10 Ways On How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Beginners

How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Beginners

This law of attraction for beginners post will be talking about everything you need to do, to get this law working for you. The law of attraction states that whatever we think or focus on is exactly what we attract into our lives.

If we focus on positive things we attract the same and if we focus on negatives that is what we are inviting. Its basically like mirror reflecting your thoughts back to you, but in physical form. Super scary if you use it the wrong way.

This is why people say we should be careful of what we wish for, and should always have a positive state of mind. However, there are still many people who are not aware of their potential to create or attract good things. They do not know how they can use the law of attraction for their benefit. So, to help them, we will now discuss 10 ways on how to use the law of attraction for beginners.


1. Have A Strong Desire:

 This is the most important advice, which if you don’t follow things will not work in your favor. You need to have a strong goal or desire that should be so important, so big, that it has the power to scare and excite you at the same time.

 You need to have this very strong desire to do something or to have something in life. Maybe you want a loving partner, or perfect health, or want to acquire lots of wealth, or maybe all of these. No matter what your desire is you need to think of it strongly every single day until it becomes an obsessing, burning desire.

 2. Do Not Stress On The “How” Part:

 It is just the beginning so you do not need to worry much about how you will achieve your goal. You just need to have a well-defined strong goal that you can clearly imagine. As far as the path is concerned the Universe will show you the way, the steps that you need to take to reach your goal.

 As of now just keep your goal in mind all the time, believe that it will happen, and imagine how you will feel or what you will do when it does happen. Also, trust in the fact that you will be guided, shown the way to reach your goals.

 3. Affirmation And Autosuggestion:

 It is through autosuggestions that our subconscious mind is influenced, and thus all our desires turn into reality. You must write strong affirmations and read them on a regular basis.

Autosuggestion can easily make your subconscious mind believe that what it is feeling/thinking now is the actual truth, and this will give you faith and strength. Create a list that is relevant to your dreams or goals and keep reading them whenever and for as long as you can.

 4. Have Strong Faith:

 Faith is so very important. When faith combines with the thoughts already running in your mind, these vibrations are taken by your subconscious mind and immediately they get translated in their spiritual counterpart by being transmitted right to the Universal Subconscious Mind.

 To develop this real strong faith you have to keep repeating the same thoughts and this can be done by affirmations. Even if you keep repeating a lie to yourself, your subconscious mind ultimately will start thinking that it is true and they will become real.

So, begin using your faith in the correct direction and do not let doubt or fear enter your mind. And remember to do this with FEELING or it won’t work. 

 5. Visualize: 

 Visualizations can be used to rid your mind of all negative thoughts and replace them with happy, successful, prosperous, and joyful thoughts. There are many kinds of visualizations you can follow, one being the black canvas. Firstly, clear all thoughts from your mind and imagine a black canvas on which you need to draw things that you actually want to happen in your life.

 Next, you can visualize yourself living everything you desire, perfect health, a great job, a happy family and so on. Imagine everything you will be doing when you have achieved all you have desired. Not only imagine static images but also the actions. Try to hear the words, feel the movements, and enjoy the moments.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Beginners

 6. Be Grateful:

 If you have the positive grateful attitude it will only help make you all the more positive. Being thankful to those who love you and are close to you is always better than doing unpleasant things like finding flaws or arguing.

To maintain this attitude of gratefulness you simply need to keep a journal where you can make a list of people or things that you are grateful for, and also those things you are grateful for that you do not have yet.

 Write in this journal every day before you go to sleep and then read it right after waking up the next morning. This will remind of the positive things you have in your life, will keep you in a unique vibration that will attract positive and good things in your life.

 7. Know What You Really Want:

 All of us know what we want in life, but hardly few of us know how to differentiate it from what we truly desire. Give attention to your deepest, strongest desires, and not just every single thing you want in life.

 If, for instance, you want true love, envision how will it be when you meet that person, how will that change your life, and how beautiful life will be when you get married and have children.

Focus on how attaining your goals will make you feel, rather than focusing on all separate details. This is really important, and you will know how to do this later, but to begin with, imagine the big picture and live it.

 8. Your Vision Should Be Your Leader:

 For the law of attraction to work you need to let your vision be the leader. No matter what your vision is you can create it by using a vision board, may be a collage or a poster, and every time you look at them they will boost your vibration.

 It will be a great idea to place a vision board in your room, use motivational wallpaper on your phone and computer, and put an image of your goal in your wardrobe and fridge. Whenever you look at these pictures you will get strengthened and reinforced, which will turn your vibration into a magnet to make your dream real.

 9. Be Secure From Within:

 If you feel and think about positive outcomes you are sure to experience more of the same, but if you have a negative attitude, you will only be attracting more of negativity and might lose even that which you currently have.

 So, you need to be secure from within first. You need to have a control of your inner world and create a positive, perfect self-image of yourself. If you are secure from within it will manifest even in your outer world.

 10. Have Self Respect And Love:

 Loving your own self is so very important if you want the law of attraction to work. What you desire will never be fulfilled if you do not love yourself, and this is something you should never forget. If you love and respect yourself other also will.

 The law of attraction rewards any feeling or emotion you are going through. So, it will be a great idea to stand in front of the mirror and say “I love myself” and while saying so look straight into your eyes. You may even kiss your hands to feel the love you have for your own-self.


Now you are aware of how you can use the law of attraction to attract anything you desire. But it is completely in your hands to actually implement them, as that is the only way you can see the real changes.

Also, remember that there will not likely be overnight changes, but that should not stop you from following these tips. Just keep following them, have complete belief in them, and it surely will work. Leave your comments below or questions, I would love to hear your experiences.

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12 thoughts on “10 Ways On How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Beginners”

  1. Hey, this was a lovely article to read! I’ll admit it can be scary when I think about what I would like to achieve in life and the steps I need to implement in order to accomplish this.

    I’ve put a lot of your points into action in some form but never really fleshed them out to the extent that you’ve written here. Number 2 was particularly poignant – don’t stress about the ‘how’ too much. I’ll get there … eventually.

    So, some of the things I use is writing things down in a little notebook. Sometimes they have no relationship to what I’m doing but if they resonate with me then they must be important right? Most are quotes – my two favourite ones:

    Earl Nightingale: ‘Spend an hour a day studying your chosen field and you will be a national expert in that field within five years or less.’

    Steve Jobs: ‘You can only connect the dots by looking backwards not forwards. Stay hungry and stay foolish’.

    Thanks for a great read. I’m going to write some of these down in my notebook!

    • Dan

      Love the quotes man, really hit home for me. And the Journal thing is a killer idea. I’m going to be implanting that myself as well. I know Grant Cardone ( Sales Expert and Multi Millionaire) does it as well. He puts everything as though its already accomplished. Thanks for stopping by and look forward to having you kill 2017 10X style.


  2. I live and breath LOA, this post resonates with me. A lot of what you list are my daily goals. This journey to allowing is an amazing journey, and blogging about it is great! Wishing you more blessing and success..

    • Hi Jonathan

      I’m glad that some of these are your daily goals. Applying the LOA is such a life changer. When your negative you will really notice a bunch of crap come your way. Its really sick to mess around with. Thanks for reading and wishing you massive success in 2017.


  3. You know this is a great article with lots of good information. If only more people wouldn’t follow this advice, they would truly be happier. I try to follow all these suggestions on a daily basis. A positive outlook on everything is always much better than being negative.

    • Hi there

      I’m glad this is helpful to you, and its so true a positive outlook really changes EVERYTHING. If you can master your inner mind your outer world will reflect that.


  4. Hi AJ! Thanks for an awesome article. Interestingly enough, I was on the fence about LOA and how it works, I definitely believe in having faith and believing that it can happen for me as well, I just have a harder time grasping the idea of vibrations and wavelength. This article is very helpful and I LOVE #1, 7, 8, and 9.

    • Hi Amiel

      It for sure can be hard sometimes. The appearance of things can cause us to doubt and not belief. But thats where you use the imagination and really focus on what you want and disregard the results on the outside. I hope you have a massive 2017 in all areas of your life.


    • Hi Grant

      Thanks so much, and I hope that you attract all your dreams this year and become financially independent. Im rooting for you.


  5. Hello, AJ, I believe and agree with everything you stated in this article. As a matter of fact, the steps you mentioned here are the practical steps to getting anything done. Especially, the number 2 is what really make a lot of people give up on their dream because they can’t just figure out ”how”.

    I love your article and we need a post like this to remind us that we can do whatever we wish if only we have FAITH just like you said in the post.

    Thanks, I found this post refreshing.

    • Hi Nnamdi

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keeping it simple is the greatest secret to success. Sometimes its not so obvious but if you look at past success in other peoples lives you will see it was one step at a time. I hope you have a great 2017



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