something or something happens.I failed to express his important on his b’day.
    Many time his mistake he knows also but he not bothered to try I feel I don’t have value,that love care in his eyes for me is fake & I decided not to go this time and to wait for him to realize & come to see whether I have some value to him or not.in his life his parents told him to see girls to get married.he met 1 girl but he not bothered to tell me at least cz of I am best friend.that time he had feelings for me.he not even wished for my exams as he knows what happened in my life & I was loosing my confidence still was giving exams.

    Due to 1 mutual friend we met,he was behaving like he have done so much efforts but I am fighting which was not fact.he came close & said I will leave your life if u don’t want me. He was never feeling like something missing when we don’t talk & I always feel.Everything just got shorted & in some days again he have to go to meet some girl.on same day I went in love marriage of who are best friend’s too.

    Next day we met, he was very happy after meeting that girl.his family liked.he shown me her photo.she have lost her mom b4 some months,he had sympathy for her.she is very beautiful but yet their relation not got fixed.
    after seeing his expressions I understood its time for me to reduce my habits to talk & all with him & for that girl I was leaving my love,my comfort,my one & only friend.i know i will get hurt alot & it will be too difficult for me but i have to do that & he have not given me commitment that I can question him.
    I was behaving I am Ok & as per him he was waiting for me to say I love him.but his that expression & talk about that girl have forced me to hide my tears behind my smile. I started to Chat less with him.he started questioning y behavior changed n all.at last in audio I told him everything & asked him to give me time rather then questioning if he want to move then y he behaved with me like he will be for life time for 4 years.
    but rather then understanding or giving me time,he got angry at me in message,told me I change my mind now nothing possible,you should come before,its too late,I was scared like you will also leave like that girl I will loose your friendship that’s why I never told you my feelings n all. i have thought future with you, & he repeated one sentence again & again is if you have came before we could be in relation.

    i understood he still have feeling for me, & he is releasing his confusion, frustration of family force for marriage on me by this way. but is treatment to me was right? my self respect was telling me no.

    still i gave him advise, i compromised my feelings, i was putting my self once again in pain for him but have not understood me or understood my compromise for him.
    rather he misunderstood me like i am getting jealous of her.

    He started to treat me very badly as he not needed me anymore not even as friend. he ignored, no efforts to solve, went goa for enjoyment, chating with that girl & showing me he have done lots of efforts.

    first I got used when need of me then later on treated me as more then friend,but I was always looking for friend in him first but I never got.& now all of sudden he wanted me to treat as friend.it have broke me.He was asking again same questions even he only told he don’t have feeling & ignored to reply my massages,audio.other side he was chating with that girl.
    after 2 weeks he changed the topic & try to give me sympathy from what happened in his past, it happens. like feelings can change.(but fact was that girl of his past met as gfbf left as gfbf,he don’t have to be present when some other boy came in her life) & asking me you will choose your life partner 1st to who is your friend or the new person. He was expecting my ans. as 1st we choose friends while still he chose new person, giving me excuses like- I am not of his caste,my parents don’t know him,we fight a lot so our relation won’t going to work & all. I was getting angry,being used,fool & thinking I have done friendship with this kind of human who just thinking about self.I got answer from my soul that even if he have done all this with some other girl I will tell him no to be my life partner.from his side our friendship was existing in message only. I told him many time to meet, call but he have excuses.he not even called when I told him I cleared my exams,actually it was not my exams it was I got my confidence on myself back.he not thought even I have lost dad & his behavior how it will hurt me, i know his every sympathy was going to that girl who had lost her mom, so i can’t say anything. that girl’s nature is very much similar to me. that’s why he got attracted to her. she is pretty & his family liked her.

    he told me before many time to make him eat food cooked by me. so finally hen i have made cake, i kept for him & told to meet. he told that was excuse to meet you when i had feeling for you.
    he not valued my effort for him.

    he was about to buy scootie & told me that time , he bought during time when this was all going on. he sent me picture of his new scootie, i told congrats. he got sad with that but he not understood his casual behavior like nothing happen, treatment not allowing me to behave like earlier.

    The mutual friend who had came earlier to solve asked me what happened again. I told her till that time what happened. but she & he are very good friends.she told both of us to meet he came but he don’t know even what he have written in msg then how he will know what i told.
    he told me that i have not told that girl yes yet for marriage as i am waiting for our friendship to get normal.
    but how can i believe his words as he not done little effort for that.
    but still i have let go his lie & all.
    forgive him & told him to do efforts even he don’t even sorry.
    But he did not much.
    in-spite of let me get adjust & giving time he started to flirt giving comment on my dp,asking me for which beard shape on his face will look good to impress that girl.
    For him everything was ok & he was not loosing anything.
    he got girl of his caste & so good looking.so he was flying in air. As usual he not bothered to ask me what’s going on in my life but told me he will be there when I need. but how he will know I need him if he don’t talk only.
    he got busy all of sudden but he had time for all those he want to meet.
    he started lying that hurted me most.& told me once I need to change my nature alot I am not understanding him and I can’t.
    I am fighting.I lost my place from his heart. cz of me he lose so many things & all.

    On his birthday even after this all I still called,text wishes
    He replied “thanks.you are still my good friend”.
    but this was who should say to whom?
    already I was going through pain,this hurted me more.without doing anything what I was getting?he not even noticed what compromised for him & that girl.I was upset that I can do now to celebrate his birthday but now I don’t have right & he don’t even will notice my efforts.he used to tell me to cook for him. When I did same he told me that he can’t meet now,earlier he told that was excuse to meet me as he was liking me.
    It hurted me he not realized or not bothered to do effort to realize his mistakes as he not needed me.he got her & has lots of friends now.
    I just kept thinking why he not felt all this for me before he met that girl,why after getting that girl.
    I told him tell everything to that girl.he said y should I tell her & all. i was loving him but i have to act like i am only liking him cz the way he was treating me.

    on that girl’s b’day he wrote she is his jaan, when i saw you for first time i know you can be my life partner & all.

    then why he told me he was calling me Jaan & have thought future with me?

    Is it fair to not to give commitment for any reason but still to behave like you will be their you have very deep feeling & one day move on with other like nothing happened?

    that girl knows only about his past, she still don’t know she is 3rd girl of his life.
    as he was not committed with me but in his mind he have thought lots of things. i always wonder if by any chance she come to know then how she will react? she will get hurt, & i wish that day never come.

    My that mutual friend knows half & told me I am with you but later on without knowing full or letting me know she changed her mind for some of excuses.
    I become alone.
    as every friend was happy for him even they also know he was liking me but he was not committed that anybody can ask him about why he is with other girl.everyone told them god mad your pair & all.
    I stopped getting close to anyone.going out with friends.I got cheated in friendship & love.
    Year has passed.

    he is totally Ok without me.he not bothered to look what’s happening in my life.
    he knows I had him only as my close friend,how much habit I had of him & so easily he misunderstood me in just few days rather he knows me from years.
    No ear to hear me.
    No one to whom I can rely & cry.
    Still I am struggling to forget everything.
    I feel to shout tell everyone about his real face but it will hurt that girl,his & her family. thats why i am quite. but i wont justice where he used me, i want he understand how much he have misunderstood me when he don’t needed me anymore.

    One side so long gape that I am not much comfort even to see him but still I want that everything should get all right between us.if its misunderstanding it should get clear & if he have used me intentionally he should get lesson. I have still always thought happiness should always stay in his life.
    Many time one picture comes in my thought I don’t know how it will happen but in which he is crying for his mistakes,he says everything he has done,asking me to forgive him & be his friend & he is hugging me.
    i wish also that everything get normal with that other two friends.
    i don’t want close friendship anymore with them but atleast everything get clear.

    Is law of attraction can make it happen?
    Is it ok to behave totally with someone like you love them without commitment,dating & later on saying its OK I have not committed to you?
    Is it OK to be selfish & use people still maintaining good image in others eye?
    Is law of Karma exist?

    i am strongly believe in LOA.
    but is it possible to repair this with person who don’t kn ow about LOA or who have not wished same like me?

    i have alresdy started feeling like it have happened. & noted down this things have happened in 2017….etc. i am feeling much happy about it. i am getting peace which i was looking for.
    Please guide.
    thanks you so much for reading so long article.

    Thank You

  65. Tysm AJ for spending time to read whole long post…I will surely watch the video link post by you.
    Kindly provide ans of questions I mentioned in post,if any.
    And most importantly its an great thing you finding time & replying each & everyone.that is also free..highly appreciated

    Tysm sir

    • Hi AJ.

      I watched the video link sent by you & read articles too. its awesome. Tysm Sir.
      Today i had dream that everything got sorted with 3 of them. we are again good friends but ya now not best friends from my side. i don’t have feeling for that guy who was best friend, i moved on as i know after all this i deserve better person, & somewhere some one i am liking now too. but i got peace as everything got sorted with him.

      In dream, He have called me to meet. i went. don’t know how but he have realized he have used me in selfishness, misunderstood me, he was in guilt, we cleared out everything, then he hugged me & cried, it was tough for me to normally behave with him later on then to forgive him. but everything went so well. we are still so good friends, laughing & all.
      after some days he finally make us ( me & one with whom he is in relation now) to meet each other. as i said that girl & i have many similarities in life & in nature, we met happily loved to talk with each other. In next 2-3 days she added photo with me on her instagram a/c tagging me saying to my guy best friend that “ur best friend now is my best friend now” i was so happy.
      what was impossible become possible. afterall all is matter of time.

      above was dream. nothing happened in reality.
      its a thought or a dream?
      is it will happen actually?
      As that guy don’t know even he have misunderstood me nor need of me & not even looked back, it seems impossible from his side.
      or this only i am wishing that’s why came as dream?
      Don’t know why i am wishing & feeling from long that still something have left & might be it will get fullfilled by the dream i had.
      If its possible with LOA then how much time it will take?

      TYSM once again 🙂

  66. Hello, I just finished watching “The Secret” on Netflix which speaks of the LOA. So informative and inspirational… I came across your article because I was wondering how this method worked towards getting someone interested in you more..I am not sure if someone already has mentioned this in the comments above, but I am currently in a what you may call a “friends with benefits” relationship with this guy I am certainly attracted to physically. We talk but never anything deeper than what we do for a living or etc. We have known each other for 4 years and we just recently got back in touch and continued our arrangement. He has never told me he doesn’t want a relationship since we have never really spoken about it. Pretty much, he and I just assume that this is all we want since it is simple and it works. However, I have developed some feelings for him and would like to explore the possibility of him wanting more without pushing him away. Would applying the LOA work in this situation or is it too late? He’s kind and optimistic it seems like so Idk how to go about this LOA and getting him to want a more meaningful connection with me?

    • Hi Em

      Great question, I’m going to have you check out my youtube channel, as it will explain it to you in GREAT Detail what to do. Very helpful and straight the point. Hope you like it :), and thanks for stopping by. Don’t be afraid to reach out and keep me posted on everything, I love seeing the LOA in action with people.



  67. Hi AJ,

    My name is Anjy n am from India. I read your post and found it so useful. I have been practising it for few days. I attract small things, chocolates and phone calls of other person so quickly. But i don’t attract the message ya phone call of the person I love. We both loved eachother. We were ready to proceed with the relation. Said to our parents. They to agreed. But checking horoscope as per our custom didn’t show great compatibility,due to which his father disagreed this relation. He said he loved me still but can’t disobey his father. What can I do in such a situation, when I do love him a lot. How can I practice loa and convince his father and attract him back. Kindly help me AJ.

    • Hi Anjy

      Great question, so the best thing that I can say is following your gut/ intuition. My advice and then what your gut tells you can be 2 different things. If you feel inspired to do some sort of action, and it makes no sense, it just pops up in your head, but you FEEL that its right, then follow that. I do this all the time and it helps so much in ALL situations. The intuition is such a powerful mental faculty.

      Remember never FORCE things to happen, what I mean is don’t act out of desperation, always be calm and serine in situations like this, as the LOA will continue to work in your favor :). Check out this program that will really help you and get you to the next level. I did a review on it because I know it works, and has worked for thousands of other people.


      I know this situation of yours WILL change for the best, and that you will get what you want. Don’t think you won’t, because you deserve it ALL.


  68. It’s confusing you said don’t think about the person you want think about the quality you want and you said it’s possible to attract a specific person I don’t got you I don’t want better I want this person why should you said it’s possible or it’s impossible that mean law of attraction can’t help you in this case but can bring you better but what if I don’t want better I don’t understand people just selling words there’s only yes or no ,I’m mad because if it’s not why you keep giving people hope

    • Hi Sima

      It is possible, anything is possible that is within reason. If someone is happily married or in a phenomenal relationship your not going to just magically change there mind, and have them come trotting into your life. Thats not how it works. They also need to be on the same thought frequency as you. Like attracts like. If they are not on the same frequency then nothing will happen….for now. But if they get on the same frequency then yes things can happen. All I’m saying is you will ALWAYS attract back to you what you are thinking and FEELING. Just because one person does not come into your life that YOU WANT, you will still be attracting other people on that same frequency, meaning that the loa is bring you what you wanted. That is the law.

      If you really want someone in your life specifically thats great, just know that you are also at the SAME TIME, going to attract other people as well who are on that frequency. Who knows, maybe you will end up having a way better relationship with them. I can’t say. Just know that all things are possible :).


  69. Hi A.J! 🙂 I have a Q too.. I had the guy of my dreams and everything was perfect. I’d go to bed grateful about him. He is busy because of working late shifts but that didnt bother me when I hadnt heard from him because I was just grateful I got to be part of his life. Even every disagreement he would solve with me with respect and kindness and I just wanted him even more after all those growing experiences. So I fell in love and didnt matter to me that he hadnt said it, I just thought he is his own person and I dont need him to say it and be romantic as I loved him. I’d get a tiny bit jealous sure but I had faith in his feelings for me and would get over it quick. He said he wanted to build the house (relartionship foundation) with me as we both had the same goal of being together but I was laying bricks with feelings and he was laying bricks first and bring feelings in later. He said no method is wrong its just how we are but end goal is the same. He said he didnt build with any other girl because he didnt see a future with them. I just loved this effort he put in to making us work and ofcourse I knew by then I want to marry this man. He’s a trainee surgeon and may have to move away for work which is fine with me as we even started off long distance but the distance or his schedule never deterred me or even comes up as a “con”. I am ready to move wherever with him and I think it’d be fun. He doesn’t have alot of spare time but Im fairly easy to please and just love whatever attention he gave and was always grateful for the smallest gestures like random photos he would send after he hasnt been able to message for hours. So besides love, we also fit eachother’s lifestyles and I think we were compatible too. I hadnt loved anyone as much as him. Then in Dec he suddenly broke up with me, saying he felt he wasnt being genuine in the relationship. He said my love was intense but he doesnt have strong enough feelings for me to be with me. That he doesnt see a future with me. It was so shocking because Id been going to sleep smiling at the thought of him and excited about our future together. If he saw a future with me during the relationship for about 11months how can he suddenly not see a future and say he’s not that into me. That’s what scares me that we wont get back together if he feels he’s not even into me. And I had no sign to think he wasnt all this time so I let myself go in wanting him and dreaming of our future. I did such a good job attracting exactly who I wanted that he even a native speaker of the the language I’ve been learning. We have small coincidences too like our address sound the same, our street numbers are the same, suburb name etc. My surname is his middle name, we had the same music teacher 12yrs ago etc.. so I attracted exactly what I wanted.
    So I need help understanding why he left.. I dont think its that I was feeling grateful for something he was not, because it was exactly him I was grateful for and felt no lack. I must’ve been what he wanted for us to find each other. So is it that what he wants has changed? He said he lives in the moment and not worried about where he will be in 5yrs or kids or age. I admit I was happy that I thought I’d soon be engaged then get married and go with him wherever he needs to be for work and support him and I was already starting my further education online so with him I can study form anywhere. So if I attracted him before exactly to the tee, can I attract him again if I let go if the wish to be married to him? I know I was grateful but did I become needy without realising? I will try to avoid messaging him as he has said he will be more attracted to me if I let go of this and Im trying not to think that he’s just saying that to encourage me move on, since he is exactly what I wanted inside and out and small things and big things. So if the universe brought forward someone so perfect it must mean that I can attract him if I let go of the need for him that I feel right now? I’m not sure why he went from seeing a future with me and being crazy about me to not feeling it, even though he knows I can handle his life and nothing wrong with me but the feeling is not there for him right now. Please advise on what I may have done to vibrate him out in the first place!

    • Hi Sonia

      Great post, I enjoyed the read. To answer your questions, It could be a number of things, maybe a deep rooted fear in your subconscious mind of him leaving you, or a feeling of desperation that you may not even know. The best thing to do at this point like you said, is to simply relax, let go and keep visualizing him in your life. As you do this, like you have witnessed you will continue to also attract like minded people who are on the same frequency as you. I can not say exactly what will happen with the both of you, but what I do know is miracles happen everyday in this world, and it all starts with believing in the unseen, and thats how the masses achieve what most seem to think is impossible.

      Don’t let it get to you, just keep controlling your thoughts, don’t let that doubt creep in. Think as you want to think, and your world WILL reflect that, because that is the Law. All circumstances in life are caused by the thoughts that we turn over to our subconscious mind with emotion, through constant repetition. Check out my youtube video below to help you get a better grasp on all of this. I have a few videos that will for sure help you. I also recommend you take a look at a program that has virtually changed the lives of thousands of people in ALL areas. Relationships are huge, and this can help you a great deal. And believe me, if I’m even half right, the only problem you’ll have is that I didint get a hold of you 6 months ago and get you started then on the program.

      Wishing you great success and prosperity in all areas of your life



      AJ-I believe in you 🙂

  70. Hi AJ,

    Thank you for the post. I’ve recently found a girl (I’m also a girl!) who I really like via a dating app. We met up once and had been talking for about a month and things were going really well- but last night she told me she really liked spending time with me and liked me etc but something changed and now she wasn’t sure we were what she wanted? (Nothing to do with the fact we are both girls as a I feel that could be viewed as her reasoning- but it’s definitely not that!)

    She is also a lover of the LOA and I would love to know if you think the LOA could be used in this instance to attract her and help her understand her feelings? We aren’t able to see each other often, so most of our messages are currently via text.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Emily

      The law of attraction can be used for ANYTHING that is within reason. Especially for this. Now always remember to follow your intuition, what does your gut tell you to do? Not your head, but your gut. If you follow that it will guide as to what steps to take next, and at the same time you will attract EVERYTHING you want at the same time. Its a beautiful concept and works amazing. If you can look up some books on how to develop your intuition/gut as this in my person option is a great secret to success. Hope this helps 🙂


  71. Hi AJ

    I have yet to watch your YouTube videos, as I just came to know this post now.
    However, can I still send out positive vibes out there, along with self love and affirmations, so universe possibly can drop a hint to a guy to reach out to me or keep me in his mind?

    In a nutshell, I connected with him over dating app last spring, and we chatted a couple months, but plans to meet kept falling through due to our distance and circumstances. By late August he didn’t particularly express a desire to meet me, but I still felt he cared for me as a pesron.
    Forward to today, we have been facebook friends from last spring, but he seems to have unfollowed me, as he doesn’t ‘like’ my statuses anymore, for a month and a half now.

    He is a Cancer, and in my gut I know he will be affected by this eclipse on Feb 28, which may bring him closer to this wOman he tags frequently on facebook. She seems to be his match spiritually and intellectually. BTW he is a deep, kind hearted spiritual person too. Im so attached still:(.

    PS. Sorry but this was where I was supposed to originally posted this, but technical difficultyou wouldn’t allow me earlier..you may have seen this same question on your other posts, forgive me


    • Hi Kesha

      You can absolutely still send out the positive vibes. Thats the key to it all. Always remember that the feeling of already being accomplished needs to be present in you. Act as if is my favorite saying.

      Remember how you where a child and it was so easy to believe anything? Same thing goes here. Just go back to before you where brainwashed by society and make believe.

      Stay in that state as much as you can throughout the day, and then follow your intuition at the same time. This will continue to guide you as to what to say or what to do. It will give you hunches. Really powerful stuff. All things are possible don’t ever forget that :), hope this helps


  72. Thank you AJ!
    Therefore he can possibly still want to contact me, in spite of what I explained above, that he seems disconnected now?

    I realize you told many people on here you cannot make someone do something, and I don’t want to impede on his free will of course, just want him to do it at his own will.

    I appreciate your reply as it was greatly encouraging, yet thought I’d just ask you this last thing.:)

    • Hi Kesha

      Yes he totally still can, things are always possible when working with God/Universe Laws. Be patient, and at the same time look at all the other good that is coming to you as well through the LOA. Remember everything in your life you have attracted including people and events. Remember to use your higher mental faculties as well.

      Reason, Intuition, Memory, Perception, Imagination, Will. If things are not going your way, use your will to visualize things going your way and hold that movie in your mind. Then go about your day, and follow the feelings you get from your intuition. Always remember that their are 2 sides to each situation. Thats where your perception comes into play. So always look for the good in every case. I hope this helps, and I KNOW, that you will have everything work out as long as you keep following the LAWS of the universe. Cheers


  73. Hi Aj.

    You have been so kind in providing answers I need to guide me through my dilemma of sorts.

    I appreciate it all, but stemming back to my obsession with this particular guy, being my Facebook friend, but not having shown any interest in me since late summer, I feel he may be moving toward a relationship( if he’s not already in one) with another woman. He tags her alot in meaningful quotes he posts, and she’s always liking his statuses.

    I realize I’m showing desperation, which loa will not respond to, as you’ve mentioned in other posts. If there’s another woman on his mind, and I know he’s unfollowed me on fb, not unfriended though, there’s a strong chance we will not be on same frequency and are not meant to be, am I correct?


    • Hi Kesha, yes from what it sounds like that is correct. He is currently on a differently frequency. So the beauty of this is for you to hold to a picture of someone that is like him with the same qualities and personality.

      Act as if, and just as I type this today, you will attract someone on that frequency. The loa will bring you what you want, maybe not exactly, but either way you will be happier. Thats the magic that I love about it. You always get what you expect and send out.

      I know you are attached and thats ok, give it time and you will find someone just like him thats even better. You will look back and say, AJ you where right. I know this works, I have seen it work in my own life, and in the life of others.

      Its a matter of letting go and letting god. After all the universe wants the best for you, and is more eager than you know to want to give you what you want. Hope this helps Kesha, and God bless.


  74. Hello AJ! I haven’t posted for quite a while, but I have one question (as usual ;)) about LOA. Recently, I found a photo on my hard drive of Luke and his family with my grandma taken while they visited her a few years back. I shown it to my grandma and she asked me to develop it for her. I asked for two copies – I gave one to my grandma and I put the other on the shelf in my room….. Also, I edited the photo, so that it shows Luke only, printed it and put it in my wallet. Should I start worring about being a delusional lunatic ;), or is it still OK? I have been on and off with LOA, and things have not moved forward even one bit with Luke….. So I decided I will take some action with this photo, but sometimes I worry, that it is simply being in denial about the real state of things…..

    • Hi Elizabeth, great to hear from you again 🙂

      its totally fine. Now remember be open to having other people coming into your life. Their are other people on the same frequency as you. They will come into your life, but you have to expect it.

      Let go and let god, be a free spirit with no attachment to the outcome. You will be surprised who comes into your life. Its so hard to imagine being happy with someone else when we are so focused on just one person. But allowing other people into our life on the same frequency will really open you up to a whole new world, I promise. 🙂


  75. Hi Alex

    I have some questions. By mistake, I stumbled upon the object of my affection’s social media and I see that he is unavailable, which shook me. So now that I know he is not single, should I give up, or should I still try to do the mind power techniques to attract him? Is it not morally wrong? How do I keep myself from being discouraged because I have wanted this guy for years and now he is not single after being single for some time? How do I deal with that, especially since I don’t want anybody else? I just feel like nobody will match up to him because he encompasses everything I want in a guy.

    Please help, I am so confused and feeling down.

    • Hello Carol, Hope all is well, thanks for taking the time to comment, really appreciate it 🙂

      My advice is simple, if they are currently in a relationship it means you need to move on. NOW I know this is about attracting a specific person, what this means is people with the personality you desire. Believe me, their are people out there just like him, that are better. Its just the way it works. Just because we don’t get some one EXACTLY, does not mean its not real.

      Remember we attract to us exactly whats on the same frequency as are thoughts. His thoughts will not be on that frequency because he is in a current relationship. BUT that can change over time. He may end up leaving that person, who knows. What I can tell you, is have faith that you will get the right person with the qualities that your looking for that are even better than this man.

      Its such a killer concept, thats why I love it so much. Don’t be discouraged but realize that you will be happier when you do attract that person in your life. Hope this helps, sending blessings your way through my thoughts :). Also focus on all the good in your life, see yourself with a person that has the qualities you desire. When your discouraged, flip those thoughts on immediately. Ponder on them for a few minutes until you feel better.


  76. Hi again, AJ! Thanks for all your encouragement and reassuring words 🙂 I am really trying to channel all my positive energy to attract someone who’s on the same mind track as myself, but a strange thing kept happening to me all this week…. So I decided that it’s time to move on as far as Luke is concerned, but every day this past week, whenever I went, I kept seeing a car exactly as his…. Even when I glanced out of the window I saw this type of car passing by…. It’s not as if he’s driving some kind of unique model, actually this type of car is quite popular in my country, but I don’t know…. Sure, I saw this type of car thousands of times in my life, but never as frequently as this week (sometimes I think even 10 or more times a day)….. Maybe I’m clinging to false hope again, but it’s just like as soon as I decided to move on, the Universe kind of keeps reminding me of him again and maybe it’s just me deluding myself, but I feel like it’s some kind of sing to not let go of him yet…. Your thoughts on this, please?

    • Hi

      If that is what your feeling or your intuition is telling you. Then follow it for sure. Just be open to other people coming into your life as well. Hope this helps.


    • Hi Karina

      Yes I believe it is possible, all things are possible to those who believe and have faith. Just remember to always be open to whatever else the universe sends your way as well 🙂


  77. Hi A.J.

    Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring work. I really appreciate it. I believe the LOA works but am quite new to it, and sometimes I wonder, if I am doing right (visualizing).

    What if I can’t always stay positive when visualizing, because nothing much has happened yet (6 months) or I sometimes slips in to old patterns of anxiety and doubt (though over the last 2,5 years our ways has crossed it the most unlikely of ways)?

    And what/ how to visualize for 15 minutes?

    How do I connect better with my intuition – learn to listen to it, so I know when and how to act?

  78. PS: The 10 tips are really great, but I’ve often heard the tip ‘…and them let go of them.’ Which can be difficult when practicing some of the tips visualizing, focus on good qualities. Can you clear this as well?

    I apologize for the many questions.

    • Hi Claus. Glad you like the work, I’m always happy to help people. No one can always stay positive its just our nature. But what we can do is push through it by being grateful. Being in that feeling place really gets the Law Of Attraction rolling, because your being one with the source/god. When visualize just be easy on yourself. If you catch yourself being a wee bit negative. Stop for a moment take a few breaths and try again. If it begins to fill like a drag. Try later on in the day.

      The best thing I have learned is to always visualize when totally relaxed. When your in that state, your mind will naturally think better thoughts. When you are up tight and rigid its hard to think positive. The best way to listen to your intuition is just follow it instantly. If its one of those things that you question, that means thats not your intuition. You will be in the moment and you will know exactly what to do. It will take some practice but you will get better as time goes on. Look at some of your past experiences that you have had, and you will see how your intuition has led you to many good outcomes.

      I hope this helps, and God bless you. I know you WILL reach all your dreams. Keep acting as if, and never give up. Hope you have a fantastic week. Check out this program that I recommend to everyone on my blog. It makes a huge difference. It has in mine, and continues to do so.


      All the best


  79. Hi A.J.

    Thank you so very much. I will look into the link.

    The last question I posted, I don’t know if you noticed it. But I’m still trying to understand how you balance:
    “Make Positive Affirmations (about a specific person)”, “Visualize Yourself Being Loved (by a specific person)”, “Focus on the Person’s Good Qualities”, “Act as If the Person is Already in Your Life”… and still letting go (Abraham Hicks I believe put it: When you care less they care more)?

    All the best


  80. Hi A.J.,

    Great post. I really enjoyed reading it. My situation is a little difficult. We are in a relationship but now he wants to end it cos i brought up the topic of marriage. We fought about it and he is saying that his feelings have disappeared after the fight. I still love him. I want to marry him. But i know you cant force someone to be with you. What should I do? Can I continue to visualise? What if I am having difficulty tapping into our good times and the energy and feelings involved? what if I am numb? I am so sure I want this guy. Too many hurdles between us e.g. parents, culture etc. I want it to work out. i want us to go back to where we were and be happy. He is being really cold to me. Can I still send him love?

    • Hi Dallas

      So what you need to do, is learn to let go and let God/Universe. Understand that their are millions of other people out their that are in harmony with your vibration. If you still want this person in your life its possible, but it may take longer than expected. Be open to other people that you attract into your life as well. You never know, maybe they really are the one your looking for. I’ve seen it happen to many people in my life. They were so certain this person was it, and then they attract someone that they never even would have dreamed about, and it worked out great. Hope this helps.


      Focus on your inner world, don’t let the outer world keep controlling your imagination. Everything manifests from the inside out.

  81. Hi.
    I was engaged to a boy in 2015 we had a break up coz of family issues it was an arrange actually I still have feelings for him and he also had that time but he can’t go against his family and he is not able to take his decision but he’s very nice person by heart but I don’t know still he has feelings for me but for me it’s very difficult to forget him my parents are hunting a good match for me and I don’t feel like interested in them Please help me

    • Hi Pooja

      I totally understand were you are coming from. The best thing I can tell you is to APPLY what I teach in the video. I explain exactly what to do. Follow the steps one at a time and it will do wonders for you. And remember to not come off as desperate. Those feelings will send back to you things to be desperate for. Apply the videos and watch your life change.


  82. Sorry for such a lengthy thing .. but I am so frustrated.. n afraid to loose him now after 2 years of friendship .. love fights .. avoidance don’t want to loose him and don’t want to do any such thing which will repel him .. n apart us .. need your guidance and please help me to understand what was the situation .. as I mentioned each and every thing he did .. if possible want to talk to you on phone .. please

    • Hi Prachiti

      Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Totally understand your situation. I have a book that I have been reading that has really made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my life. And it will give you EVERYTHING you need. It is by far the most powerful thing you can understand if you want to change ANYTHING including your situation. The book is called The Law And The Promise by Neville Goddard. Buy this as soon as you can and APPLY IT. Its all about the inner world/our imagination and how are outside world is a manifestation of whats going on in our imagination.

      I could give you so many things to do. But I promise if you will go out to a book store and pick this up THIS WEEK, it will change your life forever. You can apply this secret to anything, including your current situation. Believe me its worth the few dollars. After you get the book, and begin to apply it, I would love for you to message me and let me know your results. Feel free to use this in ANY area of your life. Its a God Send. That I promise. Wishing you the best, and many blessings your way.


  83. I would have expected him back in my life .. but a girl he loves involved with other guy .. so I hope I am not doing any wrong thing .. requesting universe to get him back in my life .. cause somewhere sometime he felt for me.. and even if he says that he doesn’t love me sees me as a friend .. his avoidance and eye contact tells me that he may fall for me .. he did not mention about the girl he loves and about their meetings .. should I talk to him directly .. cause I don’t think may be it will again lead into a fight .. he will think that I am jealous and interfering

  84. Hi A J ..
    Did you get my all messages and queries .. this is my 4th message.. I can’t see my first message here where I have explained and mentioned everything .. that’s why concerned .. please please help and reply

  85. Hi AJ,

    A BOY whom I mentioned before .. our misunderstandings are still not resolved we are not talking yet nicely .. but I am trying law of attraction to manage this.. but I got to know that Abhinav is shifting to another city-Delhi which is very far that too by end of Aug .. I don’t know what to do .. how to resolve all the things before he goes .. only 2-3 weeks are there .. the girl he loves or he used to spend time with she is moving to other city -Mumbai in this week ..

    Don’t know what to do .. how to do .. m feeling helpless .. should I apply for a job in same city n continue law of attraction or should I quit now for him .. I don’t want to loose him .. I want a beautiful relationship with him

  86. Hi AJ,

    Just wanted to thank you for this post. I know a couple years ago I manifested one of my closest friends (granted this was before LOA) and I’m so thankful they entered my life. We’ve had some ups and downs and are currently not in contact but in the end we’ve always found a way to reconnect so I know I can manifest her back in my life just like I did before. The only downside is they’re an online friend so we’ve yet to meet up in person and has made things a bit tough at times, but we’ve shared mutual interest in meeting up several times. We just don’t know when.

    With that said I just have one question in regards to visualizing. Because I don’t know how I’ll meet my friend in person, should I just visualize any positive scenario that enters my mind (ex: meeting them at the airport, at a park, etc)? I’ve been doing this the last few days and it’s left me feeling absolutely elated, but I wondered what you thought. Thanks!

    • Hi S…Hopefully thats right lol.

      Yes visualize a scene that you are involved in. Have it be a very short scene that you can play, over and over, and over again before falling asleep. You can also so the phrase thank you, many times before falling asleep. This will cause the loa to work powerfully. Then just go about your day the next day, and feel as though everything is perfect and you couldn’t be any happier. Let go, and let the Universe bring everything together. Hope this helps. Alway remember to keep things super simple. Ask, Believe, Receive. Wishing you the best 🙂


  87. Hi AJ

    One more thing I want to ask should I stop talking to him as of now .. he is moving next weekend … Or should I talk to him and convince him to clear misunderstandings..
    Yesterday when I called n said that few days are left .. so let’s just talk nicely .. he said I will talk normally but can’t guarantee you about nicely talks…whatever impressions u spoilled infrnt of others .. I can’t forget that …

    After this conversation for a while I thot I should not talk to him at all since I got to know that he started hating me… After giving time also .. he is going to shift to other city then also he is not ready to forgive me …

    Please guide should I talk to him ..convince him … Should I ask him for first and last hug ..

    And do law of attraction works people leaving in different cities .. will it be impactfull … Cause we won’t be seeing or listening now to each other .. he will have different world …

    So just wanted to know should I continue talking to him or wait for him to contact …
    And if law of attraction works for people who are staying far in different cities

    • Hi Prachiti

      So the best advice I can give you is this. Don’t force things to happen. Just LET things happen. Don’t worry about the HOW. Your job is simply to ask, believe, receive. Its very simple. Feel that he is with you now, see it in your mind, and FEEL IT. Fall asleep with this feeling. And then go about your day. Let God bring everything together for you. Don’t get caught up in all the details. Just relax, smile, be at peace, and know that it will work out perfectly at the RIGHT TIME. Don’t reach out, don’t do any of that. Your job is not to force, but to let things happen. Let God do everything for you. You will attract everything you need to make it all work out, as long as you remain in the feeling place of your dream fulfilled. That is law. Stay in the positive vibe, be grateful, and let the magic happen. 🙂


  88. Hi, I have a question, how long will it take to manifest an specific person? What happen if I don’t see results in a reasonable amount of time? And doing visualizations everyday, what should I do?

    • Hi Richard

      So I don’t know the future at all lol. A reasonable amount of time is really anything. All you must do is continue to believe. Make sure you FEEL that this relationship is already yours, but also remember people have free will. You can’t take that away from anyone. Don’t force things to ever happen. JUST LET THINGS HAPPEN FOR YOU. Let the universe bring all the circumstances to you to make it happen. Go about your day in peace, happiness, with the feeling of your dream as already manifested. Be patient, and enjoy the ride. By law things will work. It just might take longer than expect and thats ok too 🙂


  89. Thank you AJ for ur replies.. and sorry at the same time cause I am asking so many things here ..
    I ask you cause I feel good when i walk in life ahead with ur guidance and LOA..

    tommorow he said he will meet our group and spend few hours of time with us .. he considered me in the group .. should I go and hangout … or should I avoid going even if it is in group…
    Because he said to one friend that “he would meet me in group but not alone or in person watever happens “…
    After knowing this also should I go and hang around normally .. 🙁

  90. Hi I m bhargavi ,
    I like a guy in my college ..I have never talked to him ..BT it feels as if he is the right guy I was searching for a long time.he is my senior .Unfortunately he is going to graduate this year …I really want something to happen between us …he doesn’t know me..he has just seen me once or twice in d college ..so is it possible to attract such a person by loa.

    • Hi Bk

      It is so possible. Just visualize being with him, and don’t force anything else. Simple go about your day. Visualize before going to sleep being with this person. See you doing things together or just 1 simple scene. Imagine a date with him, and play that scene over and over again until you fall asleep FEELING good. Watch what happens. Remember your internal world is the only reality. Everything outside of you or your outer world is simply a reflection or a shadow of all your past thoughts. Change your picture, change your life. 🙂


  91. I truly believe that it’s working because small small steps you are asking me to take in my situation …
    Tomrw is his last working day in office and Saturday he will be flying to New City .. since we were not talking properly …because of so many misunderstandings.. communication gap.. as I mentioned earlier … I decided not to visit and hangout when he asked everyone and considered me in that .. but did not mention my name .. as he said that he wud not hv talked to me at all if he wasn’t going ..

    And as suggested by you that we should not force the things to happen .. let him contact and talk to me.. universe will do it..solve the things between us even if he will be in other city… 🙂 but we should not be resistant and we should be happy at the same time ..

    Today we had lunch together in a group … he spoke well .. then I gave him gifts which I had already bot before our big fight and few new gifts … He was so happy to see that … He poke so nicely .. he himself came n gave a hug to me .. then called me and said that he liked my all gifts .. he cracked few jokes like as usual … 🙂

    After so many days I got a call from him .. that too not to fight but to talk nicely 🙂

    I am so happy … I won’t say that everything is fine n perfect but at least few positive things happened … And I am thankful to universe for this ..

    I need more and continuous guidance from you AJ .. I believe in LOA and you … And whatever happens today I feel that these are hints given by universe to me 🙂 to stay strong and calm and believe that our relation will get improved to the level I wanted ..it needs time 🙂

    want to be in the same vibration 🙂
    But can’t be do happy so soon .. have to let it go also …

    • That is such good news. I’m so happy for you. Just keep letting things happen and keep visualizing. It will continue to get better and better for you. And remember keep FEELING good no matter what. That is the secret to all that you desire in life. Check out this program that will help you really take what your learning to the next level. It works miracles. I recommend it to all my readers. Here is a review on it for you that I have done.



      God bless you.

  92. Hi! If I’m attracting a specific person… what do I do while I wait? So I stop seeing other people? Acting as if he’s already with me? Thanks!

    • Hi Ana

      Just go about your day as usual and follow your intuition. Don’t focus so much on just this one person. Don’t come from a place that YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS ONE PERSON. There are 6 billion people on the planet. Learn to let go and let the Universe bring you exactly someone with the same characteristics. Am I saying its impossible to attract someone specifically. No, but at the same time people have agency. You close the doors to letting better things come to you when we just focus on 1 person. Be open to other possibilities. If you feel inspired to go on a date with another man that you attract, TOTALLY DO IT. Remember just go about your day as usual, with the FEELING that you have the PERFECT PARTNER in your life, and watch what happens.


  93. Hi AJ,
    I’m becoming to understand the law of attraction but I’m finding it very difficult to let go of fear of things not going the way I want them to go. I know it’s desperation talking but I have no clue how to stop those feelings coming…
    I was married for almost 10 years and we were very happy together. Unfortunately things started going wrong when we had lost twins half way through the pregnancy. Having kids was always very important to us but it just wasn’t happening. Two years after that my husband has left and I think I’m still struggling with understanding why it was so easy for him to do so. It’s been two years and I feel that I have lost a lot of confidence and I live in fear of not being able to build my life over again.
    I was dating a lot, but I believe I was taking every person I’ve met way to seriously…
    anyway, about 5 weeks ago, when I was actually getting to a point of being happy with myself, I’ve met a really great guy. Or so I think so. We went out and we had an instant connection. I could feel it. Unfortunately he lives in another country and he had to go back the next day. He has some businesses here as well so he will be back for sure but the circumstances keeps on changing and stopping him from coming. We stayed in touch, even though we saw each other for 5-6 hours. I know we both want to see each other again but as I said, there are always some difficulties with him coming. I feel like I’m obsessed with a person I barely know but the way he made me feel, well I don’t remember when this has happened last to be honest. We are learning about each other and I’m really impressed with his life and the person I’m seeing. The messages are not constant but frequent but always when he takes longer to reply, I’m scared he’s not interested in me anymore, everytime his messages are short, I’m not satysfied… I’m just scared that I’m not good enough to keep his interest.
    I know it’s weird and for some, not normal that this person means so much to me but is this really possible that I can attract a loving relationship with him?
    I know everything is possible, but what are the chances that he will be on the same frequency and that he even thinks about me that way. Also, I’m probably killing all the good thoughts with the fear that he won’t text, won’t come and find someone else. How to stop those thoughts?


    • Hi Lina

      Thanks for taking the time to type this out. God bless you for it, as it helps you to let it go from your mind. Great technique :). Now to answer your questions, yes it is possible to attract a loving relationship with him. But what you need to do is learn to let go and let the universe. What I mean is simply see someone in your mind with the characteristics that you desire in a mate. Look back at the post again, and do the exercise that is listed. Don’t worry so much about being with this person. Simply focus on the qualities of this person and any other qualities you desire. And The Universe will bring you him or someone better that your looking for. Don’t worry, don’t be scared, don’t doubt. Simply FEEL that their really is someone out their PERFECT for you, and that no matter what, they will come to YOU, THROUGH THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. It will be in such a way that it will blow your mind, you probably will be so surprised how it happens. Its just the way it works.

      1. Be happy and grateful
      2. List the characteristics you want in a person
      3. feel that this person is in your life, see yourself doing things with them, and FEEL it.
      4. Let go and go about your day being in the feeling place, and saying Thank you, or It Is Finished to yourself over and over again.
      5. Watch is this person comes into your life at the right time, wether its this guy your talking about or someone else. Who knows, just know that it will be exactly what you want 🙂


  94. Hi AJ,

    How are you 🙂
    Just wanted to share and ask few things which I can’t type it here .. please share your ID or anything where only you will read it and respond..
    Tc have a great day ahead

  95. AJ .. I am reading some prayers to harmonize our relationship.. which asks or pray to jejus.. to clear our misunderstandings.. and creat that bond and chemistry again .. I have just one doubt here .. should I continue to do the prayer cause ..According to LOA .. we are living as if we have it now ” our misunderstandings are cleared now..we are so happy together” .. .. but on d other hand in prayers I am praying .. “God please clear the misunderstanding .. anger we have in our relation”

    So is it fine .. or how should I go about it !?

  96. Few more things want to share as I mentioned before which I can’t share here … So please let me know where I can talk to you or share

  97. Your website and posts are the most powerful sources of information I’ve seen to date. I would appreciate your feedback, please.

    I am currently in a marriage that had been going downhill for years. I did nothing due to complications such as community, etc.

    I met the most incredible man- our chemistry was off the charts in a short amount of time. However, when he found out I was married, he basically told me to work on my marriage. I am forever impacted by this man and have been moved to make many badly needed changes in my life.

    Since meeting this man, feelings for my husband have changed. I am no longer running after him or allowing him to take me for granted. Husband and I are going to work on marriage – husband is much more different and proactive, probably because he has seen a lot of change in me in a short amount of time.

    In my heart, I feel the new person and I are still on same frequency and that we want to be together. I want my new person. I know it is’t my job to figure out how I can be with my new person while married, but how should someone in my situation proceed? It has only been within this month since so many things have happened.

  98. PS – I forgot to say that strong chemistry guy told me to work on my marriage because he does not want to be the source of my divorce. He said he wants me to repair damage in my marriage and salvage it.

    My “marriage” has been in shambles for years and I have been in a roommate/brother/sister type scenario for some time. Husband is like a child compared to this real man.

    Trying hard not to feel desperate, needy, etc.

    • Hi Diana, so just imagine someone with the characteristics that you desire in life. Not the specific person your talking about. See yourself hanging with this person, and FEEL as thought it is real. Fall asleep with this feeling of accomplishment, that you have the perfect person now in your life. And then simply drift off to sleep, and go about your day as usual. Don’t force anything to happen, let things come to you. If you feel inspired to do something then by all means do it. But don’t force, or worry about the how. Just know the Universe will respond to YOUR FEELINGS. See things perfect, as you wish them to be, and just as sure as I write this, that will manifest in your world, AS LONG AS YOU FEEL IT AS REAL. Not just a thought. Make a list of qualities or characteristics you would like to see in a person, and focus on those. Watch what happens, and what the Universe brings to you.



      I believe in you.

  99. Thank you for posting such an amazing article. It points out that one has to work on themselves FIRST before being able to attract something specific.

    I had a question: Will this work if, in your visualizations, you have a lover with a specific “face?” I have a “fantasy man” that I’ve had in my thoughts since childhood, and it’s easy to see him smile and love me in my visualizations. But I’m afraid that seeing his face is too “specific” for LOA to work. But at the same time, It doesn’t seem like it makes since if, in my visualization work, I visualize a man with a “blank face” holding my hand, kissing me, etc. Please advise, I’ve been struggling with this.

    Thank you again. Your article points out things that I’ve felt this in my heart for a long time now. I know that my battle to find that “special someone” will also involve a long period of me working on myself. I want it “now,” but know that God works in His OWN timing 🙂

    • HI Jackie

      Great questions. Yes you can imagine someone with a specific face if that helps you. Also remember to focus on the characteristics of the person as well that you want. And you will draw them into your life at the right time. Whats cool is the past, present, and future is already here. Nothing is created its only changing in and out of form. So for you that means your ideal person in you life IS ALREADY A FACT. Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled and go about your day in joy and thanks and let the Universe do the rest :).


  100. Hello! Thanks for sharing this with us. I have been really confused lately and needed some sort of direction to look into and pull myself out of this mess.
    So, I recently started talking to this guy during our vacations. Both of us study in different cities.
    Initially, I wasn’t interested taking any of it forward. I just wanted to keep to friendship and then we started hanging out more. He is really smart and focused, but I’ve always felt that he just wants to be with me; I don’t feel like he has fallen for me or he has evet intended to.
    I took it easy thinking that we’ve only just met. But now I just feel like his convinience- he talks to me as and when he wants to, and mostly we end up talking about getting physical.
    He has always given some excuse or the other to not speak as much. I assure you that it’s not like I want him speaking all day long- but just enough to show care and share feelings with, and how else are we supposed to form a bond anyway if we don’t live in the same city.
    He says he is busy to the extent that we haven’t spoken in two weeks. Even if I have been busy, I speak to him cause it just makes me feel good- I enjoy it. Why can’t it be the same for him?
    Despite knowing how much it bothers me, he makes no efforts to change it. He says he has no time or energy, to that I replied that if that’s the case then we should end it here, cause I deserve someone who is with me whole-heartedly. He sometimes dodges the topic or brings up the fact that we still have feelings for each other and not talking shouldn’t change it.
    It’s not about not talking. It’s about making efforts and valuing someone. I feel like he just wants to get physical. I really to like him. He is interested in me, but it’s more like lust.
    I want to understand if manifesting his genuine feelings for me is a good idea or not? I also wanted to understand better if we cause resistance in manifesting by over-thinking it or thinking about it too often.
    I’m sorry but I’m just really confused about it all.

    • Hi Pooja

      Don’t let any of this negative stuff get to you. The best thing you can do is visualize someone with all the characteristics that you truly desire. Don’t get attached to just this one person. Be open to the Universe bringing you someone with the exact qualities that you desire in someone. Yo can visualize being with this this person, but be open to other people as well who you are attracting into your life. You will be very surprised at what happens. Stay happy, be super grateful and believe and expect the best. Stay in that positive feeling state as much as you can. It will determine what you attract to you in your life. Hope this helps.


  101. Hi A. J
    Great post, thank you! I have a question, what if you don’t have anyone you currently like in your life? I have lots of men asking me out but none of them is what I want. How can I visualise a man I don’t know yet or never met? I truly believe my future husband is out there, but I can’t picture him in my mind. I have a list of my ideal partner qualities, but just can’t put a face on the guy. And I can visualise anything, money, trips, etc. but him (meaning my soulmate).
    Thank you

    • Hi Jo

      What you can do is visualize someone that your attracted to, and then also see that person portraying the qualities that you desire of a man. Get in the feeling place of that and drift off to sleep with that feeling. Then go about your day and watch what happens. Keep doing this until this person walks into your life. Here is a video you can watch to help you with what I am saying :). I love Bob Proctor and follow his advice always. His results indicate he knows what he’s talking about.



  102. Hey its bk again ! ..the law of attraction worked! I mean I wanted him to be my boyfriend ..BT now at least we are frnds!we chat almost everyday .Although I want him to ask me out! How can I manifest that?

    • Hi BK

      Remember we as humans have agency. We cannot force people to do things through are thoughts. What you can do though is begin to visualize him in your life, and at the same time see him with qualities that you desire. What will happen is you will begin to attract all things that are on that frequency. If he is on the frequency, then he will respond as well.

      Be open to the Universe bringing you anybody. Because you will be surprised what happens. Its like you expect to buy a house, and instead the Universe gives you one for free thats better than what you wanted. Trust the Universe, continue to visualize the characteristics that you want in a relationship and then release that and go about your day. Stay in the feeling place of being positive and happy. Also get the book feeling is the secret by Neville Goddard. It will change your life, and give you all that you desire. You must apply it. It has changed mine 🙂


  103. Hello sir,

    I have read the magic, the secret. Also applying the practices of LOA , gratitude practice but I have some questions

    I married my husband 5 years back inspite of the fact that he was diagnosed with MS just before our marriage. He was a different person when we met and he is a completely different person now. He doesnt have any enthusiasm in life. He never gives me any surpise gift or for that matter any gift. On top of all this we live in a joint family and my mother-in-law does all the negative tricks to get hold of his son and show her negativity to me. My husband is a mumma’s boy. He will do anything everything for his mother but never expresses love for me. Looks to me like life sucks and I have done a mistake marrying him. But obviously i love him hence i still have faith that things will change using LOA. But ofcourse I get disheartened time to time seeing the negative all the time from his mom and him. I just wish we get separated from his parents and live in a new house where only two of us live and he also gets mature enough to leave his parents. But at the moment this is all impossible as he doesnt want to leave his parents and hence I can only imagine goody goody things but I cant take any action to get what i wish for.

    Please advice

  104. Hello AJ,

    I find it SO COOL that you take the time to respond to most of the comments! Also your article is very helpful, I will try the circle with “rays of qualities” asap. That one is great because it provides a concrete way into the “OR BETTER” mindset, which is sorely needed by us, poor “obsessed” people 😉

    You see, I have always been a “rational, no woo-woo” kind of girl (hard science field) until… love hits and leaves you with a broken heart and no science in the world can help you with the “now what?” question.

    Concretely: affair with a work colleague (both single), he ended it within weeks, mostly since I was an insecure emotionally draining little mess. I have worked hard on that the past months (these are among the first points you make too!) and reap the benefits concerning other people in my life.

    I reap some benefits with him too, it evolved from mutual avoidance in August to three dinners in the last 2 weeks, all initiated by him and ending in a hug, and once a blown kiss!

    So it seems to me that LOA works slowly and just waits until the frequencies are aligned? His resparked interest in my company is nothing but uncanny! Also, besides dilligently visualizing the “endgoal” (namely, getting this decidedly non-platonic again), any further tips how to maneuver this to the final steps?

    I really am looking forward to the “or better” exercise and at the same time I feel I can go more specific with him since his free will does not seem to pronounce too loud a “veto” anymore… I secured one hair of his for some other “work” (yes, that desperate…), can it be used as a visualization aid?

    Thanks a lot again for the uplifting post with so many useful tips! 🙂

    • Hi Irene

      Great post, and to answer your questions, yes it can be used as a visualization aid. The greatest thing that will cause massive amounts of change for you is to pay attention to the state of your emotions. This I still struggle with, but in time will master. If you can get yourself into feeling that you have the perfect relationship now, and then release that, the Universe will deliver everything on that frequency quicker. You have to stay in that vibration as much as possible. (can be very challenging, but can be achieved with practice).

      The best way to get results is to get into the feeling of everything is perfect, you are successful, you have the perfect relationship, by feeling it right before sleep. You must drift off to sleep feeling that all is wonderful. See yourself living the perfect life in all aspects. If thats to hard, simply say a 3 word phrase such as “all is wonderful” over and over and over until you drop off to sleep. Do this always, and never stop, as the last thing you feel and visualize at night, becomes your world the following day. (Everything begins to shape and change itself according to your last feeling state when you went to sleep.).

      To get a better idea of what I mean get the book Feeling Is The Secret, by Neville Goddard. Because of him, my life has changed dramatically and continues too in ALL AREAS. Apply his teachings. If you can get all his books and read from them every day. Make it a habit and your life will never be the same. Its as though life becomes so easy once you apply his teachings. I hope this helps you, and may The Universe give you all that you desire in life, BECAUSE ITS ALREADY YOURS. Nothing is created or destroyed.


  105. Hi sir,

    Please help me. My personal life is going very bad. My husband was
    My husband was diagnosed with MS just before our marriage and everyone was against our marriage that time but it was only me who stood up by my husband and decided to ahead with our marriage .but the moment we got married my life has taken a very bad turn . I have never lived a happy married life not even for a minute.my husband is always depressed and selfish because of his disease. He never gifts me anything or surprises me . He is never romantic .at age of 30 I feel I am 50 in my marriage. On top of all this we live in a joint family and he is a blind believer of his mother. His mother is a very evil lady and says bad about me to him and never talks to me but my husband’s only wish in life is that I be a very nice ideal daughter in law and keep his mother happy all the time. But this is not what I married him for. Finally I am very much fed up with my marriage and think of divorce .but I want to give a chance to my married life by using the LOA
    I wish we move to a new house on rent where only I and my husband live away from his parents and my husband starts maintaining mental and physical distance with his mom. But god knows this will be fulfilled or not

    Kindly please please advise me .i really need your advise and guidance


    • Hi Rachael

      I totally understand what you are saying. What you need to do is follow your bliss. If you are not happy in this marriage, don’t keep waisting your life away. You get one shot. Am I saying to leave this marriage? No, but what I am saying is follow your intuition, your gut instinct. What is it telling you to do? Follow that and be happy in this moment now. Begin to count all the things you are truly grateful for and it will change your life. What your grateful for, what you really FEEL grateful for, you will attract more of that into your life. Be happy now, if your miserable don’t be. You have control of your life, and if people judge you on your choices. Let them. THIS IS YOUR LIFE, follow your heart and you can not fail. I hope this helps. I bless you with massive amounts of money, riches, wealth, success, and perfect health. I know everything will work out perfectly for you. God bless you.


  106. Hi AJ,

    thanks a lot for the useful tips, I am now doing the “All is wonderful” and “It is finished” exercises, the mood boost is there already! Interestingly enough, I have discovered (or reinforced the opinion on) the source of lingering negativity in my thoughts: The conviction I deserve better treatment than that and the upsetness with myself for falling for such a person, who is poor in kindness and empathy.

    In fact, the Mefisto in my head says that the recent getting closer from his side is less of a feeling expression for him, and more of an enjoyment of the one-person audience for his mildly narcissistic self.

    This is not negativity due to self-limiting beliefs, more due to the again-and-again confirmed reality. So now I try to visualize the qualities I need, and less of the person themselves, because the latter would again remind me of intrinsically negative parts.

    Could this already be a first effect of the “or better” exercise? I have “kindness” on one of those rays, and for the life of me cannot put the face of the man I fell for on that quality…

    In the long run, would you say that focusing the LOA on qualities can “heal” one of lingering for somebody who does NOT possess them? That would really be a win-win over here…

    Have a nice day and a big thank you from those of us who fall through the cracks of “conventional” approaches! 🙂

    • Hi Irene

      Yes it absolutely could be the effect of this or something better. The answer to your second questions is an unequivocal yes. Whats so powerful about our imagination is it literally is the creator of ALL. Speaking of healing, if you know someone who is sick, or not well, and you visualize at night before sleep, them being in a total amazed state, that they are now healed, and you see that expression on their face, and hear there voice saying “its a miracle, its a miracle”. They will be healed. Because your imagination must make it so. Thats by law. You can even use this technique for the past.

      If something in the past ended poorly, simply replay the scene in your mind, as how you would have liked it to be, and things of that situation will actually become better, even though its the past. The past, present and future never go away, they are all manifest now. (I could go so far with this lol). I had an issue with my boss in the past, and I visualized it going the way I liked. We are now closer than ever, and the contention between us is no more. Its as though the issue was never present. My imagination made it so. If it can do that, what else can it do? Makes you think. Anywho hope this helps. God bless you.


  107. My boyfriend and I broke up 2 months ago because instead of talking to me about problems (my ex husband) he would internalize the problems so it wouldn’t cause me more stress. He is angry and resentful. Is there a way to attract forgiveness and a releasing of resentment through LOA? I love him and I know he loves me but anger is blocking the good feelings.

    • Hi Karen

      Great question, and yes their is. This is so much fun to do. All you need to do is apply this while relaxing in your bed before you go to sleep. Simply get into a totally relaxed state, then switch on your imagination and imagine a scene were he is actually talking to you about all of these suppressed feelings. And feel the joy your feeling of him expressing himself to you. Make this scene short, and play it over and over and over again until you fall asleep with the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Watch what happens in your life. Don’t force anything, just go about your day as usual feeling happy and confident, and he will automatically express himself. Very powerful technique. I hope this helps you :). This technique is by Neville Goddard, and his teachings are life changing. I recommend you read a few of his books, if you want to really change other aspects of your life. Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great week.


    • not sure what happened. I might have accidentally deleted it as I do get spam comments sometimes. Obviously this is not one of those lol.


  108. Hi, thank you for the post it’s so amazing, I’m in a separation period living apart from my ex, at that point not knowing how things will turn to be with him as we didn’t have closure and we were in different cities.. A couple of months later, i met a guy that asked me out and I enlightened him with my whole situation we decided to carry things as friends and by time, we both started developing deeper feelings for each other, and it took a weird curve as neither of us wanted to confess the change in the rhythm, I specifically was a reluctant as I couldn’t be clear due to my circumstances and didn’t know how to officially get out of my marriage.. I guess by time he got frustrated from my unclear actions and mixed msgs and pulled away..
    Now 6 months later, my papers are filled and in the process of officially finalizing it, my friend who I’m totally in love with doesn’t know, I bump into him from time to time and I know how much we love each other, u can totally see it in our looks, hear it between the lines and and even our surroundings can sense it in our body language.. But every time I see him it was short and we were surrounded by others, never had the chance to update him with my latest news..
    I know he caries as strong feelings as I do, but I feel he raised some walls being scared to get hurt..
    I just recently got to learn the details of LOA and manifestation, I’m trying to attract him maybe just to send me a txt asking about me so I can update him and hoping the natural flow will take its way.. Ull wonder why am I not taking that step by just contacting him, I guess I’m too scared from the disappointment, yet I know I’m the women for him and he’s the man for me.. I even reached to acting in my head and applying the as if concept..
    No desperation or acting needy as every time I think about him I send him the most genine positive feelings and I really do feel it in my heart and intuition that I’m receiving it back as I end it with a bigger smile..
    Will kindly need your advice on the matters what are the proper steps from here as I believe I gave the right vibration, I asked the universe and even feel I’m in the receiving phase or am I just tooooo happy and blinded by that lol

  109. Hello, AJ.
    It’s me again, needing your help as usual… 😉

    So I’m in a bit of tough spot right now. I started a new job
    three months ago and there’s this guy at work who I rather
    fancy. And I was kind of hopeful that he may fancy me as well, but I’m not sure, maybe I’m just delusional and getting my hopes up unnecessarily… He treats me like the rest of workmates. We talk, joke, he’s nice, but that’s all. But the biggest problem is that I don’t even know if he’s single or not… I’ve heard my other workmates mention their spouses/kids, but never heard him do that. I was almost totally convinced that he wasn’t taken (well just my intuition and the fact that neither he nor anyone else ever mentioned his girlfriend or wife). But recently all people from my workplace got invited to some really big celebration and I’ve heard him say that we all need to settle if we bring any companions or not. So I’m now almost totally convinced that he’s taken actually… And this uncertainty is killing me. I would prefer to know, rather than to feel so unsure. I also feel that because of that I subconsciously block myself from any other guy that may be interested. I’m trying to convince myself that he’s not available and I should forget about him and move on. But it’s not easy to cheat your mind and heart… and as long as there’s hope, I don’t think I’ll be able to forget about him.

    And I keep having dreams about this guy a lot. I know that it’s normal since I keep thinking about him so much, but in this dream, I feel like my subconsciousness is trying to tell me not to give up hope. For example, I had a dream that I found his wedding photos and video on the Net, but in the end, it turned out that it was his brother’s who looks very alike and he was still single. Or I dreamt that he had a daughter and in that dream, I was resigned that he’s married and with kids, but in the end, it turned out that he’s split up with his girlfriend, was raising his daughter on his own and even asked me to take care of her.

    Also, that may be just wishful thinking but I think that are some strange signs in real life – we sign some lists at work and our names or always next to each other and that’s not because of alphabetic order. Or when we have some staff meetings he usually sits next to me or somewhere close, even if there are some other free seats. And when I was starting this job, my friend said that she feels that everything happens for a reason and that something ‘directs’ me there and there have to be more to that than just a new job.

    Anyway, sorry for such a long post, but could you tell me how can I use LOA to finally get some answer? Either to know he’s taken and give up or to get some confirmation that he’s single and may actually be interested in me. I am so confused and lost right now and it’s so frustrating to live feeling so unsure all the time.

  110. Hello AJ,

    It was a great reading your post. I am going thru some weird situation. I already have someone in my life and we love each other. We have been together since 2 years and I see he really loves me. But he is not going to marry me because his family is not ready to accept us because of religon/age issues. He sees other girls whenever he visits home. I am not sure what to do to change this situation, its making me insecure and impacting our relationship. Sometimes I try to be very postive that it will all work out somehow. And sometime i start getting negative thoughts. Can you please guide?

  111. Hello AJ! Love your post.

    I ve been applying the law of attraction for more than a month and a half and all of a suddent, the guy i like came back in my life. That was so unexpected. but… he is still with his girlfriend (we had a short fling 5 months a go and his gf found out but they stayed together). I ve been visualising us together in a happy relationship everyday but right now… all he wants is friends with benefits. I know what you re thinking: this guy is a cheater. Alright but i like him and i feel good around him.
    But at the moment i m full of doubt because he doesn t love me and still loves his gf. I dont know if my visualisations worked or if i did sth wrong or if this is all part of the process. I felt more confident and when i thought “alright i don t care avout him… let s live ur life”, thats when he contacted me.

    Whenever i ask for sign of the universe, i get it. Until he contacted me, i was really confident and believed in the law but right now i m sad because he doesn t see me as i want him to see me… i m afraid i might lose hope. You always say that you can t force someone to love u but then why did he come back to my life then? When visualising i always say “x or someone better …” and i got “x”. So i m a bit lost and i don t know if i m supposed to keep visualising and how long… at some point he might hurt me even though it s not what he wants. If the universe is trying to tell me something…i could have met someone better then.

    I know we can be together and i trully believe we would have a beautiful time together (should this last or not).
    One of my limiting belief is that i m always the one who is not being chosen… i m always the one no guys like. And i m afraid it might happen again.
    What do u advise me to do? Is the law of attraction still gonna work and give me the love i deserve with him? What can i do to make it more powerful?

    Thank you so much for your time

    Ely 🙂


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