10 Ways On How To Find A Purpose In Life

how to find a purpose in life

Today we will be talking about how to find a purpose in life, that makes you feel happy. The number 1 thing to know is that whatever makes you happy, is the direction you should follow regardless of what people say.

Just keep that in the back of your mind, and you will know exactly what steps to take when your stuck. Follow your bliss is what I call it. Now lets learn the 7 ways on how to find a purpose in life.


1) Rediscover Your Ambitions As A Child:

Do you know that you were very intelligent and wise as a kid? Yes, when it comes doing things, children do what they love. What were your favorite fun activities? You should memorize the games you used to play and the kind of toys that you liked.

You should remember your best friends that you used to hang out with. What did you like doing? Revisiting your childhood interests is a very sure way to rediscover your life purpose.

2) Know Your Talents And Abilities:

There are areas that you naturally excel, right? Try to check them and see whether you can turn them into something that can be of help to you and the people surrounding you. Many talented people like singers find it incredibly fulfilling when they can affect other people’s lives positively.

Try to use your talents and abilities to impact other people’s lives in a positive way. It makes you, even more, encouraged and focused. You can be good at bringing people together when they are not in good terms, try being a judge or a mediator.

3) Talk To Great Inspiring People:

You have people who inspire you, right? They might not be doing similar things as you, but they can talk to you about how they were able to discover their life purpose. Listening to stories on their achievements and failures can make you an inch cleverer and ready to face your life purpose.

However, avoid targeting them as they do totally different things. You can also research on people who excelled in the same life purpose and read what they did and where they are. Try to follow their steps but try to model your steps.

4) Know What Excites You:

What fulfills you as an individual? This should involve multiple considerations because it can be challenging to realize what you like. Just be you and write down the things you do in life. That way you can decide what you like about those things. Which one would you thrive in? You should make that your life purpose and do it with an enormous passion for landing your destiny.

5) Don’t Deny Your Interests:

If you enjoy doing art, don’t deny that just because you find office work more attractive. You can make very great progress in your interest no matter how small it may look. However, avoid setting unrealistic goals as this may discourage you on realizing that you can’t achieve that.

However, I’m not saying that you should follow anything that interests you. Some things will lead you to failure. Like, for instance, you cannot quit your job to paint watercolors as a way to earn you a living. 

6) Make A Difference In Other Peoples Life:

A successful life purpose must involve making another person’s life better. After all does a candle lose anything by lighting another candle? Do good to others without expecting any gains be it material or personal.

Doing this will make you a great role model and make you satisfied as you witness the success of others. In the world, people are not equal, some are not well off, but that doesn’t mean that they will not achieve anything, their time hasn’t probably arrived.

If you can carefully consider your life also, someone must have helped you in something whether small or big. Why don’t you give back to another person also?

7) Feel Content And Comfortable:

If you want to live a life of purpose, you have to achieve that inner peace. Try to be fully satisfied with who you are as well as what you own. Most people who lose the purpose of their lives try to copy others and keep complaining. Start viewing the green grass on your side rather than the grass on other people’s side.

8) Live By Your Values And Beliefs:

Having core beliefs and values will help you make good decisions. Also, having them may shape your actions every day. Living a life of purpose involves being a person of great integrity who can be respected and be trusted by others.

You should avoid a bad company that can influence you into doing things that can lower your integrity. To achieve a life of purpose, you should have a clear conscience.

9) Balance Between Career And Relationships:

To attain success, you need to consider the two. How do you affect your family and relatives by following your career alone? Make time for them to satisfy their needs while at the same time propelling your goals. Balance means considering all facets of life. 

10) Embrace Change:

You should always be ready to discover new things rather than sticking to the same old ways. Resisting change is one thing that makes people fail to live a life of purpose. You have to move away from your comfort zone and try taking risks.

A life where you don’t take risks seems sweet but believe me that you don’t discover your purpose in life. Also, with the changing universe, you have to change with the changing circumstances.


There are a lot of things to go through to discover your life purpose. It may be the hardest thing to think of but once you discover, you can achieve mountains. You may achieve great riches and success but at the end, they still end up with the feeling “there is something I’m missing”. This is because they did not fulfill their life purpose. 

Consider trying the above ways and one day you will realize that you achieved a worthwhile life. Thanks for reading, leave your questions below or comments, I will get back with you within 24 hours. Cheers.

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